Oren Frank: Creating a Hub for Therapists

Therapists are one of the most in-demand professionals in the United States, and they are helping people who are going under extreme emotional phases and those who are experiencing mental breakdowns. Being a therapist is an important job, as they are doing their best to comfort someone, making their lives better. They are also encouraging their patients to contribute to society by transforming them to become productive individuals.

For most people, visiting a therapist would require them to use resources like gasoline and money. However, one man named Oren Frank revolutionized the way for people to meet up with their therapist – he created a mobile application that would allow individuals to contact their therapist using an application. The program, called Talkspace, was launched in 2012, and it became an instant hit. As much as 350,000 people started downloading the application, making it possible for them to meet with their therapists even if they are at home. Oren Frank created the application when he was experiencing problems with his marriage, and when he found out that the application he made successfully helped him with his problems, Oren Frank decided to share it with the public. More Business News at Haaretz.com

Today, Talkspace continues to invite therapists to try out the application and join their growing community. Some therapists have expressed their gratitude for the program because it helped them connect with other people who wanted to seek help. According to Oren Frank, more updates will be coming to Talkspace, and he will be improving some of its key features that are helpful both to the therapists and to their patients. As of 2018, Talkspace users can send photos, videos, and audios to their therapists, which the professionals say is a great way of expressing one’s self without the use of text or speech. They are looking forward to seeing more updates that would make the interaction between two parties more engaging.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx_klWiebps

Betsy DeVos: The Hard Job of Education Reform

Since she was selected to be Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has gained a lot of interest. In the years leading up to her appointment, she gave an interview to philanthropy Roundtable about one of her biggest supported causes, “school choice”. “School choice” has become a major issue for parents all over the United States. The reason for this is that increasingly more of them have felt as though the process gives them very little power over their children’s daily lives. Instead of being able to check in with their children’s progress and become an active part of the education process, parents are left out in the cold. Institutions have been focusing on following guidelines that were established years ago instead of looking at the individual child.


One of the biggest complaints that proponents of the “school choice” movement have is that these schools do not take the time to sit down with the individual child and figure out what is best for them. The standard, or cookie-cutter, the approach has not been successful for most students. There are children that come out of school every single day that do not feel as though they learned anything throughout their time there. When they come home to their parents they are frustrated or shut down by the entire process. For advocates like Betsy DeVos, this is completely unacceptable. They want children to get that empowerment that education is supposed to give them. Children are meant to be the keys to the future. If they are undereducated than the future of the United States is very dim.


Betsy DeVos has no trouble talking about the fact that the United States needs to do more with this system. If it continues to deteriorate in the way that it has in recent years then in only a few short generations the system will be dead of its own accord. She wants parents to understand that there are so many different options available to them when it comes to the education of their children. Many of these options do not cost as much as they would assume they do and she is pushing for the creation of more scholarship programs to help these children. As she continues to work in this office, she will advocate for the children for which she has become responsible. There is still a lot of work to do but Betsy DeVos has never shown herself to shy away from a hard job.


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A spotlight on Peter Briger’s Leadership Track Record

Peter Briger is a finance and investment professional who has built a reputation as an able and successful leader. Throughout his career, he has held various leadership roles, marking a mark in one way or the other. Since 2009, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC Peter serving as the Principal and Co-Chairman.

Before joining Fortress, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs where he displayed exemplary leadership, sitting on many committees including the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. At the company, he also headed areas like the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business the Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business among others. Learn more about Peter Briger at Crunchbase.

While working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter displayed leadership skills, being chosen to hold leadership skills. Aside from his duties as the principal and co-chairman of the Board, Briger heads the Credit and Real Estate Business at FIG. He was the brainchild of the Fortress Credit business which has today gone global with a team of more than 300 people. Being a member of the Managing Committee at FIG since 2002, Peter Briger was part of the team that oversaw the successful many key acquisitions including; RailAmerica, the Canadian company Intrawest, Florida East Coast Industries and Penn National Gaming. In 2007, FIG became the first hedge fund in the US to launch an IPO making one of the most successful alternative asset managers in the world. Briger’s experience in the Asian markets enabled the successful purchase of Fortress by a Japanese banking conglomerate.

Recently, Peter Briger’s outstanding leadership skills informed his inclusion into the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Board of Directors charged with the responsibility of participating in developing and executing the organization’s intellectual agenda. Mr. Briger also forms part of Forbes 400 which recognizes global business professionals. He has an MBA FROM Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and BA from Princeton University.

Peter Briger actively participates in community service supporting courses like Central Park Conservancy, Tipping Point, Caliber Schools, the Global Fund for Children and the Hospital for Special Surgery among others.

