Higher Education Takes Science Papers Online Via Wikipedia

Few educators at colleges and universities have ever allowed their students to submit their scientific papers and other research online. They certainly always dismissed web sites such as Wikipedia as nothing serious, as non-academic tourist traps, and as not signifying of any importance. That attitude has been forced to change for Wikipedia as it has grown in total volume of information and especially total number of users. Nearly 10,000 views of Wikipedia pages happen every second of every day, on average. The maturing of Wikipedia is now seen as the advent of truly open and free communications of all types of knowledge, including for academia.

Part of the maturing process at Wikipedia is not only the inclusion of serious research and learning by major educational institutions, such as Duke, Harvard, US Berkeley universities, but the new awareness that the knowledge on the site has become lopsided by gender bias. So many of the early Wikipedia writers and editors have been male (86%) that female views, and especially knowledge of famous and cultural icons that are women, have been missed. This was not planned in any kind of sinister plot. It is simply something that has fallen through the cracks. Multiple professors at these universities are rising to the challenge in what they term the “Year of Science” effort. One such project is called the Wiki Ed Project. It’s aim is to promote science through Wikipedia.

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A Winter Fundraiser That Will Help Homeless Animals in New York

Winter can be a difficult time of year for homeless animals in New York City. When they are not able to find shelter, many die. Even when animals are in shelters, because of a lack of space and financial resources, sometimes they are left outside. Ross Abelow wants to do something about the problem. He has set up a winter fundraiser in order to help animals in New York City. It is his goal to raise $5,000 that will be contributed to homeless animals shelters in New York City. The money will be used to increase the amount of space that is available in animal shelters and also to pay for things like medicine, food, and blankets for the vulnerable animals.

Individuals from all around the world can donate to this cause. Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me account. Finding the fundraiser is very simple to do. A person just needs to goes to the Go Fund Me website and search for the name Ross Abelow. They will then find the page that not only explains more about this wonderful cause, but also explains how a person can donate money.  This is something that is urgent since these cold winter months mean that temperatures are dropping very low and many animals are suffering. Once the money has been raised, it will be donated to animal shelters in New York City.

Ross Abelow has been working as a family lawyer in New York City for more than 25 years. He is an expert in matrimonial and family law and has defended hundreds of clients in the city. Just recently he became a partner at the law firm Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. Besides helping individuals who are facing difficult legal situations that have to do with the family, he also helps individuals who are involved in situations that have to do with entertainment law and civil litigation. When Ross Abelow has some free time, he likes to write legal and financial blogs. These blogs can be found on his personal blog site as well as on other popular blog sites where he contributes work. He also posts informative information on his social media sites.

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CCMP Capital: CEO Stephen Murray, A Leadership Untainted!

Global business expansion capital and buyout consultancy, recently lost a strong leader, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The former chief executive and president played an active role in the firm’s everyday operation. CCMP embraces a culture grounded in the heritage of its three key organizations: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, and Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan Partners. It has operations throughout Europe and North America. It’s been rebranded several times throughout the history of its operation.

Another rebranding followed in 1996 after the newly restructured Chemical Venture Partners acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. It took on the new trademark Chase Capital Partners while the J.P. Morgan franchise became JPMorgan Partners. As it expanded, integrating an eclectic private equity group of companies; CCMP Capital embarked on vital business development efforts. The sale of Medpace returned $900 million to CCMP in 2014 following a successful transaction with the winning bidder Cinven. The pharmaceutical research giant is among the industry’s strongest performers of the segment despite CCMP Capital decision to sell.

Former CCMP Capital president and CEO, Stephen Murray died last year Spring. “The entire CCMP family mourns his untimely passing,” a source informed media outlets. Surely, this unexpected reality is regrettably heartbreaking, but CCMP remains committed to excellence. The top-grossing private equity heavyweight promises to extend first-class stewardship as Stephen Murray did. He’s been with the firm since inception and became a founding partner in 2006 following the JPMorgan spinout. When away from hectic CCMP executive duties, Murray often indulges himself with planned philanthropic activities. Among organizations he, supports are the local Lower-Fairfield County Food Bank, Boston College, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum and other collective groups. What’s more, New York-Metro Make-a-Wish Foundation inducted him as an associate and he’s been committed to the cause ever since. A Boston College grade of economics, he holds a comprehensive degree in the said specialization. Additionally, Murray studied business administration and earned a Master’s after completing a CBS (Columbia Business School) program.

As of August 2006, CCMP has traded independently while operating as an oversight for the rebranded J.P. Morgan group.  Middle-market to large corporations depend heavily on CCMP Capital expertise for sensible investment advice. It caters to investors dealing with financial services, media/telecommunications, retail/consumer solutions, energy, industrial and healthcare. Today, the billion-dollar-grossing company, CCMP operates regional offices based in Tokyo, New York Post, Hong Kong and London. The consultancy has a reputation for selecting the industry’s strongest investors. Former CEO Stephen Murray demonstrated this quality with credence. The CCMP family described him as a charismatic, dynamic executive with impeccable leadership skills.

Plastic Surgery in Big Texas

Anyone considering plastic surgery will discover that some of the top plastic surgeons are located in Texas. The most popular surgeries in Texas are eye and nose procedures and they are the least invasive surgeries. People travel from all over the US to get their surgeries done in Texas.

