Huffington Post Article Suggests Slyce To Make Wedding Registry Easier

New technologies in online shopping are coming out of the wood works, and consumers are using them to simplify their shopping experiences. Can this new technology be used to help other industries sell products to consumers? The Huffington Post recently wrote a compelling article where they summed up what online shopping and wedding planning was in the past, what the experience is currently like for consumers, and what the online shopping and wedding planning experience of the future will be like. This post will sum up some of their findings, and we’ll discuss one of the newest and most innovative technologies for visual search from a company called Slyce.

Wedding Planning Made Simple

One of the most exciting experiences for anyone planning their weddings or other events involving gift registries is making a registry for gifts that they hope guests will purchase. According to the Huffington Post, this industry needs some work. The current use of digital scanners is failing because the scanners are sometimes not in proper working condition. The article also reports that some major retailers have online gift registries, but the gift registries aren’t updating the purchased gifts quickly enough to keep up with consumer’s purchasing habits.

One of the interesting ideas that the Huffington Post came up with was to use a company like Slyce to make the gift registry model work better. Since Slyce uses the camera of a user’s device to find relevant products when a user searches with their application, the Huffington Post writer suggests that this technology could be used to make the gift registry industry run smoother. Slyce could help consumers set up their gift registries, and it could help keep track of what gifts have already been purchased.

This idea seems like it is entirely possible, and it could happen relatively soon. It is a possibility due to Slyce’s new connections with major retailers. In fact, the company has gained recognition as one of the largest and most successful image recognition companies on the market today. Slyce has connections with a number of major retailers, including Neiman Marcus, the Home Depot, Tilly’s and Urban Outfitters.

Soros Working To Rally New Voters To Presidential Race


George Soros is at it yet again. In an article published by the New York Times Soros and a number of other liberal billionaires intend to rally the vote in November and the caucuses by bringing more than 400,000 Latinos and immigrants to the polls. Once again Soros is not really thinking about the repercussions of this actions. In past political endeavors he has flubbed and firmly placed his foot in his mouth and it seems yet again he is about to do the same thing now.

As a former immigrant himself Soros seems more concerned with that status rather than with the political rules and regulations. He had to flee his home country because of Nazi occupation, and now feels the torch for helping immigrants as his sole responsibility. Soros was fortunate enough to flee to England where he could get a solid education that he could eventually translate to self made billions in the States.

The issue that Soros and his Liberal buddies forget is that not every immigrant has the best concerns for their new country as he did. The 15 million dollars that is expected to flood efforts in areas like Nevada, Florida and Texas will be one of the biggest efforts launched to date focusing on a specific demographic.

The areas affected are ones in which it is felt will make a huge difference in the Presidential elections this fall. These areas have a large number of both Asian and Latino populations who are largely forgotten by the parties and the candidates.

Soros and friends feel that these are the target audiences that will help to keep the Democratic party in charge of the White House. The Latino population in particular has been very discouraged with politics after numerous promises from Obama have fallen through. He promised to reform immigration and instead has been the key in the deportation of millions of immigrants.

This includes offering a voice to those who have been neglected or forgotten by their governments. He has made no effort to hide his disdain for the Republican party and the candidates they are offering for the office of President.

The key to success in rallying these peoples will be to pour the money into already existing organizations. It is felt that trying to develop a new organization to rally the Asian and Latino vote will not be as effective in reaching them. Existing organizations already have the reach and demographics to get the excitement in getting a better vision in the White House than already exists.

George Soros Wants The United States To Take The Lead During The Upcoming Global Recession


George Soros is an international investment superstar. He is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He is currently number 32 on the Forbes List of billionaires. Soros spends most of his time working with his international foundations, but he still keeps up with the changing economic climate around the world. Soros recently sat down with and he talked about the threat of a global recession that may well be worse than the 2007-2008 mortgage crisis. Soros said this new global meltdown won’t be fueled by a housing market bubble, but by several factors that are currently causing economies around the world to be close to contraction mode.

Mr. Soros told the Bloomberg interviewer that Europe is still in the chokehold of German austerity, and it is caught in the flood of refugees from Syria and elsewhere, European economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 was 0.3 percent.

The United States however has enjoyed a dropping unemployment rate, a strong dollar, and weak, but consistent, GDP growth since the meltdown. But Europe’s troubles and China’s missteps are going to create another scenario for the U.S. in 2016. Soros is predicting that the United States will join other countries around the world in a global recession that could take years to recover from.

