Jeremy Goldstein Raises Awareness And Money For The Fountain House

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq. is a New York lawyer and a philanthropist. He is a partner in the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He recently displayed his generous support of The Fountain House in an effort to raise money for this charitable organization.

He is a longtime board member of The Fountain House. In May of 2018, Jeremy Goldstein and his friends and fellow board members, Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, hosted a spectacular wine dinner for the cause.

The event was held in New York City. One month later, the three men hosted a second event that was equally as lavish as the first one. They raised well over $55,000 for the non-profit organization. Read more: Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire

The Fountain House is operated out of New York City, and it assists individuals across the nation. The organization is dedicated to people who are suffering from mental illness. They work with the individual, as well as with their families, to help them resume their activities of daily life. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

The organization was founded in the 1940s, and the original group members would hold their meetings in the hospital at which they were then staying in for treatment in Rockland County, New York.

Jeremy Goldstein received a B.A. degree at Cornell University. He earned a Master’s degree at the University of Chicago, and his J.D. at the New York University School of Law. His company is a boutique law firm that specializes in executive compensation and mergers and acquisitions.

Jeremy has been an advisor for some of the largest corporate transactions in the nation, including for such M&As of Goodrich and United Technologies, Merck and Schering Plough Corporation, Verizon Wireless and Alltel Corporation, Express Scripts and eviCore, and IBM and Truven Health Analytics.

Guilherme Paulus Establishes CVC Brasil To Provide Clients With Affordable Tours And Travel Packages

Many Brazilians would agree that starting a business in the country has its challenges. There are also many obstacles that you will encounter. You have to formulate policies to help you to overcome such roadblocks. But, being an entrepreneur can be rewarding as well. On the other side, Brazil is a country where high taxes and unstable bureaucracy prevents its entrepreneurs from acquiring their entrepreneurial dreams. While those are a few facts that affect Brazilians in business, some factors such as experience and determination play a crucial role in building a person’s business.

Guilherme Paulus started his career serving as an intern at IBM. He mastered how the company operated and assisted the management in generating more profits within his tenure. Over the years, he cultivated the virtue of persistence and was determined to excel in all ways he could. For more than three decades, Guilherme Paulus shaped his career in the industry of tourism where he has committed most of his resources.

Through his commitment to establishing CVC Brasil, Guilherme Paulus became a brand name earning him a title as The Entrepreneur of The Year 2017. Local unions and foreign governments have also awarded him. His approach toward finding solutions in the sector of hospitality has also earned him accolades from the community too. Guilherme Paulus is successful in business. Even in a country that registers negative numbers in the economy, he is determined to accomplish his objectives. Perhaps he implemented a sound business plan when Carlos Vicente approached him to facilitate the financing of the tours and travels agency.

Guilherme Paulus also seized an opportunity in the industry. He learned that many clients didn’t have access to luxury travel products and services. He formulated a strategy that enabled him to listen to clients, governments, and agencies among others. He, therefore, started an agency that assisted him to reach out to the masses. Today, he is the owner of CVC Brasil, one of the world’s most admired tours and travel agencies. It provides a wide range of affordable travel products and services. Paulus opens more than fifty stores of the tours and travel agency in high end malls.

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Victoria Doramus : She can do it all

Victoria Doramus is one of the marketing industries most sought out experts. Her skills in finding trending patterns, creative solutions to problems and plethora of experience within the fashion and design lifestyle is what makes her a respected professional of the industry.

Her focus throughout her career has been mainly in the media sector, with a focus on market analysis, copy creations and many other areas of the communication field. Through her time working in these areas, Victoria has been able to not only improve her existing skills but also learn other critical skills of the industry such as budgetary marketing, networking and research analysis.

In the year 2007, Victoria would join the Creative Artists Agency group as a group coordinator. During her time at the agency, Victoria would go on to write a couple of highly acclaimed articles for the Trend Central and The Cassandra Report with a specific focus on trend analysis.

After her time with Creative Artista Agency, Victoria would take a position working now for Trendera. During her time at Trendera Victoria would construct an impress network group as well as acquiring new business partners for the company. Most notable, however, is her involvement in growing the companies brand through social media and also internal projects.

