Chris Burch Understands How Technology And Fashion Work Together

While there are many business industries that are popular and earn a lot of money, two of the most well known industries are technology and fashion. These two industries have a huge impact on society as well as providing a wide array of products and services. Many business professionals in both industries have become popular and rich from the products and services offered.


When most people think about technology, they tend to think in terms of only technology and conducting technology tasks. However, technology has become much more than tools used to complete technology related tasks. Today, technology is about style, looks, and appeal in addition to technology purpose. Technology is marketed much differently than it was a few decades ago. Now technology is looked at based on the way it appears just as much as what it can do.


In the fashion world, the way fashion looks is the game. The look, appeal, and style is what fashion is about in many people’s eyes. Fashion is about the look. The purpose of fashion is different than the purpose of clothes. Fashion is meant to meet a desire or want; clothes are primarily meant to meet a need. The fashion world is a different place with different ideas.


In recent years, the world of technology and fashion have come together in various ways. The fashion world has been using technology in core technology operations for many years. The use of technology from a business operations perspective, the fashion world utilizes technology very well. However, the fashion world is about doing things differently and doing the unexpected. One of the ways that the fashion world is doing things differently is by using technology with actual fashion designs.


Fashion companies and fashion designers use technology in various ways to accent fashion designs. The use of technology can be effective when the technology used brings a different look that has a popular technology appeal.


Chris Burch is a very successful businessman. He has developed an impressive investment portfolio that contains many successful investments. Also, he has started numerous companies and guided the companies to great success. The first company he started was in college with his brother. The company was hugely successful and became a multi million dollar company.


Chris Burch is a man who understands how business works. He understands how technology and fashion can work together to make both industries more popular. Chris Burch has started successful companies in both industries.


Wengie’s awesome frozen water developments.

I really enjoyed seeing Wengie’s creative ways in turning water into ice almost instantly. I really enjoyed seeing her brilliant idea when she puts a few bottles of water in the freezer for about 2 to 3 hours. Wengie recommends that they are placed sideways while in the freezer. She also recommends for it to be distilled or purified water. Wengie recommends to take out bottles of water about 15 minutes before for icicles are formed. Wengie recommends not to move the bottle water too much when removing it from the freezer because it may not to activate the freezing portions. She also stated when you simply ready slammed the bottle hard on the table and watch the water freeze right before your eyes. We could also incorporate food dye, but it may be a little difficult to observe the freezing process.


Another great idea that Wengie had was to pour cold water in a glass jar and then an ice cube in the water and you can see the rock’s developing as well as instant iced water.


You can also fill a martini glass halfway with the cold water and later submerge an ice cube midway. You will instantly see the water freezing right before your eyes.


My favorite was the one with a plate with ice cubes, then slowly filling the plate with the cold water. This made a slushy affect build up. This hack looks amazing and its very impressive to use at parties along with food coloring and adding frozen fruits with syrup and whipped cream.


Engine is very imaginative in her creations as well as very intriguing. If you want to enjoy all her basic creation feel free to click on:



How To Properly Manage Your Hair For Optimum Health

Having a beautiful head of hair is a wonderful attribute to posses. In most cases, beautiful hair is healthy hair and if you don’t take good care of it, you sure will lose it. One of the most common things to do for destroying luscious locks is by washing your hair too often. Over washing simply strips the scalp of natural oils while increasing excess sebum. This sebum can give you that greasy feeling and texture that everyone hates. Washing your hair more than three times per week is overkill. You must remember that tap water has contaminants as well which could further enhance these negative conditions.

The weather plays a vital role on haircare also. Warm humid climates will surely give the majority of us some frizz action and extreme sun exposure can cause breakage. Similar to skin, hair has to be taken cared for very gently. In the cooler climates most people tend to experience a dulling color effect with their hair that lacks shine and volume. The best thing to start with is knowing the climate you’re in and once you figure it out, managing your haircare will be a lot easier. One of the best ways for taking good care of your hair is with WEN by Chaz Haircare products. WEN hair is a line of natural ingredients that nourishes the hair and scalp without any chemical processes. The formula is made up of wild cherry back, glycerin, lavender, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, cucumber, and sweet almond oil.

WEN by Chaz was developed and founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. Dean has a thorough in-depth knowing of the business and his line of innovative haircare products personifies this notion perfectly. For optimum health benefits, WEN by Chaz is the best route to take.



Lime Crime vs The Competition

Cosmetics have a host of popular brands that seem to do battle on a daily basis. Maybelline, MAC, Max Factor, and L’Oréal have had a strangle hold over the field many years. These brands have also been around the longest which gives them an upper-hand when it come to sales.

