Plastic Surgery in Big Texas

Anyone considering plastic surgery will discover that some of the top plastic surgeons are located in Texas. The most popular surgeries in Texas are eye and nose procedures and they are the least invasive surgeries. People travel from all over the US to get their surgeries done in Texas.

One of the best surgeons in Texas is Dr. Walden. She was featured in Harpers Bazaar as one of the top 24 plastic surgeons in the country. Although she has worked in other big cities such as New York, she is originally from Austin, Texas where she currently practices. She is known for her excellent bedside manners, and she empathizes with all of her patients. You will not just feel like a number when coming to Dr. Walden’s practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s current practice is at Westlake Medical center in Austin, Texas. She is able to do 99% of her surgeries in her own surgery center next to her office. This medical center is like a 5 Star hotel. Some patients need to stay overnight for monitoring and can get that one on one care there without worrying. However, most of her patients are able to go home the same day to recover at home. Her operating room, which is fully accredited by AAAASF, the premiere program for office OR accreditation.

Some of the other top plastic surgeons in Texas are Dr. Sanjay K Sharma, Dr. Steven Henry, Dr. Aisha D. White, and Dr. Randy Buckspan. Check their accreditations, success rates, failure rates, and the cleanliness and professionalism of the office. Going under the knife for any plastic surgery procedure carries risks and should be taken seriously and given serious thought before deciding. That’s one of the reasons many people travel from afar to get their procedures done in good ole Texas.

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