Sanjay Shah and Entrepreneurship

Sanjay Shah and many other people are entrepreneurs at heart. While he has worked hard and brought success to many of the companies that he has worked for, he has eventually pursued his own dream of having his own company. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it takes a while for many people to find what it is that they are passionate about. However, when they do find their passion, then they are able to give it their all. Of course, it is not always going to work out for the person who is pursuing what he is after. However, just taking the risk and knowing for sure if it is going to work out is enough to bring peace to the pursuer.

Sanjay Shah himself has pursed something that fulfilled him. As a result, he has ran a hedge fund that has brought him a lot of success as an investor. The name of his firm is Solo Capital. Through Solo Capital, he carries out activities such as Sports betting, consulting and proprietary trading. Through his company has gained tons of money that he manages and even uses for charities. He even runs his own charity called Autism Rocks in which he collects money in order to send over to a university for Autism research. The medical experts could come up with a more effective treatment for the developmental condition.

Sanjay Shah has been hit with a personal tragedy in finding out that his son was diagnosed with autism. This has inspired him to take action when it comes to funding treatments so that not only his son but others could receive treatment. Among the methods that he uses for funding autism research is running concerts dedicated to the funding of autism research. He is also spreading awareness on the condition and encouraging others to get involved with the funding of the research.

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