George Soros’ Efforts at Fighting Injustices

Wealthy liberals, including George Soros, donated millions of dollars to supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. It turns things did not go as they expected after Trump’s surprising victory. They held a closed-door meeting in November to decide on how to deal with Trump presidency. The closed-door event, sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club, had leaders from various liberal and union groups. The conference is evidently about creating a strong opposition against Donald Trump. They are opposed to Trump’s 100-day plan, which they feel is a mockery of President Obama’s accomplishments and America’s goal of ensuring the regime treats all Americans equally.

The conference took place at a time when most liberals are reflecting on their approach to politics. Their strategy was to bank on the votes of women and minorities. What they had planned didn’t come to pass considering that Trump’s votes were mainly boosted by white working class. The fact that the Democratic Alliance focused on things like climate change was also a setback because most Americans do not associate with it. Trump was climate change critic claiming it was a hoax and favored American withdrawal from intervening in the politics of other countries. It created an impression that he was more in touch with the ordinary American.

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George Soros, the late Peter Lewis, and other donors launched the Democratic Alliance in 2004 after having spent millions of dollars on John Kerry’s campaign to unseat the then-president George W. Bush. The DA currently has more than 100 members and who contribute $200,000 each year to some liberal and union groups. George Soros, who had taken a break from politics, donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His actions have shown that he is dedicated to investing in opposing Donald Trump. For a man who grew up in Hungary and lived through the Holocaust and communism, George Soros understands the importance of a free society.

George Soros has been involved in many local law enforcement campaigns over the years, the latest being his $2million contribution to a group which is working to defeat Joe Arpaio, who is a County Sheriff in Maricopa, Arizona. In 2015 and 2016, he has supported many campaigns which are aimed at defeating local prosecutors in the country and replacing them with those who advocate criminal justice reforms. Arpaio’s case, however, is the largest investment that he has made in this line. The issue is immigration reforms, and it is the first time he is coming against a county sheriff.

Michael Vachon, who is a spokesperson of Soros, stated that there were two reasons as to why they invested on defeating Arpaio. The first is his violation of civil rights and the abuse of office. The second was his take on immigration. He advocates for immigration policies which will hurt many immigrants in America. George Soros, one of the wealthiest people in America is using his wealth to fight for the rights of the ordinary people. His background speaks volumes about his hate for injustice and intolerance. His goal is to see justice administered, even if it will cost him millions of dollars.

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