The burden of student loans, the deflated energy stocks, the pending interest rate hikes, the threat of a Chinese devaluation, and the breakup of the European Union all spell global recession, and the politician is the U.S. are mum about it. The United States economy is not strong enough to keep their current economic growth alive, according to Mr. George Soros. Central banks around the world are keeping interest rates near zero, because public balanced sheets are overloaded with the debt that was accumulated when the world pulled out of the Great Recession.

People don’t thank economists for predicting a recession, and they don’t like politicians when it becomes a reality. The time to stop the damage is now, but Soros thinks now may be too late. All the signs point to a major slowdown in the second half of 2016. That will be right before the presidential election. Voters will have a chance to change the tide slightly if they elect a leader that knows how to stimulate the economy, but the odds are against that happening, according to George Soros.

Soros thinks The U.S. Has to step up and read the handwriting on the global wall, but he says U.S. leaders aren’t reading it, or they are reading it and ignoring it.

Bernardo Chua’s Alternative to Black Coffee is Successful Internationally

Bernardo Chua has created a delicious and healthy way to improve on coffee and tea, and he uses an ancient herbal mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidim to do it. This natural mushroom is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that make a noticeable difference in preventing many diseases including kidney and liver damage, RA and other inflammatory diseases, which are the result of inflammatory proteins, preventing colds and flu and improving circulation.

Mr. Chua grew up in the Philippines, and as a child, Bernardo’s mother brought the Ganoderma from China, so Bernardo grew up knowing the incredible properties. When he came into the business world, he knew that he had a mission and that was to introduce
Ganoderma to the western world. Today, Organo Gold is the networking business
that he established in 2008 that is based on the Ganoderma coffees and teas and
other natural products.

Mr. Chua used his expertise as a businessman to take direct selling and strategically develop a system that has won him awards and continues to advance his company, Organo Gold, around the world. Previously, he had another company based on Ganoderma called Gano Excell and it was in this company that he perfected the use of networking his products.

Today, there are over one million distributors spreading the good news of the amazing benefits of this herb. The original concept of infusing Ganoderma into rich, black Columbian coffee and herbal teas makes it easily accessible to most people. Ganoderma is found naturally in the mountains of Asian countries such as China and Japan. Mr. Chua purchases a high-quality herb and then minimally processes it to be infused into Café Latte, Black Coffee, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Tea creating delicious and nutritious beverages.

Organo Gold has risen to be in the top 65 of all international direct sales companies. The most recent country that has opened to Organo Gold is Turkey, which is a vibrant country with a reputation for coffee drinking, and Ganoderma adds a unique component to their favorite beverage. In 2015, Mr. Chua changed the name to Organo, and he continues to add to his network of independent distributors who are making the nutritious super-mushroom Ganoderma a healthy alternative to regular coffee.  There’s more about Bernardo Chua on CrunchBase.

The Disappearance Of The Soviet Union May Be Contributing To The Collapse Of The European Union According To George Soros


The demise of the Soviet Union was a welcome international development. But the collapse of the Soviet Union removed one of the main motivations for European Union, according to financier George Soros. Mr. Soros told a German magazine that the European Union was often defined as a purely political and economic project, but security was always one of the primary objectives of the Union. When the EU was formed security was high on the list, but as NATO got stronger, security became less of an issue, according to Soros.

The New York Review of Books posted the Soros interview on their website, and what Soros said hit a nerve in everyone that read the article. Soros said the absence of an external danger like the Soviet Union gave European Union leaders the chance to focus on their national concerns. The main goal of some of the members was to limit as well as constrain the dominance that Germany displayed in Europe. Soros said that goal hasn’t been achieved and probably never will.

Since the early 1990s, European Union members have consistently pledged to develop a common security policy, but that pledge has never gained strength in the Union. The lackadaisical response by the EU to the Ukraine situation shows the group’s lack of consensus on basic security issues.

But Soros also mentioned on Bloomberg the Euro crisis, and the fact that creating the euro was a epic blunder. Political rather than economic reasons were the catalyst for the Euro’s birth, but the EU lacked the institutional and political mechanisms to make a one currency union work. The financially strong members never thought other weaker members would put themselves in a debt-ridden position and that, of course, way wishful thinking.

The potential of a European Collapse has been the topic of conversation for years, but the migration crisis has accelerated the fear of that collapse. The EU has been fragmented by the flood of asylum seeking Middle Easterners. Terrorism has destroyed human rights in some EU countries. Other countries never had human rights in the first place. There is a lack of empathy for the migrants in most EU nations. A large number of EU citizens believe the migrants are terrorists and they have banned them from crossing their borders.

There are many reasons why the European Union is doomed to failure, but Soros believes there is still time to save it. Some Europeans say it’s not worth saving the way it is structured now, and Soros thinks they have a point.