Read More: https://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2017/02/15/softbanks-big-fortress-takeover-is-a-bet-on-infrastructure-senior-housing-and-mortgages/#245551ea3733


The Benefits Of WEN Light Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz

The benefits of the light cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean are not only organic and healthy, but the method Chaz Dean used to create this line of conditioner is extraordinary. According to dictionary.com, when Chaz was looking to create this specific product, he researched the ingredients and the chemicals from the ground up, refusing to settle for less to ensure quality and longevity, as well as number one having anyone who buys wen.com product was sure to be satisfied by the long lasting results. Chaz chose to go with a universal formula method that is meant to bring out the best in hair in every way. This include strength, shine, resilience, smell, texture and growth. It is meant to restore, protect, repair and strengthen hair from the roots out, as well as improve elasticity and keep long lasting color if dyed. The light cleansing conditioner uses a four tea water complex which is full of vitamins, minerals and silica, and combines amino acids with the four tea water complex to create a protective shield that is beneficial to every single type of hair known to man. Whether your hair is dark and frizzy, or blonde and straight, the light cleansing conditioner has the same long lasting results. Chaz Dean takes extreme pride in the makings and ingredients of WenHairCare products, and the light cleansing conditioner is no exception to this. The only thing that could possibly make the light cleansing conditioner any better, would be the light cleansing shampoo that doubles the long lasting effect meant to keep your hair radiant, healthy, protected, resilient, and full of life. The light cleansing condition by Chaz Dean is a carefully crafted, quality conditioner that will leave you will healthy, lively hair. You’ll be glad you chose Chaz! More information about Wen and Chaz Dean on inc.com.




Neurocore and the Portland Trail Blazers put their Minds to better Work

You read the title correctly. The same Neurocore that helps patients alleviate stress and drop bad habits also assists many athletes the world over. This might be why we are all the time hearing news out of Florida or Michigan involving one of the company’s eight clinics. Neurocore assisted some very important Portland ball players by combining two very effective biofeedback solutions; improving their deep sleep patterns and also their in-game level of concentration. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Let’s begin with that one having to do with deep sleep patterns. Before being sent to a nap, players are equipped with a headset device that is roughly the size of a pair of MP3 headphones. These devices are not Beats by Dre, they are Neurocore Pro Headphones. What they do is send low-frequency waves into the player’s brain as he sleeps, improving his length (and quality) of deep sleep. It seems like something on the Science Fiction channel, but it has real science backing it up! Longer deep sleep sessions result in better-performing players, it’s as simple as that. We all remember the coaches from our youths preaching this at us. Just imagine if he had a pair of magic headphones that could help do the work for us!

Learn: https://patch.com/florida/miami/neurocore-abridged-history-applied-neurofeedback

The players are also equipped with headphones as they watch a fictional narrative program of sorts that only plays (without stopping) while the player’s brain is correctly concentrating on it! If the player breaks said concentration, the show doesn’t play. Players with uninterrupted program viewing experiences can rest assured that they have better-managed meditation capabilities than the average yoga mom. This sounds like a science fiction movie too, but it proves that a company like Neurocore can use various types of headphone technology to interact with an athlete’s brain in ways that can improve that athlete’s, on the court, performance!

For the past fourteen years, Neurocore has been creating scenes that appear to have come from science fiction films by helping regular people (and celebrities) unlock parts of their own minds that they never thought possible before. Such brain feedback models are important for a variety of important improvement areas. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The Chainsmokers : EDM takeover

It is an accomplishment that many artists can only dream of, going 10X platinum and earning the respect of the music industry. It is an achievement that deserves attention and attention is what The Chainsmokers along with Halsey are receiving from their accomplishment. According to the Recording Industry Association of, The ChainSmokers and Halsey have crossed the threshold of 10 million units sold of their hit song “Closer. They have in addition officially engraved themselves into the history books marking their song as one of the fourth longest reigns on having their hit number one in the U.S.

Their achievement would elevate them to great heights including receiving a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The winner in this instance went to another group labeled as an underdog themselves, 21 pilots “stressed out would go on to win the award.

The Chainsmokers, however, did not need the win to find acceptance, the group had already created a large and loyal fan base way before their hit song, for Halsey though, though already a proven musician as well, the hit would be the breakout song she needed.

Although not officially on the website, it seems that the RIAA wanted to hold back in order for the group to tell their fan base directly. The Chainsmokers alerted their fans of the accomplishment via an Instagram post on September 15. The group would comment on how incredible and unbelievable it felt to receive such a prestigious honor. Furthermore, the group mentioned how at first their hit song was initially a simple catchy tune that was only meant for themselves and their friends while riding on their tour bus, in fact, that’s where the song was written. It’s safe to say that their fans very much appreciate the fact that it did not remain in that bus for long.


Doe Deere: Russian Immigrant To Fashion & Beauty Powerhouse

At the age of seventeen, Xenia Vorotova found her life completely changed after moving to New York City from the city of Izhevsk, Russia. Xenia, her mother, and her sister came to the United States for better opportunities in life and were immediately enchanted with the music, the fashion, and the change of pace that a huge American city offered.

However, the transition from Russia to America brought on financial roadblocks and the family of three found themselves with little money and living in a homeless shelter for six months. During that time, Xenia would sketch out fashion designs as a hobby and to escape the harsher realities she had to face.

Fortunately, those same sketches would get noticed by the non-profit Sanctuary For Families founder Dorchen Leidholdt, who helped Xenia attend fashion school to make those designs become reality.

