What Dog Food Companies Are Doing Right

There has been some talk about what dog food companies have done wrong in the past, but there should be a lot of more talk about what dog food companies are doing right. There are a lot of companies that are getting it right, and pet owners are appreciative of this. I have seen my dogs getting a lot better because they have access to a new range of dog food that may have previously been unavailable.

All that I really have to do is go to my local pet store and pick up a bag of Beneful dry dog food. (This company makes wet pet food too, but my dog prefers the dry brands). This is a company that has managed to make it stress free to find on facebook premium food because there is so much to choose. It all just depends on what your dog may be interested in. I like to stay with the Beneful Originals and the Beneful Playful Life. Both of these are foods that are bound to go as quick as I put these foods in the bowl. That is the joy of picking up a brand like Beneful.

Another brand that has taken a front seat with my dog family is the Honest Embark Kitchen. The name seemed a bit verbose and confusing, but I quickly found that this was one of the better dog food brands on the market. There are cool ingredients like turkey that I was never able to find in lots of other foods. That may be one of the reasons that my dog takes to this so well.

There are many brands, but Beneful is the best. It has a large variety. I have discovered that dogs adore variety. Beneful never disappoints. I don’t have to worry about any money being wasted when I buy this because I know that the dogs are going to eat it.


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