Mike Baur Demonstrates What Innovation is Truly All About

It was once stated that there are many unborn ideas: If giving birth to new ideas is a lost art, then Mike Baur has made the best of his financial expertise to exhibit otherwise. Mike Baur is a former banker and was part of the banking industry within Switzerland for a period of twenty years. Baur, has to his credit, a prior high-level executive post at the Swiss Bank, Clariden Leu. He also was a Chief at the private banking organization of Sallfort.

Mike Baur was involved in equity transactions during his tenure at Sallfort. It was during this time, too, that the former executive learned how the Swiss banking system operated. Mike Baur was afforded the opportunity of meeting up with many Entrepreneurs during his banking career. It was during this time that Mike noticed many of the entrepreneurs, in which he formed a rapport, had many terrific ideas; however, were under-capitalized. This is to say, the entrepreneurs with the great ideas were not able to raise the cash, required, in order to put each of their respective plans into action.

It did not take Mike Baur long to come to the conclusion that there was a true need, within Switzerland, for an organization that provided the preceding entrepreneurs with the knowledge, essential, in order to begin a business. In response to that need, Mike began to conduct research. It was during his investigation that he came upon the idea of a platform, designed for entrepreneurs, offering them assistance in raising cash. The platform allowed entrepreneurs to network with other entrepreneurs as well as set up appropriate operational systems and financial systems. The platform, Mike assisted in establishing, was referred to as the Swiss Startup Factory. Naturally, Mike Baur participated, in the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike made it a point to use his business connections within the Financial Industry, in order to assist individuals, in beginning a new business.

It came to pass that there were quite a few entrepreneurs needing assistance in beginning a business. The Swiss Startup Factory could only assist so many persons. Baur, in response to the situation at hand, made the decision to begin his own Startup organization, which he named Bainso.

The mission of Bainso is to assist individuals with creative ideas; yet who lack in the necessary credentials as to business and who wish to establish their own businesses.

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Bainso is useful to the new entrepreneur in that it provides such a person, as described in the preceding text, programs relative to inventory, finance and operations as well as information relative to the laws of Switzerland and tax codes. The latter law and tax information is useful to individuals wishing to offer products and services to Switzerland’s international market.

Baur is instrumental in transforming how a startup is introduced into the marketplace; with respect to each new concept, as well as the entrepreneur who came up with that concept. Bainso is a welcome business addition within the Swiss business marketplace.

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