The Philanthropic Bruce Levenson

Many people don’t realize just how involved Bruce Levenson actually is when it comes to philanthropy. Most only know he owns an NBA team. They don’t realize he’s used his money to help better not just local communities, but the world itself. This has been done in many ways, but PR Newswire recently reported on one of Bruce Levenson’s pursuits that has proven to be most effective. That particular philanthropic pursuit is The Center For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Started three years ago from donations made by both Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson, the center has expanded such that it has recently incorporated a dormitory, allowing for further specialization. The Levensons have really done something extraordinary with The Center, as every semester between a number of courses some ten thousand dollars is raised.  Perhaps this is a reason the nation’s capital esteems The Center so highly, and regularly picks from its undergraduate and graduate students when recruiting for leadership opportunities among D.C. nonprofits. The University of Maryland has an exceptional advantage with this center, and the Levensons are proud to have been able to be of service. According to Bruce Levenson, “…we are using The Center in a multi-pronged effort to ensure that every student attending the University of Maryland graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist.”

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