How Whitney Wolfe Have Simplified Dating

Whitney Wolfe is undoubtedly a great woman worth many praises and recognition in this world. She has been honored because of working hard towards making the lives of many people better than they were before. She has been on the frontline ensuring that dating is taken to another level and is recognized perse. The great lady has overcome all odds and has been able to step her foot in the male-dominated tech industry. Despite many challenges she has encountered on her way to success, she seems more motivated and ready to do great. She is always driven by passion, motivation, hard work, innovation and also not forgetting her amazing skills. She is also definitely doing pretty well in the field of marketing Wolfe’s brands.

Whitney Wolve is known because of her ability to create dating apps, and she happens to have been a co-founder of Tinder. The company is the leading dating app in the world. She developed the app when she was working at Hatch Labs. This was after a project they were working on was abandoned, and he decided to venture into a completely new world. The journey has been better and impressive. She also happened to have been the marketing manager of the same company and was able to mobilize so many students in colleges and campuses, and they agreed to sign up. Currently, the app is rated as the leading in technology of dating, and they keep on expanding. She is also the founder of the famous and number four dating app in the world.

The great tech guru has been able to open a company worth millions of follows at a very youthful age. She keeps on increasing networks and has been able to launch Bumble BFF in collaboration with Badoo Chief executive officer Andrey. Both have been on the frontline working for the success of the company with maximum commitment and dedication and have been on the frontline ensuring they deliver they’re laid out objectives.

Whitney was born and raised by her caring parents who supported her all through. Her father was a developer and thus has what it takes to help the family grow to greater heights. She has grown tremendously and has been working for her progress since she was young. She joined the famous Southern Methodist university whereby she majored with International Studies. At only 19 years, she has started business and had collaborated with even celebs to create a non-governmental organization. Her journey has been great and successful.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Role in Embracing Rapamycin

Many physicians have committed themselves to researching about cancer therapies. Their primary objective is to come up with more effective ways of providing treatment in a less invasive manner. Mikhail Blagosklonny is among the most accomplished professionals, majoring in oncology and hematology. He is recognized globally for his dedication in carrying out clinical trials, which are meant to enhance therapies for cancer patients. When you talk of oncology or cancer, Mikhail’s name comes into the minds of many people; his undying efforts can never go unnoticed. Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny spends much of his time at The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, where he joins hands with his fellow experts in attending to their patients.

What Discovery of Rapamycin Means to Dr. Mikhail

Discovering of Rapamycin’s healing properties marked a significant milestone in Mikhail’s oncology research. This is particularly because Rapamycin plays a crucial role in preventing tissue rejection after a patient successfully undergoes an organ transplant. Dr. Mikhail appreciates that Rapamycin proves quite useful when treating hemolytic-uremic syndrome. This is because it reduces the degree of toxicity after a kidney transplant. Apart from that, Rapamycin also prevents any chances of the new organ getting rejected by the body. There is a piece of writing that had been done on Philly Purge, where Dr. Blagosklonny explained on further benefits of Rapamycin. He indicated that it helps a lot in improving an individual’s general wellness.

How Mikhail Blagosklonny Intends to Drive His Campaign in Oncology

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a man with a big heart, ad he has grown to be recognized as a philanthropist. Blagosklonny works towards ensuring that everyone receives quality treatment regardless of wherever they come from or their financial status. The professor who lives an average life primarily focuses on the study of cancer and aging. Blagosklonny seeks to understand the relationship between cancer and age, now that the condition seems to be widespread among people above a particular age. His initiatives in the research sector yield results that are, and will remain useful in the oncology sector. His role also involves inspiring his students, something that has already given him a legacy. Mikhail’s expertise gives him confidence and enables him to maintain a high rank as an inspiration to many.

Impacting Oncology by Ensuring Cost-Effectiveness

As much as most doctors are concerned about improving cancer treatment, there is still more to be done to ensure that the procedures will no longer be as agonizing as they have been. At the same time, Blagosklonny is seeking to figure out how they can get rid of cancerous cells without meddling with the normal cells that are responsible for recovering the body and the mind after an individual has undertaken years of treatment of malignant cells. Mr. Mikhail does his best to achieve the best results and at the same time improve cancer treatment procedures. He believes that time is soon coming when these kinds of therapies will no longer be categorized as a luxury treatment because they will be affordable for everyone.