In the years to come, Victoria Doramus would go on to write for more magazines across the country. Her life, however, would take an exciting turn for the good as she would obtain an assistant position with film director Peter Berg. Her duties as his assistant would be to manage the directors New York City real estate and help build close relationships with developers from both New York and Los Angeles. Today Victoria Doramus continues to write, but now she has found a home with the highly revered Huffington Post publication where she has written many articles including “Jane Buckingham, Decades: A Century of Fashion and What’s Next: The Experts Guide”.

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Oren Frank: Creating a Hub for Therapists

Therapists are one of the most in-demand professionals in the United States, and they are helping people who are going under extreme emotional phases and those who are experiencing mental breakdowns. Being a therapist is an important job, as they are doing their best to comfort someone, making their lives better. They are also encouraging their patients to contribute to society by transforming them to become productive individuals.

For most people, visiting a therapist would require them to use resources like gasoline and money. However, one man named Oren Frank revolutionized the way for people to meet up with their therapist – he created a mobile application that would allow individuals to contact their therapist using an application. The program, called Talkspace, was launched in 2012, and it became an instant hit. As much as 350,000 people started downloading the application, making it possible for them to meet with their therapists even if they are at home. Oren Frank created the application when he was experiencing problems with his marriage, and when he found out that the application he made successfully helped him with his problems, Oren Frank decided to share it with the public. More Business News at

Today, Talkspace continues to invite therapists to try out the application and join their growing community. Some therapists have expressed their gratitude for the program because it helped them connect with other people who wanted to seek help. According to Oren Frank, more updates will be coming to Talkspace, and he will be improving some of its key features that are helpful both to the therapists and to their patients. As of 2018, Talkspace users can send photos, videos, and audios to their therapists, which the professionals say is a great way of expressing one’s self without the use of text or speech. They are looking forward to seeing more updates that would make the interaction between two parties more engaging.


Betsy DeVos: The Hard Job of Education Reform

Since she was selected to be Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has gained a lot of interest. In the years leading up to her appointment, she gave an interview to philanthropy Roundtable about one of her biggest supported causes, “school choice”. “School choice” has become a major issue for parents all over the United States. The reason for this is that increasingly more of them have felt as though the process gives them very little power over their children’s daily lives. Instead of being able to check in with their children’s progress and become an active part of the education process, parents are left out in the cold. Institutions have been focusing on following guidelines that were established years ago instead of looking at the individual child.


One of the biggest complaints that proponents of the “school choice” movement have is that these schools do not take the time to sit down with the individual child and figure out what is best for them. The standard, or cookie-cutter, the approach has not been successful for most students. There are children that come out of school every single day that do not feel as though they learned anything throughout their time there. When they come home to their parents they are frustrated or shut down by the entire process. For advocates like Betsy DeVos, this is completely unacceptable. They want children to get that empowerment that education is supposed to give them. Children are meant to be the keys to the future. If they are undereducated than the future of the United States is very dim.


Betsy DeVos has no trouble talking about the fact that the United States needs to do more with this system. If it continues to deteriorate in the way that it has in recent years then in only a few short generations the system will be dead of its own accord. She wants parents to understand that there are so many different options available to them when it comes to the education of their children. Many of these options do not cost as much as they would assume they do and she is pushing for the creation of more scholarship programs to help these children. As she continues to work in this office, she will advocate for the children for which she has become responsible. There is still a lot of work to do but Betsy DeVos has never shown herself to shy away from a hard job.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

A spotlight on Peter Briger’s Leadership Track Record

Peter Briger is a finance and investment professional who has built a reputation as an able and successful leader. Throughout his career, he has held various leadership roles, marking a mark in one way or the other. Since 2009, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC Peter serving as the Principal and Co-Chairman.

Before joining Fortress, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs where he displayed exemplary leadership, sitting on many committees including the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. At the company, he also headed areas like the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business the Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business among others. Learn more about Peter Briger at Crunchbase.

