George Soros Plays his Role in “Black Tuesday”

It was an historic and profitable day for George Soros and it became “Black Wednesday” for the United Kingdom. The day, September 17, 1992, when the British Pound Sterling lost 25 percent of its value compared against the American Dollar. While the entire economy of Britain was negatively affected by the drop in value of the Pound Sterling, the hedge fund of George Soros was reaping enormous profits from the transactions they were making; by betting on the decline of the Pound Sterling. In the history of investing and investors it was the day that George Soros, himself, made more than $1 billion. He and his hedge fund did invest $15 billion to be able to reap such a large return, but it remains as an investment that earned Soros, himself, a cool billion dollars in the course of one day’s trading. He, as director of his hedge fund, became a billionaire and his fund profited even more.

The machinations of the events leading up to this devaluation are detailed in a recent article in ValueWalk by the business staff, which is a shortened version of an article in Priceonomics. Read the Priceonomics article here.

Readers of these interesting and in-depth articles will more fully understand the movements of currencies and economies and how each country is connected to others. While readers may not know how to make a billion or a million from reading the story of George Soros, they will know some of the history of that investment and what led up to its becoming one of history’s most profitable investments on

George Soros has lead a fantastic but dangerous life from his early experiences during the Second World War in his native Hungary to his times in England and then to his New York City experiences in investing, beginning in the late 1950s. George soros has amassed a great fortune and set up his Open Society Foundation in 1993 dedicated to helping democratic institutions around the world. He has little to do with his hedge fund now, and prefers to travel around the world lecturing at economic summits and writing books on economics and investing. Soros is one of the few billionaires who supports liberal causes on, and as such the conservative media and especially Fox News often takes aim at this icon of the investing world. He is a man we should respect and cherish for his involvement in world economics and the work of his foundation. A man who will be 86 in August. We need to listen to him while we can.

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Curvy Styles Now Available At JustFab

JustFab is a well known online retailer for handbags, boots and shoes. They offer the latest styles at the most affordable prices. They offer the ability to browse and buy, or join the monthly subscription service to get all the great fashions sent automatically every month.

JustFab offers fashion to women of most sizes. Until recently though, they seemed to overlook the plus sized or curvy women. Their most recent additions to their fashion offerings include plus sized staples. These are basic pieces that will set the foundation for an absolutely fabulous closet.
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JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online
JustFab | CrunchBase

The awesome part of the new line is that now JustFab also offers complete looks. While they market outfits, typically they have sold all the pieces to the outfits separately. This has changed to allowing browsers and members to click on a button under a model’s picture to buy exactly what the model is wearing, all of it.

The Curvy Fashionista got a chance to preview the new looks and have raved about them. Functional yet pretty and smart for any time of day or night is how reviews have rated the new plus sized line. Their only hope is that in future months they hope all the styles are available at all available sizes.

JustFab offers women a new and better way to get the latest fashion trends. Usually one would have to spend hours going through websites and stores looking for the newest styles. With JustFab the styles are all collaborated for the shopper so they can choose what they want and crave in one convenient stop.

Get your own stylist to help choose the right fashions for you. Taking a simple quiz when first visiting the JustFab site allows for personal selections of fashions that will suit your style. These selections will then be collaborated and offered at the beginning of every month. Sign up for automatic shipping, or choose to opt out of that month and go with something else.

The announcement of plus sizes at JustFab makes fashion accessible no matter what your size. Beautiful selections that are affordable and in step with the fashion world.

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GoFundMe: The Campaign Established by Ross Abelow

Recently, it was announced that GoFundMe is aiming to care for homeless animals by providing resources to animal shelters. The campaign has a goal of $5000. Ross Abelow, the attorney of New York City, is the one who announced that Go Fund Me campaign would be helping animal shelters in New York. The campaign itself was announced in the beginning of 2016, January 13th. It’s said that cold temperatures have been quite troublesome and homeless animals would be at risk when they don’t have any shelter from the cold weather, which is why this campaign was started.
Ross Abelow
As a noted New York attorney, Abelow was elected to spread and support the campaign to raise money for those animal shelters in the city. Abelow has been working mainly in the entertainment and divorce law trade. He has years of experience in these fields. Additionally, he is a partner of Abelow & Cassandro LLP, a law firm. He also specializes in commercial litigation law other than entertainment and family law. He’s an active legal blogger, and he is very active on social media.
The Purpose
As stated above, the purpose of this campaign is to raise money for animal shelters located in New York City. The money collected will be used to pay for vaccines, food, blankets and medical care for the distressed animals. The numbers of distressed animals have been growing steadily; many shelters are unable to take care of them because of the lack of space and funds. Moreover, the additional funds that are collected through the campaign will be used to relieve the sufferings of those vulnerable animals.
Support Them
If you are an animal lover, you can help with the growing needs of animals during winter. As a matter of fact, there are many animals that have to be left out in the cold due to the lack of funds and space.
The GoFundMe Campaign is a great campaign for animal lovers and people who want to help the animals. If you are interested in supporting this amazing campaign, you can visit their website for further information. Support this campaign and save the animals!

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San Luis Obispo Assisted Living In Manse On The Marsh

At some point in everyone’s life there comes a time when it just makes sense to look for an assisted living center for your parent or loved one. These kinds of facilities are actually much more like well-run hotels than hospitals. It’s actually eye opening when you visit one. They offer the guests all the amenities of a home without all of the hassles involved with its maintenance and upkeep. In San Luis Obispo, California you can’t go wrong with the Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh assisted living facility encompasses an apartment-style habitat for its guests and is designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities for its residences. These services include laundry and dry cleaning, meal preparation, medication assistance for the residents, and even spa treatment and massage therapy. In the case of a medical emergency, there is also an excellent hospital very close by, The French Hospital Medical Center.