OSI Group The Leading Custom Food Suppliers

OSI Group is a large food custom private company found in America whose headquarters is at Illinois State. Since its foundation, the company has been able to open its doors to some countries hence being branded a premier global food provider. It has been able to continuously provide its customers with their desired choice of custom made food through its reliable infrastructure and their stable financial resources. This text aims to highlight OSI group as a world largest retail food supplier, its dedicated employees, its expansion and awards won for its continued services to the people and the environment. OSI group traces history to the early 20th century where it started as meat outlet by a family in Chicago.

The company has expanded from a meat market to leading retail business because of their dedication to their customers who are the number one stakeholders. Since food is very delicate to handle, the company has to ensure that it hires qualified culinary staff that will provide that what is delivered at your table is customized to your taste buds and that the food is healthy for consumption. What secret has enabled the company to be a leading chain for over a century? The secret is the number of core values and aims that the staff has to adhere. The aims demand that the staff be innovative and that they should work together as a team. Amongst other core values the company has been able to steer to profitability and at the same time taking into consideration the welfare of their staff.

A happy staff translates to a successful company and the company cannot accredit themselves success without acknowledging its dedicated team. OSI group has a large number of employees who have dedicated their service and knowledge to the company. The employees have helped the company to outwit other leading chains in service provision. As a result of their dedication, the staffs at OSI have their welfare catered for through some benefits that ensure that their lives and those of their family members have improved.

The company has also been able to expand its services further with the acquisition of Baho and Tyson food plant. The addition of the two international food plants will enable OSI group to extend its relationship with minimal competition. The activities of the company to the public and the environment were appreciated when they won the globe of honor award of the year in the UK. The award was to commemorate environment management by the company.OSI Company remains to be a leading private company that has the welfare of the people and the environment at heart.

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The Impeccable Leadership of Lori Senecal at the Global International

Lori Senecal graduated from university with a degree in sales and marketing and got employed by a number of companies and organizations due to her exceptional leadership. She conceived the TAG Ideation marketing department, an innovative approach in the multinational sales industry.

Senecal has worked with global brands like Nestle, Xbox, Sprint, InBev, Molson and the Watchers. She also previously served as the Coca-Cola Global Account Director. Her experiences have been a pure success, wrapping it up from 2005 to 2008 as the DDB Worldwide Communications Group’s Marketing Officer.

Awards and Achievements

In 2013, Lori Senecal won the Quantum Leap Award owing to her impressive leadership skills, innovation, and vision. She went ahead to be named the Woman to Watch in the advertising world.

Her achievements are marked by her abilities to grow companies from scratch within short periods of time, innovation and leadership skills. She was feted by Fast Company as the Most Creative Person in Business in 2017.

Strengths and Team-building

She served as Global Chairperson to KBS, and during her tenure, the company was listed as the best places to work in New York. The company saw an increase in membership from 250 to 9000 people globally. Check out GCReport for more.

She also deepened MDC’s working models and promoted international collaboration. Lori went ahead and founded a new leadership position at CP+B in order to oversee the expansion of the parent company into eight international branches, making revenues to the tune of $450 million.

The Life and Career of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal served as the Global CEO of KBS before joining CP+B. During her tenure at KBS, she recognized by Crain as one of the most inspiring global CEOs and her company one of the best places to work in New York.

Recognitions and Feats

She was put on the coveted Advertising Age list for three years in a row. Lori was named as the Woman to Watch in 2013 and honored by the AWNY Game Changer Awards for her impeccable leadership and creativity. Checkout Ideamensch for more details.

Most Influential Persons

Lori has been named among AdWeek’s Power 100 list for two years consecutively as a leader in the media, technology, and marketing. She was recently honored by Fast Company as one of the revolutionizing CEOs for the future world of business. Lori Senecal has remained the leader from KBS to McCann World Group. You can visit YouTube to see more video of Lori.

Julia Jackson: The Santa Maria Valley Way

Julia JacksonHave you ever heard of the Santa Maria Valley of California? Have you ever heard of Julia Jackson? If you’re not into the production of wine then you probably haven’t heard, but Julia Jackson is one of the leading figures for Jackson Family Wines. Jackson Family Wines is a close-nit group of family and friends. These people work together for the greater good of the wine industry. The company has wineries all across the globe in areas such as Chile, France, South Africa and Australia. The Santa Maria Valley provides the perfect environment that’s conducive for growing grapes. On the other hand, Julia Jackson is one of the daughters of the late Jess Jackson. Julia has her very own “Julia’s Vineyard” that’s located here in this prominent valley. Her mother, Barbara Banke, runs the business on a daily basis as she has the best business-savvy sense to get the job done.Julia Jackson

