Why Did Bustle.com Review Wen By Chaz?

Bustle.com was very interested in what Wen hair does, and they started out by offering the assignment to one of their wikipedia content writers. They had a woman writing working for them who had thin blonde hair, and she tested Wen by Chaz in her own bathroom to show what it does. Wen by Chaz has been shown to help people with shedding hair, and she wanted to see if it would really work for her.
She started out by comparing what the difference between this wen.com brand and her normal shampoo is. This is something that a lot of people do not realize because they might not know how much shampoo a woman normally has to use. She had to use so much shampoo normally that it went through a bottle quickly.

She continued by showing how much lather she could get out of the shampoo, and she made sure that people were seeing how easy it was for her tow ash her hair. She made sure that it was going through all her hair, and then she rinsed so that she could stop the process. The best of this is that it happened for her pretty fast. She got the results that she wanted, and she was able to dry her hair with some confidence. The Allure.com advertised shampoo made her hair look great, and she took a great picture to end the article.  The true satisfaction on her face is something that cannot be bought with other shampoos, and the writer says that she is finally happy to have found the right shampoo for her hair. Need Wen Hair? http://www.sephora.com/fig-cleansing-conditioner-P378313

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  1. She used a dollop of Wen by Chaz that was the size of a quarter, and it was able to wash all her hair easily. A happy girl has happy hair, and her hair looked better than it had in years. It is also so easy that essay order might have to organize all of this and still use it in the way that they found it so compatible too.

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