Cosmetics in-general is huge, just take a look at the make-up line of your favorite stores, which seems to go on and on. Have you ever heard of a brand named Lime Crime? If you haven’t then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

This is the premier brand of the 21st Century thanks to it’s eclectic style and brilliant range of colors. If expression yourself in a unique is your thing, Lime Crime will surely not disappoint you. Company founder Doe Deere has taken the brand from being unknown, all the way up the cosmetic food chain to being one of the most sought after product lines of today.

These aren’t your average everyday items of lipsticks, foundation, eye liners, and eye shadows. Making a statement and huge impression is the goal as users will have a wide variety of blended colors to choose from. These products are revolutionary (in a sense) since they are touch proof, kiss proof, easy to apply, as well as long lasting. It’s liquid matte finish is the best around and it delivers on contact. How many other cosmetic lines can give you this many benefits of use?

Are you into vivid bold colors and deeply rich pigments? Check out these fascinating hues below:

  • Utopia
  • Black Velvet
  • Red Velvet
  • Saint
  • Cement
  • Pink Velvet
  • Suedeberry
  • Cashmere
  • Pansy
  • Riot
  • Wicked

The color options goes on and on as there are well over 32 to choose from. Lime Crime has that “it factor” and if you’re interested in making a distinct impression, this brand will exceed your expectations.

George Soros’ Efforts at Fighting Injustices

Wealthy liberals, including George Soros, donated millions of dollars to supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. It turns things did not go as they expected after Trump’s surprising victory. They held a closed-door meeting in November to decide on how to deal with Trump presidency. The closed-door event, sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club, had leaders from various liberal and union groups. The conference is evidently about creating a strong opposition against Donald Trump. They are opposed to Trump’s 100-day plan, which they feel is a mockery of President Obama’s accomplishments and America’s goal of ensuring the regime treats all Americans equally.

The conference took place at a time when most liberals are reflecting on their approach to politics. Their strategy was to bank on the votes of women and minorities. What they had planned didn’t come to pass considering that Trump’s votes were mainly boosted by white working class. The fact that the Democratic Alliance focused on things like climate change was also a setback because most Americans do not associate with it. Trump was climate change critic claiming it was a hoax and favored American withdrawal from intervening in the politics of other countries. It created an impression that he was more in touch with the ordinary American.

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George Soros, the late Peter Lewis, and other donors launched the Democratic Alliance in 2004 after having spent millions of dollars on John Kerry’s campaign to unseat the then-president George W. Bush. The DA currently has more than 100 members and who contribute $200,000 each year to some liberal and union groups. George Soros, who had taken a break from politics, donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His actions have shown that he is dedicated to investing in opposing Donald Trump. For a man who grew up in Hungary and lived through the Holocaust and communism, George Soros understands the importance of a free society.

George Soros has been involved in many local law enforcement campaigns over the years, the latest being his $2million contribution to a group which is working to defeat Joe Arpaio, who is a County Sheriff in Maricopa, Arizona. In 2015 and 2016, he has supported many campaigns which are aimed at defeating local prosecutors in the country and replacing them with those who advocate criminal justice reforms. Arpaio’s case, however, is the largest investment that he has made in this line. The issue is immigration reforms, and it is the first time he is coming against a county sheriff.

Michael Vachon, who is a spokesperson of Soros, stated that there were two reasons as to why they invested on defeating Arpaio. The first is his violation of civil rights and the abuse of office. The second was his take on immigration. He advocates for immigration policies which will hurt many immigrants in America. George Soros, one of the wealthiest people in America is using his wealth to fight for the rights of the ordinary people. His background speaks volumes about his hate for injustice and intolerance. His goal is to see justice administered, even if it will cost him millions of dollars.

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Intelligent Lighting Tippy-Toes Into the Commercial Mainstream–Naturally Gooee Steps Up to the Plate

Intelligent Lighting has received a great deal of emphasis lately. Yes: intuitive lighting is still in its infancy: however, it is clear that the era of LED lighting is over. The following article regarding IoT lighting, as offered by Gooee, provides details of smart lighting’s introduction into the commercial mainstream.

The LED revolution—having ended—has placed LED in a victorious position. The use of such lighting has displaced the usual type of illumination. The LED has been adopted as a standard source of lighting. The activity of providing LED lighting to empty sockets has begun.

How about the Intelligent Standard of Lighting?

