San Luis Obispo Assisted Living In Manse On The Marsh

At some point in everyone’s life there comes a time when it just makes sense to look for an assisted living center for your parent or loved one. These kinds of facilities are actually much more like well-run hotels than hospitals. It’s actually eye opening when you visit one. They offer the guests all the amenities of a home without all of the hassles involved with its maintenance and upkeep. In San Luis Obispo, California you can’t go wrong with the Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh assisted living facility encompasses an apartment-style habitat for its guests and is designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities for its residences. These services include laundry and dry cleaning, meal preparation, medication assistance for the residents, and even spa treatment and massage therapy. In the case of a medical emergency, there is also an excellent hospital very close by, The French Hospital Medical Center.

The Manse on Marsh is viewed as one of the finest facilities of its kind in San Luis Obispo County. One of the first things you notice when you walk in is the friendly, helpful staff. They really do love what they do at the center and this attitude shows in their treatment and interactions with all the residents. As you observe the residents interacting with each other it also becomes obvious that they are all very happy to be surrounded by the new friends they have all made there. Being members of the community in San Luis Obispo themselves, the staff and management also put forth every effort to make sure that you are provided not only a safe and stable environment but also that you have many options to pick from that will enhance your independence, privacy, and your safety while living at The Manse in Marsh. There are also several housing choices available from studio apartments and single bedroom bungalows to cottages and even adjacent homes arrangements.

Regardless of your housing choice, you will always receive the outlined services offered unless you wish to change them. One of these services that seem particularly popular is our resident check in. We provide each resident with a discreet check in 5 times a day as a courtesy by the staff and management for your well-being. Here at the Manse on The Marsh, you are also in complete control over how much or how little assistance you are provided with. If it’s too much or too little just give us a call and change the amount any time you wish. In case of an emergency, each resident is also given a pendant that can be used to contact our staff and summon assistance immediately if the need arises. And don’t forget, we are not just for long term living, we also are available for temporary stays that may require only respite care for the resident for a short period of time.  Senior Housing Net writes even more on what can be done with regards to contacting the Manse, or booking an appointment to see if the facility is right for you.