While working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter displayed leadership skills, being chosen to hold leadership skills. Aside from his duties as the principal and co-chairman of the Board, Briger heads the Credit and Real Estate Business at FIG. He was the brainchild of the Fortress Credit business which has today gone global with a team of more than 300 people. Being a member of the Managing Committee at FIG since 2002, Peter Briger was part of the team that oversaw the successful many key acquisitions including; RailAmerica, the Canadian company Intrawest, Florida East Coast Industries and Penn National Gaming. In 2007, FIG became the first hedge fund in the US to launch an IPO making one of the most successful alternative asset managers in the world. Briger’s experience in the Asian markets enabled the successful purchase of Fortress by a Japanese banking conglomerate.

Recently, Peter Briger’s outstanding leadership skills informed his inclusion into the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Board of Directors charged with the responsibility of participating in developing and executing the organization’s intellectual agenda. Mr. Briger also forms part of Forbes 400 which recognizes global business professionals. He has an MBA FROM Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and BA from Princeton University.

Peter Briger actively participates in community service supporting courses like Central Park Conservancy, Tipping Point, Caliber Schools, the Global Fund for Children and the Hospital for Special Surgery among others.

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How Naara from Jeunesse Global Helps Women Look Years Younger

Every year, tens of millions of women spend billions of dollars trying to turn back the hands of time. Now, one health and wellness company is using their advanced technology to help women take years away from their face. That company, Jeunesse Global, is leading the way with their Naara collagen liquid supplement.

An Advanced Approach to Beauty

Naara is a unique liquid supplement that provides the body with 5,000 mg of collagen per serving. This supplement will help replenish the face of lost collagen as the body’s skin ages. This product includes additional natural nutrients such as vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin), niacin, vitamin B6 (as pyri-doxine HCL), bio-tin, pantothenic acid (as D-calcium pantothenate), and zinc (as zinc sulfate).

Visible Results in as Little as Four Weeks

Naara customers will begin to see visual results in as little as four weeks. These results include increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles, increased skin hydration and increased collagen formation.

Part of the Youth Enhancement System

Naara is part of Jeunesse Global’s complete line of health and beauty products that are designed to help people look, feel and think younger. Known as the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), these products range from anti-aging skin cream to energy drinks. Products that are part of Y.E.S. product line include AM/PM Essentials Full-Day Supplements, Finiti Supplements, Instantly Ageless anti-aging skin cream, Naara collagen liquid supplement, M1ND mental focus liquid supplement, NV beauty products, NEVO energy drinks, RVL hair care products, ZEN Bodi weight management system.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has been at the forefront of the health and wellness movement. The company has been producing a number of products designed to help people look and feel years younger. These products are sold through a global network of independent distributors. As the company enters its next decade operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to further innovate the health and wellness space.

The Benefits Of WEN Light Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz

The benefits of the light cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean are not only organic and healthy, but the method Chaz Dean used to create this line of conditioner is extraordinary. According to, when Chaz was looking to create this specific product, he researched the ingredients and the chemicals from the ground up, refusing to settle for less to ensure quality and longevity, as well as number one having anyone who buys product was sure to be satisfied by the long lasting results. Chaz chose to go with a universal formula method that is meant to bring out the best in hair in every way. This include strength, shine, resilience, smell, texture and growth. It is meant to restore, protect, repair and strengthen hair from the roots out, as well as improve elasticity and keep long lasting color if dyed. The light cleansing conditioner uses a four tea water complex which is full of vitamins, minerals and silica, and combines amino acids with the four tea water complex to create a protective shield that is beneficial to every single type of hair known to man. Whether your hair is dark and frizzy, or blonde and straight, the light cleansing conditioner has the same long lasting results. Chaz Dean takes extreme pride in the makings and ingredients of WenHairCare products, and the light cleansing conditioner is no exception to this. The only thing that could possibly make the light cleansing conditioner any better, would be the light cleansing shampoo that doubles the long lasting effect meant to keep your hair radiant, healthy, protected, resilient, and full of life. The light cleansing condition by Chaz Dean is a carefully crafted, quality conditioner that will leave you will healthy, lively hair. You’ll be glad you chose Chaz! More information about Wen and Chaz Dean on

Why Herbalife Nutrition Is More Than A Novel Supplement

Could a mainstream product like Herbalife Nutrition be one of the most important nutritional breakthrough supplements? Experts say Herbalife contains a prebiotic, Inulin, which provides numerous benefits to the intestinal microbiota.


