Fabletics: Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is a serious condition that affect many women on a global scale. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cures for this deadly disease, but there are advancements in medicine and technology that gives individuals better odds of beating it. Creating awareness is a great way to start and staying updated on annual mammograms lovers the chances drastically.

Actress Kate Hudson, whom is a long time supporter of breast cancer awareness, has a very successful line of women’s clothing such as tops, bottoms, and outfits named Fabletics. Being such a positive advocate of the disease, Hudson and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) have teamed up and honor a collaboration for (National Women’s Health & Fitness Day) as well as for (October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month). This is a perfect union of the two as Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) is already a successful campaign that funds plenty of breast cancer research in the U.K. The campaign works diligently with industry leaders for supporting individuals that are affected by this disease. I guess you can say that this is surely a combat mission in-a-sense. The plan of this ingenious collaboration is to debut an FTBC Branded Outfit on the28th of September in 2016. The outfit from Fabletics is a capri, sports bra, and tanktop three-piece set and all of the proceeds will benefit this mighty campaign. Anytime you get two prominent names together for a good cause, positive dialogue and actions are sure to follow. Kate Hudson stated that she was honored to be named as an ambassador of the event and by lending her voice helps to create, support, empower, and spread this powerful message to the masses.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a fashionable clothing line of active wear that’s sold at accessible prices. The brand came into fruition back in 2013, but by September 2014, the brand had grown dramatically and is now being sold in countries such as Germany, Canada, and the U.K. As of January 2015, one million orders have been sold and shipped. Fabletics has become a trendsetter that inspires women to lead an active lifestyle. The company will also host it’s own (FBTC) themed event which will donate a portion of it’s sales for to the breast cancer campaign. (FTBC) has also teamed up with New York Community Trust to form a much needed grant program for screening, treating, and helping women survive this disease. This aid will particularly benefit low income, immigrant, and minority women who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial support for funding the program.

With such great ideas as this, hopefully breast cancer will become a thing of the past. “An Ounce of Prevention is Better Than A Pound of Cure.”

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

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