The Manse on Marsh is viewed as one of the finest facilities of its kind in San Luis Obispo County. One of the first things you notice when you walk in is the friendly, helpful staff. They really do love what they do at the center and this attitude shows in their treatment and interactions with all the residents. As you observe the residents interacting with each other it also becomes obvious that they are all very happy to be surrounded by the new friends they have all made there. Being members of the community in San Luis Obispo themselves, the staff and management also put forth every effort to make sure that you are provided not only a safe and stable environment but also that you have many options to pick from that will enhance your independence, privacy, and your safety while living at The Manse in Marsh. There are also several housing choices available from studio apartments and single bedroom bungalows to cottages and even adjacent homes arrangements.

Regardless of your housing choice, you will always receive the outlined services offered unless you wish to change them. One of these services that seem particularly popular is our resident check in. We provide each resident with a discreet check in 5 times a day as a courtesy by the staff and management for your well-being. Here at the Manse on The Marsh, you are also in complete control over how much or how little assistance you are provided with. If it’s too much or too little just give us a call and change the amount any time you wish. In case of an emergency, each resident is also given a pendant that can be used to contact our staff and summon assistance immediately if the need arises. And don’t forget, we are not just for long term living, we also are available for temporary stays that may require only respite care for the resident for a short period of time.  Senior Housing Net writes even more on what can be done with regards to contacting the Manse, or booking an appointment to see if the facility is right for you.

Sanjay Shah and Entrepreneurship

Sanjay Shah and many other people are entrepreneurs at heart. While he has worked hard and brought success to many of the companies that he has worked for, he has eventually pursued his own dream of having his own company. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it takes a while for many people to find what it is that they are passionate about. However, when they do find their passion, then they are able to give it their all. Of course, it is not always going to work out for the person who is pursuing what he is after. However, just taking the risk and knowing for sure if it is going to work out is enough to bring peace to the pursuer.

Sanjay Shah himself has pursed something that fulfilled him. As a result, he has ran a hedge fund that has brought him a lot of success as an investor. The name of his firm is Solo Capital. Through Solo Capital, he carries out activities such as Sports betting, consulting and proprietary trading. Through his company has gained tons of money that he manages and even uses for charities. He even runs his own charity called Autism Rocks in which he collects money in order to send over to a university for Autism research. The medical experts could come up with a more effective treatment for the developmental condition.

Sanjay Shah has been hit with a personal tragedy in finding out that his son was diagnosed with autism. This has inspired him to take action when it comes to funding treatments so that not only his son but others could receive treatment. Among the methods that he uses for funding autism research is running concerts dedicated to the funding of autism research. He is also spreading awareness on the condition and encouraging others to get involved with the funding of the research.

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Keep Your Dog Happier Than Ever With Beneful

Wonderful World Of Beneful
There is no other dog food on Wal-Mart stores that is quite like Beneful. In terms of its flavors and high quality ingredients, Beneful has all of its competition biting at the bit. Customers are always raving about how Beneful smells great, and dogs are usually panting or wagging their tails over the way that Beneful is packed with flavorful, savory morsels that no other brand of dog food has to offer. Beneful is manufactured by Purinastore and has proven that it is made with the best intentions for your pet. The manufacturers win our trust by adding real ingredients to their products. They add real meat and real vegetables to their products in order to make them stand out as a quality choice in premium dog foods.

Trying Different Types Of Dry Foods

Beneful comes in eight varieties of dry dog foods. They have everything to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout an entire playful life. If your dog needs extra calories to keep a high level of energy for physical activity, then you should pick up a bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life. It is packed with high calorie ingredients to keep your dog active and playful.

Beneful also makes a calorie restricted dry dog food. It is called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight.

Chopped Blends

Beneful’s Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food is what all the pet owners are talking about these days. They make it in several varieties, so it will be easy to find one for your dog’s specific tastes. They make one that has real chicken, tomatoes, rice and carrots. They also make another wet food that is called Incredibites. This food comes in a can, and it is definitely a tasty treat as well. Either one of these wet foods will keep your dog feeling healthy and acting happier than ever. Learn more by visiting:

Dr. Jennifer Walden For The 2016 Women Of The year Award

Jennifer Walden is a nationally known and respected plastic surgeon. Walden is one of the elite group that has been nominated for the prestigious Leukemia & Lymphoma Society award. Competing for the award is an honor. The award carries a lot of press coverage as well as the chance to help find cures for blood cancer and to ensure patients have the lifesaving treatments they need. Dr. Walden is the first Austin physician to be nominated for the 2016 award. Walden’s goal is to raise money for cancer research between March 23rd and June 4th.
Doctor Walden is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Walden founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, in Austin. The Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgery center. There is a satellite location in Marble Falls, Texas. Walden is an expert commentator on plastic surgery, and she has been interviewed on numerous occasions by Fox, ABC, and VH1 as well as other cable networks. Walden also co-authored the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook.
During the early years, Jennifer obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She worked for more than seven years on the Upper East Side of New York before returning to her hometown of Austin. Dr. Walden played an important role in the clinical trials that resulted in the reintroduction of silicone breast implants.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world, and the main goal of the organization is to identify the causes of blood cancer. The mission is to cure lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma and Hodgkin’s disease. Another goal is to radically improve the quality of life for patients that are currently suffering from those diseases. The lifesaving research that is needed to achieve that goal is funded by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The LLS also acts as a voice for blood cancer sufferers that need affordable and quality coordinated care. The success of the organization depends on people like Dr. Walden.