One of the best surgeons in Texas is Dr. Walden. She was featured in Harpers Bazaar as one of the top 24 plastic surgeons in the country. Although she has worked in other big cities such as New York, she is originally from Austin, Texas where she currently practices. She is known for her excellent bedside manners, and she empathizes with all of her patients. You will not just feel like a number when coming to Dr. Walden’s practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s current practice is at Westlake Medical center in Austin, Texas. She is able to do 99% of her surgeries in her own surgery center next to her office. This medical center is like a 5 Star hotel. Some patients need to stay overnight for monitoring and can get that one on one care there without worrying. However, most of her patients are able to go home the same day to recover at home. Her operating room, which is fully accredited by AAAASF, the premiere program for office OR accreditation.

Some of the other top plastic surgeons in Texas are Dr. Sanjay K Sharma, Dr. Steven Henry, Dr. Aisha D. White, and Dr. Randy Buckspan. Check their accreditations, success rates, failure rates, and the cleanliness and professionalism of the office. Going under the knife for any plastic surgery procedure carries risks and should be taken seriously and given serious thought before deciding. That’s one of the reasons many people travel from afar to get their procedures done in good ole Texas.

What Dog Food Companies Are Doing Right

There has been some talk about what dog food companies have done wrong in the past, but there should be a lot of more talk about what dog food companies are doing right. There are a lot of companies that are getting it right, and pet owners are appreciative of this. I have seen my dogs getting a lot better because they have access to a new range of dog food that may have previously been unavailable.

All that I really have to do is go to my local pet store and pick up a bag of Beneful dry dog food. (This company makes wet pet food too, but my dog prefers the dry brands). This is a company that has managed to make it stress free to find on facebook premium food because there is so much to choose. It all just depends on what your dog may be interested in. I like to stay with the Beneful Originals and the Beneful Playful Life. Both of these are foods that are bound to go as quick as I put these foods in the bowl. That is the joy of picking up a brand like Beneful.

Another brand that has taken a front seat with my dog family is the Honest Embark Kitchen. The name seemed a bit verbose and confusing, but I quickly found that this was one of the better dog food brands on the market. There are cool ingredients like turkey that I was never able to find in lots of other foods. That may be one of the reasons that my dog takes to this so well.

There are many brands, but Beneful is the best. It has a large variety. I have discovered that dogs adore variety. Beneful never disappoints. I don’t have to worry about any money being wasted when I buy this because I know that the dogs are going to eat it.


Men Might Have an Easier Time of Weight Loss

Many couples who live together have noticed a common and often frustrating experience when working out. Men often seem to lose weight far faster than their female workout partners. A perfect example is the before and after picture Next Level Lacrosse Camp posted of Jon Urbana at About Me. There’s been quite a few different explanations for it over the years. Some people put it down to the fuzziness of anecdote. Others maintain that it might simply have more to do with greater overall muscle mass on the average man compared to the average woman.

A new study has found a specific chemical which might be responsible for the different rate of weight loss in men and women. The study focused on the brains of male and female mice in hopes of finding some clues to the gender differences in humans.

The researchers discovered that male and female mice use a chemical called POMC peptides in very different ways. POMC regulates quite a few different things related to weight. It helps regulate appetite, physical activity, and general metabolism. Basically it helps the body know how much physical activity to get, and how many calories to keep burning in order to do so.

The researchers discovered that the appetite and physical exertion of male mice would change in relation to altered POMC levels. However, only the appetite of female mice was affected by the change. This suggests that female mice, and by extension women, are resistant to changes which would decrease their weight.

Dr Sergio Cortes Takes on Zika

When Dr. Sergio Cortes awakens this Sunday you will have one of the most difficult tests in his career. The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes is facing the biggest health crisis that is state has faced in years. As a matter of fact the entire Brazilian nation is in the midst of rather difficult time because of the widespread occurrence of the Zika virus. The situation has been greatly aggravated by torrential downpours in the region that have caused landslides and severe flooding. Sunday morning Dr. Sergio Cortes and his team of experts will be taking a tour of the affected areas and attempt to gather enough information to help formulate a comprehensive plan that will help combat this issue.

Before the team drove out to the flooded regions,
Extra.Global had a chance to chat with the State Secretary of Health. While Dr. Sergio Cortes seemed optimistic he said the following, “We are taking steps relying on the worst, hoping for the best.” The state government has recently erected seven dengue hydration centers in Xerém. Dr. Cortes said that the centers represented some preventive action by the states department of health for the residents of the area. All seven of the centers are now being used as emergency shelters because of the severe flooding. Each of the centers have the capacity of serving up to 300 people. They also 12 hydration chairs that will be used to administer to some of the residents was early symptoms and onset a dengue. The Doctor and his staff will be training workers at the centers so that they can be able to know how to detect the early symptoms of some of the afflictions that are currently affecting the local residents.

Dr. Sergio Cortes explains on crunchbase that due to the severe flooding, there is a lot of contaminated stagnant water that can give people hepatitis A, leptospirosis and diarrhea. There is also a lot of water that can be ideal breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Secretary of health informs us that the Aedes aegypti mosquito is the main transmitter of the Zika virus as well as the Chikungunya virus.

The Zika virus has been spreading very quickly and an increasingly faster pace than anyone ever expected it would. The Zika virus originated in Africa in the 1940s and made his way through parts of Asia. But it was not until October 2015 that it started to spread as incredible speeds in Brazil.

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