Bernardo Chua’s Alternative to Black Coffee is Successful Internationally

Bernardo Chua has created a delicious and healthy way to improve on coffee and tea, and he uses an ancient herbal mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidim to do it. This natural mushroom is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that make a noticeable difference in preventing many diseases including kidney and liver damage, RA and other inflammatory diseases, which are the result of inflammatory proteins, preventing colds and flu and improving circulation.

Mr. Chua grew up in the Philippines, and as a child, Bernardo’s mother brought the Ganoderma from China, so Bernardo grew up knowing the incredible properties. When he came into the business world, he knew that he had a mission and that was to introduce
Ganoderma to the western world. Today, Organo Gold is the networking business
that he established in 2008 that is based on the Ganoderma coffees and teas and
other natural products.

Mr. Chua used his expertise as a businessman to take direct selling and strategically develop a system that has won him awards and continues to advance his company, Organo Gold, around the world. Previously, he had another company based on Ganoderma called Gano Excell and it was in this company that he perfected the use of networking his products.

Today, there are over one million distributors spreading the good news of the amazing benefits of this herb. The original concept of infusing Ganoderma into rich, black Columbian coffee and herbal teas makes it easily accessible to most people. Ganoderma is found naturally in the mountains of Asian countries such as China and Japan. Mr. Chua purchases a high-quality herb and then minimally processes it to be infused into Café Latte, Black Coffee, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Tea creating delicious and nutritious beverages.

Organo Gold has risen to be in the top 65 of all international direct sales companies. The most recent country that has opened to Organo Gold is Turkey, which is a vibrant country with a reputation for coffee drinking, and Ganoderma adds a unique component to their favorite beverage. In 2015, Mr. Chua changed the name to Organo, and he continues to add to his network of independent distributors who are making the nutritious super-mushroom Ganoderma a healthy alternative to regular coffee.  There’s more about Bernardo Chua on CrunchBase.

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