Jackson Family Wines produce Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Champagne. Its Viognier (2015) wine has a bright color, is acidic, and it will send your taste buds into overdrive with its delicious flavor of tangerine. Julia works here along with her other siblings. Jess Jackson’s essence is still running the veins of the company, and its personnel. Julia spends time operating “Seeds of Empowerment,” which is her nonprofit organization. This organization celebrates female empowerment, and it donates hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. This family has sustainably worked these hallowed grounds for more than 30 years. During this time, Julia would attend college at Stanford University, do some modeling in Los Angeles and complete her studies in Bordeaux, France. The future of the winemaking industry is looking stronger than ever thanks to the brilliant services and products that come from this specific region.

Oncotarget, Revolutionizing Healthcare Awareness through Expert Intervention

It is not a surprise that any aspect of life could be sought out without the necessity of manual efforts. This has been due to the effort of the different domains, making it easier for their products and services to have online access. Similarly, the healthcare sector is no different. An example of the technological advancements in this sector is the Oncortarget Research Journal.Oncortaget seeks to help healthcare personnel and medics to share helpful information and findings through their research journal. It is majorly focused on the deep oncology-related research. This journal was created in 2010 and then got published by impact journals having Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny as its head editors. The Oncortarget is published weekly but this can be compromised in presence of a special request.Inspiration to come up with this medical journal was to maximize awareness of scientific findings and therefore boosting the significance of research through insightful critics.

This initiative has proven worthwhile especially because apparently the unnecessary costs due to negligence have gone down and many lives are not at stake anymore. The ultimate aim of Oncortarget is to create a disease-free world and to eradicate major deadly illnesses putting cancer in the top least.All forms of cancer have now been put to the limelight. The journal has been able to gather sufficient resources necessary for issuing therapy and treatment guidelines for cancer patients. The medics involved have come up with rare and specific strategies which would eventually improve the management of those affected by cancer.The fact that the journal’s researchers are from vast backgrounds means that whatever initiatives are put in place is of standard quality.

Being united by the same goal, a passion for sharing cancer research has been of great achievement not only to the researchers but also the healthcare sector at large.Being a free-to-all publication has steered public attention which is necessary for its growth. There have been positive responses on the brilliant setups which have played a great role in motivating the researchers who are on the potential cancer therapy case.IntegraGen, a company that is based on transforming biological samples data into genomic information has been a major part of the Oncortarget scheme. After thorough research, IntraGen released results of their recent tumor-related research through Oncortarget. This is just but one of the many significant scientific outcomes that the journal has brought to realization.

How Bob Reina Went From Being A Cop To Selling Online Video Products

As the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has found great success coming up with a new way for businesses to market their products and services to consumers. The flagship product his company offers is Video Email where companies can send an email to customers that plays a video within it. A video is the most attractive way to market things to consumers as it is the most captivating way to get a consumers attention.

Bob Reina started out his professional career as a police officer. He wanted to come up with a way to make more money and have a more satisfying career. He began to look for opportunities in the direct selling industry where he could open a successful company. He became a top producer for a number of companies in this industry such as Alliance USA and Travel Reaction. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with one of these positions that would work over the long haul. This included his company Cash Card Worldwide and serving on the advisory board of other companies.

It was in 2004 that the idea of Video Email first germinated. Bob Reina wanted to email a 10-second long email to some friends of his. His provider, America Online, said that this wasn’t something that could be done. He thought otherwise and after contacting another friend who was in IT together they came up with what would in 2007 be Talk Fusion’s first product.

One of the things about the direct selling industry that Bob Reina never liked was that it takes awhile at these types of companies to get your compensation. To address this he created the industry’s first Instant Pay Plan. Under this plan the people who he pays commissions to for selling Talk Fusion products receive their pay immediately.

Over the years Bob Reina has given back in a number of ways. His favorite issues are related to animals. He was responsible for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida getting a new dog in its K-9 unit. He also donates quite a bit to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Learn more:


The Rights of Lacey and Larkin

Every human has certain rights that should not be violated. Not every nation acknowledges those rights, but the United States is a country that prides itself on protecting Freedom of Speech. Yet, everyone knows that there are people who violate those rights and get away with doing so.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, free speech is more than being allowed to say whatever they want. Lacey and Larkin are newspaper reporters who’ve been battling ultra-conservative views for decades. Their battle started in the 70s when they wrote a paper about the local media’s coverage of antiwar protestors. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

Since then, they’ve built a media conglomerate worth millions. They’ve told thousands of stories about corruption, inspiration, and art. Never did they think they’d be a story that needed to be told. Their story is an empowering tale, but it started out shady and frightening.

