Thor Halvorssen And His Never Ending Fight For Freedom did an article in 2015 about Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen is a very interesting individual. He founded The Human Rights Foundation, and it was launched in 2005. Thor Halvorssen speaks perfect Spanish, perfect English, and perfect Norwegian. His father was from Norway, and his mother was from Venezuela.

His mother is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela also a descendant of Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar was the military leader that helped Latin America get independence from Spain. Thor Halvorssen follows a long line of individuals that are dedicated to human rights. He is an individual who has traveled to many different countries, and he has been a instigator in many human rights riots.

Thor Halvorssen is a person that loves people, and he is all about helping others to be able to gain their independence. Thor Halvorssen has been beaten up in many occasions because of the many ideals that he defends. Thor Halvorssen admits that he is a person that is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty when it comes to human rights.

Thor Halvorssen is thought of as a right-wing individual, because he has a lot of criticism for left-wing Latin American dictatorships. At the same time, he rejects being called a conservative, because he considers himself to be a classic liberal.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela on March 9, 1976. He is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to global human rights and freedom. Thor Halvorssen is currently producing a film that is called, “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.” Halverson has been able to publish many articles that have been published in many well-known magazines such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Time Magazine.

Halvorssen’s father was in prison while he was in college. His father was later released, and he was found innocent of all charges. Halvorssen’s mother was shot in 2004 while she was attending a peaceful protest. Halvorssen and his family are individuals that are willing to risk their life for human rights.

Fabletics: Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is a serious condition that affect many women on a global scale. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cures for this deadly disease, but there are advancements in medicine and technology that gives individuals better odds of beating it. Creating awareness is a great way to start and staying updated on annual mammograms lovers the chances drastically.

Actress Kate Hudson, whom is a long time supporter of breast cancer awareness, has a very successful line of women’s clothing such as tops, bottoms, and outfits named Fabletics. Being such a positive advocate of the disease, Hudson and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) have teamed up and honor a collaboration for (National Women’s Health & Fitness Day) as well as for (October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month). This is a perfect union of the two as Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) is already a successful campaign that funds plenty of breast cancer research in the U.K. The campaign works diligently with industry leaders for supporting individuals that are affected by this disease. I guess you can say that this is surely a combat mission in-a-sense. The plan of this ingenious collaboration is to debut an FTBC Branded Outfit on the28th of September in 2016. The outfit from Fabletics is a capri, sports bra, and tanktop three-piece set and all of the proceeds will benefit this mighty campaign. Anytime you get two prominent names together for a good cause, positive dialogue and actions are sure to follow. Kate Hudson stated that she was honored to be named as an ambassador of the event and by lending her voice helps to create, support, empower, and spread this powerful message to the masses.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a fashionable clothing line of active wear that’s sold at accessible prices. The brand came into fruition back in 2013, but by September 2014, the brand had grown dramatically and is now being sold in countries such as Germany, Canada, and the U.K. As of January 2015, one million orders have been sold and shipped. Fabletics has become a trendsetter that inspires women to lead an active lifestyle. The company will also host it’s own (FBTC) themed event which will donate a portion of it’s sales for to the breast cancer campaign. (FTBC) has also teamed up with New York Community Trust to form a much needed grant program for screening, treating, and helping women survive this disease. This aid will particularly benefit low income, immigrant, and minority women who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial support for funding the program.

With such great ideas as this, hopefully breast cancer will become a thing of the past. “An Ounce of Prevention is Better Than A Pound of Cure.”

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WEN Cleansing Conditioners Promise Great Results On All Types Of Hair

Chaz Dean and his team created and developed Wen cleansing conditioners a long time ago, and to this day the product is still providing women with great results. The special formula used to make WEN cleansing conditioners allows it to be effective on any hair type or style that a women has. A review was posted up on Bustle Magazine by one of their writers who tested out the product on her own hair to see if it was capable of transforming her unmanageable hair like it showed on the YouTube and QVC infomercials.

Emily McClure, the writer for Bustle, tested out the WEN product for a week and then published her review on Bustle for her readers to see. She also added before and after photos to show off how the product effected her hair over a week’s time. To Emily’s surprise, she was already seeing results within a few days of using the product, and even getting compliments on her new hair. She feared WEN wouldn’t work on her hair because it was so fine, but it succeeded in adding volume and shine. She was even using less than the recommenced amount throughout the duration of her using the product because she thought it might be too much. Either way, she is sure to add it to her regular routine.

Chaz Dean spent a lot of time going through trial and error to find the perfect ingredients for his product. In the end, the 5 in 1 formula that was created was definitely worth it. By providing a deep clean and being able to take the jobs of other conditioners and shampoos, WEN cleansing conditioners ( does not disappoint. There is no lather and rinsing required with WEN, and a guide for correct usage comes with every bottle, describing how much to use for different amounts of hair.


Dr. Walden Is Someone People Should Learn From

Dr. Jennifer Walden has paved the way for new people to enter into the industry of cosmetic surgery. She has made a huge impact in the field. The impact has been so great that there have been new textbooks printed that have been partially written by Jennifer Walden. People that are presented material written by Dr. Walden find themselves with something valuable. They get to learn a lot of valuable lessons. Among the lessons that they learn is how to reduce the common side effects of cosmetic surgery. These sections of the book have been written based on a lot of research and experience. This is why Dr. Walden is someone worth listening to.


They can learn a lot from her example as well. Jennifer Walden is someone who has developed a passion for cosmetic surgery at a young age. When the time came for her to enter the field, she has made some very innovative decisions. Among the achievements of hers was the reintroduction of silicone breast implants for women who feel insecure about their breast size. She has also been involved with many other procedures in ways that have changed things for the better.


