Selling New York

The luxury real estate market in New York City is growing with no signs of slowing down. This past year alone prices have soared with a record breaking sale of one penthouse selling for over 100 million dollars. Properties around the Central Park area are also in the six digit mark. Almost every record in real estate was broken this year alone. With developers and billionaire bunkers on the rise, we wonder how long this upward climb in real estate can continue.

Experts and market observers predict the market will continue to climb for the next several years. With the properties available, the money available, and the demand for real estate in New York at an all time high, this trend will continue. This was reported in The New York Times

Town Residential is one of the premier luxury real estate firms in New York City. It was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. Town Residential specializes in luxury residential sales. They also lease property developments including retail and commercial. Built with a team of professionals, Town Residential has a plethora of knowledge and experience. With top talent and collaborative availability, Town has taken the “Big Apple” by storm. Awarded accolades and Top Best in New York City, this firm is one of the industry’s leaders for service and productivity in real estate.

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