Wengie’s awesome frozen water developments.

I really enjoyed seeing Wengie’s creative ways in turning water into ice almost instantly. I really enjoyed seeing her brilliant idea when she puts a few bottles of water in the freezer for about 2 to 3 hours. Wengie recommends that they are placed sideways while in the freezer. She also recommends for it to be distilled or purified water. Wengie recommends to take out bottles of water about 15 minutes before for icicles are formed. Wengie recommends not to move the bottle water too much when removing it from the freezer because it may not to activate the freezing portions. She also stated when you simply ready slammed the bottle hard on the table and watch the water freeze right before your eyes. We could also incorporate food dye, but it may be a little difficult to observe the freezing process.


Another great idea that Wengie had was to pour cold water in a glass jar and then an ice cube in the water and you can see the rock’s developing as well as instant iced water.


You can also fill a martini glass halfway with the cold water and later submerge an ice cube midway. You will instantly see the water freezing right before your eyes.


My favorite was the one with a plate with ice cubes, then slowly filling the plate with the cold water. This made a slushy affect build up. This hack looks amazing and its very impressive to use at parties along with food coloring and adding frozen fruits with syrup and whipped cream.


Engine is very imaginative in her creations as well as very intriguing. If you want to enjoy all her basic creation feel free to click on:



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