Mike Baur Demonstrates What Innovation is Truly All About

It was once stated that there are many unborn ideas: If giving birth to new ideas is a lost art, then Mike Baur has made the best of his financial expertise to exhibit otherwise. Mike Baur is a former banker and was part of the banking industry within Switzerland for a period of twenty years. Baur, has to his credit, a prior high-level executive post at the Swiss Bank, Clariden Leu. He also was a Chief at the private banking organization of Sallfort.

Mike Baur was involved in equity transactions during his tenure at Sallfort. It was during this time, too, that the former executive learned how the Swiss banking system operated. Mike Baur was afforded the opportunity of meeting up with many Entrepreneurs during his banking career. It was during this time that Mike noticed many of the entrepreneurs, in which he formed a rapport, had many terrific ideas; however, were under-capitalized. This is to say, the entrepreneurs with the great ideas were not able to raise the cash, required, in order to put each of their respective plans into action.

It did not take Mike Baur long to come to the conclusion that there was a true need, within Switzerland, for an organization that provided the preceding entrepreneurs with the knowledge, essential, in order to begin a business. In response to that need, Mike began to conduct research. It was during his investigation that he came upon the idea of a platform, designed for entrepreneurs, offering them assistance in raising cash. The platform allowed entrepreneurs to network with other entrepreneurs as well as set up appropriate operational systems and financial systems. The platform, Mike assisted in establishing, was referred to as the Swiss Startup Factory. Naturally, Mike Baur participated, in the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike made it a point to use his business connections within the Financial Industry, in order to assist individuals, in beginning a new business.

It came to pass that there were quite a few entrepreneurs needing assistance in beginning a business. The Swiss Startup Factory could only assist so many persons. Baur, in response to the situation at hand, made the decision to begin his own Startup organization, which he named Bainso.

The mission of Bainso is to assist individuals with creative ideas; yet who lack in the necessary credentials as to business and who wish to establish their own businesses.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

Bainso is useful to the new entrepreneur in that it provides such a person, as described in the preceding text, programs relative to inventory, finance and operations as well as information relative to the laws of Switzerland and tax codes. The latter law and tax information is useful to individuals wishing to offer products and services to Switzerland’s international market.

Baur is instrumental in transforming how a startup is introduced into the marketplace; with respect to each new concept, as well as the entrepreneur who came up with that concept. Bainso is a welcome business addition within the Swiss business marketplace.

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Fashionable, Fabulous Fabletics

Finding clothes that you can work out in and that are comfortable and cute isn’t always easy. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line offers stylish designs that are made out of breathable materials to create outfits that compliment every body type.

Up until now the designs have been available to order online through a membership service that has become popular with customers looking to build up a collection of items to wear when they hit the gym or workout out of doors. Making the items even more accessible Fabletics has opened seven brick and mortar stores and plans to open 75 to 100 more within the next five years. At the store customers will be able to try on product and

Benefits of being a member of the subscription service means that as a client you will be able to choose a discounted outfit once a month. Your credit card will be charged for the selection.. A new outfit (you can see them all on Pinterest) can be selected for purchase every month which means you work out wardrobe will no longer be limited to that one pair of shorts and that one top that you wear every time you head out to the gym or go for a job.

The latest addition to the offerings by Kate Hudson is a new line called athleisure that features dresses and other styles that would not typically be considered workout wear. Fabletics takes the styles and makes them a comfortable option for a daytime athleisure outfit to wear while going about your casual business. The dresses and some of the other options are actually appropriate for night wear too depending on the activity. It’s a unique offering that looks nice enough to wear out on the town yet is comfortable enough that you don’t feel like going home by 10 p.m. Pieces with a sewn in sports bra take care of the dilemma over which type of undergarment to wear with a given piece.

The Fabletics line is made up of bright colors and fun prints that include swimsuits, shorts, pants and tops. Fabletics has gained fans from women of all ages and with more stores opening every year it’s making a splash in the market like no other workout wear has. If you have to work out and want to feel comfortable doing it wearing athletic wear that make it easy to move and catches the eye is the best way to do it.

Sweetgreen Salad Bar’s Designs Keep Clients Coming Back

The location of any venture plays a significant role in its success. That explains why businesses are keen when selecting a location. Companies choose locations that are easily accessible and those with target market population. According to Nathan Ru, Sweetgreen makes use of the sequencing strategy to achieve success. Nathan explains that timing the store openings is a vital strategy for the firm.

The first store of Sweetgreen in New York was located at 28th and Broadway. Later on, the firm launched other stores in affluent neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Tribeca, and Nolita. Sweetgreen aims at going beyond the convenience by providing dinners, lunch and weekends.


The design of Sweetgreen

When you walk into a Sweetgreen, you feel like you are visiting an Apple store. According to Ru, their service design ensures that they offer customized and consistent services to all their clients. The first thing customers see after getting into the restaurant is the open kitchen. They prepare meals each morning from fresh produce. Sweetgreen believes that it is important for the customers to see rather than just hear from the company.


The source of Sweetgreen’s food

According to Nathan, sweetgreen first meets farmers in a new location before even meeting the landlord. The aim of this strategy is to find out if the company can come up with a supply chain before opening many stores. Sweetgreen asks from farmers what they can offer, rather than request a particular crop.

Nathan and his friends went to the Salinas Valley in Northern California about one and half years ago. They met a farmer who has a plot of broccoli. Broccoli grows just like wintergreen or a kale even if people associate it with crowns or florets. According to that farmer, most people do not eat the leaves of broccoli after a crown has grown. Sweetgreen signed a contract for the broccoli greens with the farmer. Clearly, there is more you can eat besides kales.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and the chief executive of Sweetgreen. Ru has also invested in other four companies. Ru lives in New York. The leadership of Ru has been influential in their growth of Sweetgreen. The firm has stores in various locations, and it ensures accuracy during an ordering process which takes about three minutes.

Sweetgreen aims at encouraging people to take healthy food. You can still consume healthy fast food. At Sweetgreen, there is more to lunch than burritos and burgers. Go the healthier way with healthy meals.