The preceding stated, intelligent lighting or smart lighting provides a platform, wherein, the Internet is employed. This type of intelligent lighting source, makes for a very refined, high-tech world. The IoT infrastructure is in the beginning stages of growth and development. The intelligent sensor, styled and networked lighting arrangement—which will be provided within the metropolitan and commercial marketplaces—in the near future, will be at the center of every smart office and industrial building. This type of momentum, needless to say, deserves notice.

The appeal of smart networked lighting or IoT lighting arrangements is the convenience and the practicality of such networked solutions. In example, the educational institution, wherein, biometric sensors are employed, will track the alertness of students. Subtle spectrum shifts are performed in order to elevate the child’s attention span—that is, when he or she starts to stare out of the window or loses proper focus, with regard to the subject at hand. He or she may even start to get a bit drowsy—however, the intelligent sensing devices will note it: and address such deficits in attention, accordingly.

Is this technologically possible? It is possible, and such technology is bound to evolve. Another example of this type of technological advancement is the use of sensors—connected securely in fixtures. These sensing devices are designed to track consumer movement, as well as the consumer’s mobile device. When the consumer is at the supermarket, walking from aisle to aisle, coupons are beamed, onto the smart phone, as the consumer enters the dairy aisle, then the produce department, and so on and so forth.

While commercial sensing devices and smart lighting remain Gooee specialties, on a personalized level, wearable devices, of the consumer are making use of light, and will make use of light, in order to allow an individual to relax a little, after working hard all day, and help the consumer to become rejuvenated, after a night’s sound sleep. This is just to say: intelligent sources and devices, within the commercial market, and on a more personal note—will be up and coming, within future years.

Intelligent Lighting and networked applications, offered by Gooee, will make the personal lifestyles of the future; as well as within commercial environments, more productive, and save many institutions, and organizations, thousands of dollars, by generating useful information, with regard to a building’s temperature, and movement inside of a building.

Other smart devices, such as the consumer’s mobile will allow intelligent sensing devices to become a mainstay, within the global society. This almost secret sensing activity will make life a great deal more abundant and easier for the world—as a whole.

The success story of the IoT has begun, though, with the evolution of the LEDs. LEDs work well in coordination with a micro-controlled apparatus. During the early portion of the 21st century, the first generation of producers, of LED lighting, took on the opportunity, to deliver LED lighting, to a globalized market. Since that time, sensors have decreased in price. The price has also, declined, relative to chips and processors, used for networking purposes.

Bundled components make it possible to take a simple light fixture and enable it to sense the surrounding environment. The intuitive nature of these devices and the sharing of information, has made it possible for the prices to decline. The smart lighting and its networking solution has decreased pricing, to a higher degree, than that of the LED applications.

Within commercial spaces, lighting occupies a great deal of space. These spaces are excellent locations to monitor the movement of individuals; as well as provide a dependable source of power. In other words, sensing, networking, control and soft-ware based platforms, are clearly the wave of the future: and that intuitive future is starting today.

Any person, is welcome to look around their environment and observe. Within a viewable range, an individual, probably, can point out, generally, at minimum—a dozen sources of light. With the use of sensing devices, if an individual is able to point out light sources—the same sources, are likely to have him or her in view: determinate on precisely where he or she is making this type of general observation.

Yes: the LED conquest is waning; however, the era of smart lighting and its networked devices is just beginning. Any interested business or institution, wishing to embrace the new technology, is encouraged to contact Gooee Lighting, in order to find out more information.

EOS: More Than Lip Service

Everyone by now has seen EOS lip balms unless they live under a rock. EOS balms are easy to spot and actually jump out at you from the aisle of Walgreens, Target, Walmart and online shopping stores like eBay where people go to do their day to day shopping from groceries, to clothes to household products.

There are many specialty beauty brands that achieve cult like status but for a drugstore brand product to achieve this type of status from very small beginning in such a short period of time is truly remarkable. EOS lip balm started out as a small startup relying on the expertise of co founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller in their backgrounds in package design and startups. They were able to identify an undeserved niche in the drugstore chap stick aisle with the hopes of shaking it up a little. They did more than that, they achieved fame ending up in cutting edge Miley Cyrus music videos and spanning across the globe to find a product following in Asia.

Expanding this product was simple but strategic. Instead of building up endless marketing hype they focused on the product itself. It’s flawless design, ease of use, and catering to what women really wanted allowed the product to sell itself. Women everywhere gravitated to the spherical twist open design, the organic and natural balm formulations, and the fun colors that coordinated with the scent and flavor of the balm. Because they invested in custom machinery that would be able to churn out the product to meet demand they were also able to experiment with different flavors and colors keeping their customers delighted with the ever changing and exciting roster of new product. Only later did big name celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift endorse the product.

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