Even more than a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Walden is a mother. She has decided that she wanted to move back to her hometown so that she could spend time with her children. She has already received a lot of recognition for her work in the industry while she was in New York. While she is very professional in what she does, she is also someone who is very friendly. This is because of her maternal instinct that she has gained from loving her children. As of right now, she owns her own practice in Austin TX. She continues to come up with newer and more effective methods for cosmetic surgery.

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Norka Martinez Luque – Inspiring Others Through Her Heart-Touching Songs

For most singers, the sole objective of their professional career is to gain as much fame as possible. However, for Norka Martinez Luque, the objective is to spread the message of hope as far as possible. The young and inspiring singer of Venezuelan origin has become a sensation across Hispanic communities. In fact, her songs are inspiration for young generation because they provide a message of hope and love.


Norka feels that she was lucky because her family not only discovered the singer in her, but they also supported Norka from her childhood. Besides getting education, Norka enrolled in classes to learn piano and dance. Even when the family moved to France to pursue career opportunities for Norka, she continued her education by getting a degree in business administration. In fact, she also studied diverse subjects such as marketing, fashion and culinary arts.


While in France, Norka started to sing for a local band. Her enthusiasm and constant exposure allowed Emilio Estefan Jr. to locate her talent. According to Norka, Emilio is instrumental in her development from a good singer to exceptional singer because he understands what Norka wants to achieve. Accordingly, Norka always wanted to compose songs that would spread the message of hope and love. Therefore when Emilio helped Norka compose the song “MILARGO“, it had all the qualities that Norka wanted. In fact, composition from such famous artists including Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo made it sublime. The mixture of Caribbean sounds, reggae and Mediterranean traces also provided the soothing yet energetic theme that Norka desired. After its launch, MILARGO has become a favorite among Latin Music Billboards. It is a hit in several countries that has large Hispanic communities including United States, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.


For most people, they continue to struggle throughout their lives. It is one of the reasons why Norka wanted to give hope to people who are still struggling with their lives. She wants them to let them know that life is beautiful even without the fame, therefore they should not lose hope. For Norka, music is the perfect medium to deliver the message of love and hope because it has the power to touch emotions and human spirit.

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Leaving Your Own Legacy With The Help Of The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy, located in Winter Garden, Florida, assists people in accomplishing their lifetime objectives. Among those they target for assisting are investors trying to improve money management and entrepreneurs trying to better their situation. Aside from helping individuals improve their money situations, they also strive to help improve their health and happiness. This company truly focuses on the complete package, not just finances.

This company helps people with their business decisions and financial decisions, to ultimately help them run a more successful business. Their belief is that running a successful business can create more jobs for other people and ultimately allow them to help others improve their own lives. The range of individuals they work with is extraordinary. The Midas Legacy is a one-of-a-kind company that pays attention to all aspects of life, where other companies only seem to care about money.

To help people understand how to build their own lives, The Midas Legacy helps them develop disciplines in other areas of their lives. They look at failures as ways to show an individual how to see different options in moving forward. They use their experience to encourage and teach their clients different paths to success.

The Midas Legacy uses their expertise to focus on wealth management. They serve as an exclusive advisory board for people who are struggling, no matter their situation. They have people to help with balancing medicine, retirement planning, and business finance planning. As a company, they are committed to helping, and that includes giving back to the community. They are involved in many community projects and donate their time and money to various charities.

The company’s name, The Midas Legacy, suits them very well. Their main desire is do what their name states: leave a legacy. Their utmost wish is to assist people in achieving their goals and will do whatever research, teachings or advising they can to get the job done. Their goal is to help every client to achieve whatever their dream is, whether it’s saving for retirement, creating a new business, finding new management for their health, or simply trying to manage their business finances better. The Midas Legacy is truly a hard-to-find company who dedicates themselves to their client’s happiness.

Karen Marshall Is The Diamond Of The Cone Marshall Limited

Karen Marshall joined the law firm of Cone Marshall Limited with an experienced and seasoned team of Barristers and Solicitors in 2005. The firm is located in Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.
Karen became the Director of the prestigious law firm in 2006.

Trustees of Charitable Trusts used Karens’ abilities to aid them in their role of legalities concerning certain types of distributions to the syndicates of Lloyds.
Karen Marshall advises Trustees on what their legal obligations and liabilities are to the companies or individuals. This includes how much of a legal right the trustee has to make compromises, with security for the third party, and borrowing for investments.

Karen keeps an active voice for the companies that have the role of “Trustee.” She sets the precedents and drafts Trust Deeds for her clients. She is also a Trustee of a company and has the experience and imagination to take care of the companies needs.

Karen will oversee the projects advice on planning and managing your wealth, establishing trusts in New Zealand, and working with companies and partnerships.

The division of Cone Marshall Limited is for your administration needs, the information on the New Zealand tax structure, and other services. You can rely on New Zealand’s client-attorney confidentiality privileges.

Karen Marshall attended the University of Otago, New Zealand and was awarded her LLB, and she is a Notary Public. She practiced Commercial Litigation for ten years while she was a resident of London, England.
She has developed skills in Estate Administration, International Tax Procedures, Wealth Management, High Net Worth Individuals, Inheritance Tax Planning, Wills, Dispute Resolution, Cross Border Transactions, Corporate Law, and a vast amount of other skills.

Karen is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners called Step that has more than five thousand members and the Professional Trust and Fiduciary Services called TRUST with more than seven thousand members. These organizations provide the latest information for her business.

Karen Marshall decided to learn more than becoming a Commercial Litigator. Her determination, drive, and her hunger to continually learn are what made her a success and an esteemed colleague in her chosen field of law.