Unique Asian Face Massage for Glowing Skin

For younger, healthier skin, massage therapy has been used in China, Japan and Korea for generations. It not only moves toxins out of your face so your body can work them out, but it improves elasticity and overall complexion as well as gives your face a great shape, while enhancing your natural one.

Watch this video for the full tutorial Wengie’s Chinese Spoon Asian Facial Massage!

Things you’ll need:

Chinese Spoon

Make sure to use a real, genuine Chinese Spoon for the massage. If you do not, or if you use a spoon of different or worse quality, it can damage your skin! Not only will it pull at your skin, but it will hurt and perhaps scar or damage the surface. You can pick this product up at any Asian grocery store.

Natural Oils

Using natural oils for a lubricant is the most important part of the massage. If you use a lotion or an oil with artificial ingredients, it will not lubricate as well and will hurt or damage the surface of your skin.

Let’s begin:

Wengie likes to measure her face from the middle of her chin to her ear to see exactly how much the massage reduces bloating and rids toxins. You can use a simple, think tape measure to measure your own face before beginning if you want.
Important to remember: never massage your face for more than ten minutes! If you do it for longer, it could damage or hurt your skin.
Apply the massage oil to your face.
Using the roundest part of the spoon, work in upward motions to work against gravity to fix any sagging, starting in your cheeks.
Move on to the forehead, using the same part of the spoon, work in upward motions to work against gravity.
You can use different parts of the spoon to cover more or larger areas such as cheeks or smaller areas like around your eyes.
Lastly, massage from your jawline down your neck to push the toxins into your body so they can be flushed away.

That’s it! You’re all done.
Make sure to wash the oils off your face with cool water and a little, cleansing soap. You can do this massage every day, or just when you’re stressed or feel like you have bloating in your face.


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