Nearly a decade ago, Lacey and Larkin began their battle with a shady sheriff named Joe Arpaio. Arpaio served as Maricopa County Sheriff for a while, earning himself a small reputation with the people. Most people thought Sheriff Arpaio was an unnoticeable character with a tough job.

Lacey and Larkin’s paper, Phoenix New Times, described Arpaio as abusive and racial discriminate.

Their battle reached its high point on October 18, 2007. Enraged by New Time’s persistence, Arpaio unleashed his “Selective Enforcement Unit” on Lacey and Larkin. Yes, it sounds as bad as it actually was. They arrested Lacey and Larkin in the most unconstitutional manner.

The two media executives were forced from their homes and pushed into unmarked SUVs. The SUVs were not Maricopa County vehicles. They were too dark and had Mexican license plates. Even more frightening, Lacey and Larkin were taken to different jails and booked for ridiculous crimes.

Once Arpaio had Lacey and Larkin separated, he tried breaking them. He not only wanted them to rot in jail; he wanted the names and personal information of their writers, editors, and even their readers. He tried to use grand jury subpoenas, signed by a vengeful prosecutor, to force them into talking.

When America found out what Arpaio was up to, Lacey and Larkin were immediately released. Their next move was filing a lawsuit against Maricopa County, which they won. The $3.75 million settlement was used to fund the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Benefits of Having MB2 Dental with Us

Dentists often have many difficulties administrating the business side of having their own offices with the practice of actually being an autonomous dentist. Because these professionals often have a small staff or a limited amount of time to dedicate to improving their business model.

This is where Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder of the company MB2 Dental, comes in. He became one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the dentistry field because of how he has helped hundreds of dentists and their teams with a company that is focused on improving the quality of their businesses.

With 70 affiliated offices across more than five states and more than 500 employees spread across their headquarters and locations, the MB2 Dental is behind the businesses of many of the best professionals in Odontology.

The idea for the company came when the expert Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva graduated from the Dental School and was very eager to have his own office and business, but was also considering the fact that many of his colleagues were joining big corporations and groups to be a part of a larger team of dentists. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva ended up not choosing any of the two routes because they had their sets of limitations. Having autonomy many times meant the sacrifice of having a larger team and a bigger emphasis on more modern equipment.

MB2 Dental came to his mind when he understood that there was a way to get the best of both worlds by founding his own corporation and creating a business model that was meant to help other dentists in the field, especially those who were focused on having their own businesses.

Because of the help of the professional Chris Steven Villanueva, now many doctors can have the support of his company and leave the administration, financial and marketing sides of having your own business for the MB2 Dental staff to handle.

The presence of this endeavor in the market, in fact, has improved the overall dentistry service in the six states it operates in. Why? Because, with so many offices relying on the support of MB2 Dental and its staff to handle the administration of the business, they are able to focus on their craft and receive more patients.

In the end, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the entrepreneur, and CEO of MB2 Dental, helped both the American community of dentists and their patients as well.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the NFLA Raise Awareness about Prostate Cancer by Providing Free Screenings

The article “Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Labcorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings Starting in September” published by PR Newswire reveals how three associations are joining together to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Because almost one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their life, many are beginning to understand the dire need for early screenings. That’s why the National Football League Alumni Association, Labcorp and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are joining forces to bring education about the disease to men around the country.

They are hosting events around the country, beginning in early September and ending mid-October. Labcorp will be offering a Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any of its locations throughout the U.S. The first 2,000 screenings will be free and any screenings scheduled during the sign-up period will be available at a discounted rate.

Many from the NFL will be joining the efforts as a part of the Prostate Pep Talk campaign. Head Coaches like Dick Vermeil, Bill Cowher, and Herm Edwards will be participating to raise awarenees about this deadly cancer. They seek to encourage men to get screenings after turning 40, particularly African American men who have a 70% higher chance of being diagnosed with the disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America base their treatment in precision treatment. This treatment differs from traditional treatment because it uses advanced genomic testing technology to bring personalized care to the cellular level. The targeted therapy focuses on the molecular characteristics that can escape the immune system.

They also provide a team of experts whose sole focus is on cancer. They provide skilled doctors and clinicians who have specialized in cancer treatment, from diagnosis to managing side effects. They are a patient oriented organization who provides a team of experts who all work together at one site to provide care tailored to each individual’s needs.

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