The Importance Of Prebiotics


Probiotics are commonly taken to improve digestion, and most people are well acquainted with probiotics, but prebiotics is non-digestible substances contained naturally in some foods – mainly water-soluble fibers that support probiotics.


Our intestines are populated by more than 500 different species of bacteria that make up our intestinal flora. Probiotics are live bacteria that help to repopulate the intestinal bacterial flora. Prebiotics are the elements that the live bacteria need to live and proliferate.


One of the Herbalife ingredients, Inulin, is a soluble plant fiber, sourced from the chicory plant. When taken, it acts as a prebiotic and begins in the proliferation of probiotics, thus keeping the intestines healthy. Experts say, Inulin also acts as a shield to help prevent food poisoning.


The pre and probiotics have boosted the popularity of Herbalife products, especially Herbalife Nutrition’s Simply Probiotic. The product is highly resistant to stomach acid due to the combined ingredients that include dried spores.


When Pre And Probiotics Become Necessary


Probiotics are necessary in cases where an intestinal function is impaired and symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, intestinal swelling, and intestinal gas appear. These symptoms are indicative of an irritated bowel, populated by an altered bacterial flora in which the presence of harmful bacteria or colonies of intestinal mold cannot be excluded.

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The intake of prebiotics through a daily diet is an important factor, especially in the context of a healthy, varied and balanced diet.


Another standout ingredient found in Simply Probiotic is Bacillus Coagulans. This spore also works to normalize the gastrointestinal microflora. Many people that suffer from IBS and IBD ingest this ingredient because it’s been found effective for reducing the symptoms of diarrhea and gas by fighting off bacterial infections. Clinical studies have also found that Bacillus coagulans benefit the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, resulting in an enhanced recovery in flatulence and pain symptoms.


While Bacillus Coagulans and other pre and probiotics are healthy and help boost immunity, most people don’t have enough included in their daily diet, so taking a supplement like Herbalife Simply Probiotic is a smart choice.


To stay up-to-date with Herbalife and the various products, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Genucel: Ways to Reduce Bags and Puffiness Under the Eyes

We all want to age gracefully and stay forever young. Unluckily, as we age, the face muscles weaken leading to the loose skin around, above, and below the eye. The fat that holds our eyes in their sockets moves the eye muscle, ocular cavity, out and forward resulting in puffiness and bags under our eyes. Water retention and accumulation is also another major cause for this condition.


The good news is that Genucel products incorporate Eyeseryl, a tetrapeptide proved functional in visibly decreasing puffiness surrounding the eye region, in their formations. Active skincare routine can be a remedy, but Genucel products provide the real solution.


The products incorporate other effective anti-aging treatments giving anyone a reliable and accessible way to solve age-defining issues around the eyes. These solutions have been clinically proven to deliver less invasive and less risky results.


The Genucel system offers interested individuals with a program that combines Eyeseryl with plant stem cell therapy for a solution to the puffy and baggy eye area. Scroll down the step-program that will give you that desired look.


Apply Genucel plant stem cell therapy


Once you apply it, you will rejuvenate the skin that surrounds the eye region. Additionally, the treatment will offer advanced and unique Eyeseryl’s properties to minimize bags and puffiness around the eyes. Within a few weeks, you will definitely see improvements.


Add on Genucel eyelid treatment


This treatment will tighten, lift, and firm the eyelid upper area. The antidote to baggy and droopy skin in the eye area is a peptide. It gives a younger, vibrant, and fresher look.


Layer on Genucel XV treatment


This will reduce the facial wrinkles that surround the eyes. They combine CoQ10, peptide, and hyaluronic acid to reverse damages caused by free radicals, age, as well as sun exposure.


Use Genucel Immediate Effects


This remedy gives impressive immediate results of reducing wrinkles around your eyes very quickly. If you apply now, the results will last for 15 to 24 hours. The product is natural and very safe for application.


Add in the Cristalles Microdermabrasion


To see excellent results with this treatment, use it for 2-3 minutes at a time. The product is affordable and easy-to-use as well. This treatment addresses skin problems such as fine lines, rough patches, and age spots as well.

Genucel products address several eye challenges and skin issues brought on by everyday living and age. It is a remedy for problems such as sunspots, age spots, liver spots, large pores, wrinkles, and puffiness.