After being able to climb out of homelessness and start attending fashion school, Xenia soon took on a new name that millions would soon recognize: Doe Deere, the founder and owner of Lime Crime cosmetics and the fashion label Poppyangeloff.

Doe Deere was able to turn her sketches and dreams into reality through hard work and determination. Lime Crime employs 35 people in the Los Angeles area and makes an annual revenue in the millions.

Doe Deere attributes her successes in beauty and fashion to her upbringing. In particular, she says coming to America and becoming a citizen is the biggest reason why she is now CEO of a hugely popular cosmetics line. She is living what she considers the American Dream and made it possible through hard work and organizations such as Sanctuary For Families.

From Russian immigrant to homeless in Manhattan to CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere wants women all over the world to know it is possible to achieve anything and to be unapologetic about their successes in life.


Jeremy Goldstein Gives Insights on How Knockout Options Can Benefit Employers

Recently, many organizations are opting not to provide employees with stock options. Some companies do this to save money, but at times the reasons are more complicated.

Jeremy Goldstein explains the three major issues that make organizations curtail such benefits. Some employees consider this form of compensation unsuitable due to economic downturns that make the option worthless. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

Another reason is that this option often results in significant accounting burdens. The related costs might be too high thus rendering the financial benefits of the alternative negligible. Some staff members prefer higher salaries instead of stock options.

The third reason is that the stock value might drop significantly thus making it difficult for employees to exercise their options. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.americanconference.com/executive-compensation-836l17-nyc/speakers/jeremy-goldstein/ and https://www.visualcv.com/jeremygoldstein

All the same, Jeremy Goldstein advises that this method of compensation can be preferred to additional equities, and wages.

Staff members can understand stock options quickly, as they offer an opportunity that is of equivalent value to all the employees. Also, stock options improve personal income if the corporation’s share value increases.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which is a law firm that is devoted to advising CEOs, compensation committees and management teams on corporate governance and executive compensation matters. Before Jeremy founded his company, he was a partner at a major New York company.

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the most prominent transactions over the past decade. They include the acquisition of Duke Energy by Progress Energy and that of The Dow Chemical Company by Rohm and Hass Company.

He serves as a chair of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy is also an avid writer and speaker on corporate governance and executive compensation matters. Goldstein has stood out as a leading executive compensation lawyer, having even been recognized by The Legal 500.

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New and Better Ways of Treating Joint Pain With Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Joint pain, although primarily seen as one of the discomforts of aging, is a medical issue that can attack anyone. Joint pain is soreness, stiffness, or aches that affect the joints, the parts of the body where bones meet. The affected areas include the wrist, elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. It doesn’t usually require hospitalization, but it will eventually require a doctor visit.


When joint pain becomes a chronic source of distress, it’s more than a rite of passage from youth to old age. Chronic pain that limits a person’s mobility, that makes performing everyday task painful and difficult, or that causes the afflicted area (usually knees or hips) to function improperly, requires surgery the attention of an orthopaedic surgeon.


Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis and diseases like lupus and fibromyalgia are conditions that affect the joints. Obesity and sports injuries can also lead to the deterioration of the joints. Increases in medical issues involving joint pain has created a need for more orthopaedic surgeries. This need has also opened the door for more innovations in the treatment of joint pain. The newest trends is replacements and implants.


A major contributor in the joint replacement implant industry is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, a Bronx-based physician, is the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System in Bronx, New York. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum received his medical training at Brown University and at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum is an innovator in information technology, design process engineering, and operational leadership. This notable industry leader has a specialty in knee, hip, and shoulder replacement and has performed over 500 operations per year for multiple years. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is best known for the for the minimally invasive knee replacement surgery he helped developed. This surgery replaces partial tissue in the knee rather than replacing the entire knee.



Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ira-kirschenbaum-5132001a

twitter: https://twitter.com/doctor_ik?lang=en


Why Hyland’s is Helping Parents to Cope with Their Baby’s Teething

Babies often start teething around five to six months old when their teeth begin to erupt from underneath the gum line. Unfortunately, the teething stage for all babies can be difficult, painful and incredibly uncomfortable. For parents, this means a lot of fussy nights devoid of sleep or rest. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways to relieve the pain that your baby is experiencing so that they feel better and are able to get through the teething stage without being in pain all the time.


Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been well-known in the parenting world to be an all-natural option for their baby’s teething. The tablets are made with natural herbs like chamomile, coffee extract and lactose. This natural blend of ingredients helps to calm the inflammation of the area and relieve discomfort without the harm that often comes with more potent products. Hyland’s is best known for their homeopathic products and they specialize in infant and child care. These Hyland’s tablets aren’t just useful and helpful, but they are also much cheaper than many other options available on the market nowadays.


Hyland’s was founded in 1903 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in homeopathic care and work with time tested herbal ingredients to provide pain relief and medical aid to those who are in need of help without a prescription. The Hyland’s tablets specific for infants and toddlers can help to get them feeling better without making you, as the parent, feel like you’re giving your baby something that could be harmful to their health. For more information on the Hyland’s brand and all of the other products that they offer, you can visit their site or learn more by reading product reviews that have been written by satisfied customers right on the internet.