Sam Boraie from Boraie Development, LLC Keen on Developing New Brunswick

Boraie Development, LLC is a New Jersey-based real estate development firm headed by Omar Boraie. To date, the company has spearheaded the development of numerous properties within New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. Over the last couple of years, Boraie Development has been instrumental in revitalizing New Brunswick by stirring a boom in real estate development.

Boraie Development offers top-notch services within the New Brunswick real estate market. According to, this includes real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. The firm has grown through the provision of unparalleled services to its ever-growing customer base. It commits its capital, reliability, and vision to every project it undertakes.

Thanks to the company’s multi-purpose facilities, the city has started attracting small and middle-sized businesses. The growing housing demand has led to increased occupancy of retail space, apartments, and office space. This new found popularity has boosted the area’s economy and increased job opportunities.

Boraie Development’s Plan for New Brunswick

According to Vice President, Sam Boraie, the real estate developer has already completed projects that mark the beginning of its business plan formulated to transform the city of New Brunswick. This shows that the company has long-term plans that will be implemented over the next several years.

Sam asserts that these projects will turn the city into a major economic hub in the state. However, the process involves massive projects that require substantial financing. Therefore, the company has partnered with several individual and institutional investors to accelerate the implementation of the program. So far, Boraie development has engaged in a massive marketing campaign to attract investors. According to Rutgers Magazine, the campaign saw the company partner with former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal.

Sam and his siblings help their father, Omar Boraie, to run the business that he started more than 40 years ago. After emigrating to the U.S. from Egypt, he established and grew Boraie Development from the ground focusing on the New Brunswick real estate market. Sam is one of the firm’s three vice presidents and is tasked with acquiring new growth strategies.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Apart from working in his family’s business, Sam has dedicated his life to helping charitable initiatives in New Jersey. The State Theatre is one of his biggest beneficiaries. He has also worked with Elijah’s Promise; a nonprofit organization focused on breaking poverty cycles in the city. Elijah’s Promise is keen to end unemployment and hunger in the community. Sam serves as a board member of the organization.



Jeffry Schneider Sheds Light On How People Should Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

jeffry schneider smile

Jeffry Schneider is an Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur. Recently, he wrote about the need to have resolutions and work on achieving the set goals. The following are Jeffry’s tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions.

I.Be realistic

Jeffry contends that you should make practical resolutions that will motivate you towards achieving the goals. For instance, when planning to lose weight, it is reasonable to lose 1-2 lbs in 6 weeks rather 60 lbs.

II.Break it down

Breaking down your long-term resolutions into small bits makes you celebrate small milestones and encourages you to press on.

III.Don’t go overboard

Jeffry advises people to take one-step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and overloaded.

IV.Start a diary

Emotional changes push us into bad habits, which may affect our mission towards achieving our goals. Jeffry asserts that it is prudent to keep records of your feelings, as they will help you identify certain triggers and learn how to manage them.

V.Be simple

For goals like health and fitness, make the steps simple and easy to repeat over and over again.

VI.Tell people

Letting people know your goals will motivate you to stick to your goals and work hard to achieve them in order to avoid embarrassment.

VII.Find a friend

Jeffry says that finding someone with common goals will help you gain extra bit of support and improve your chances of succeeding.

VIII.Embrace setbacks

Jeffry says that setbacks are natural. This way, it is healthy to accept that they are part of the learning process.

IX.Treat yourself

Rewarding yourself serves as a great incentive, which helps you to create new healthy habits that are ingrained in your system. This information was originally reported on Slide share as provided in this link

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that raises funds for developed and upcoming alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant Capital incorporates marketing, sales and operational services, education and innovative financial structures to raise funds. They then distribute the funds across the globe through broker-dealers, family offices, registered investment advisors, and private banks. Under the leadership of Jeffry, the company has grown rapidly. They have raised almost $1 billion for several managers. This capital has been used to acquire auto dealership, real estates, and tech companies. Riding on the wave of their success, the company is determined to raise $50 million monthly.

Prior to founding Ascendant Capital, Jeffry was worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He also rendered his services for Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He is interested in health and fitness. Jeffrey has participated in activities like iron man, marathon, and half ironman. He loves to explore the world and contributing to charitable initiatives. Jeffrey Schneider is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.


A Perfect Match – Jim Hunt And VTA Publications

It is always wonderful to see people become successful at what they do. That is the case with Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt created VTA Publications, and he is the CEO of the company. His publication was something that he had always wanted to do, and it is very successful.

Here Is More Information On VTA Publications

Jim Hunt was very adept at the stock market for many years, and he did very well, especially with trading. He had a lot of luck with it, and he made a lot of money. It was always something that he wanted to do when he birthed VTA Publications. VTA gives other people Jim’s advice on the stock market and trading on PRNewsChannel, hoping that they will also make money. His belief is that he wants people to take their own control of their finances instead of the big banks. With his tips and advice, he hopes that people can do this for themselves. Another one of Jim’s platforms is his YouTube account. People can gain even more insight to the stock market on, and how to help their finances by checking it out.

What Is Jim Like Personally?

He is a man that takes life seriously, but everything has its place. Jim Hunt believes in a balance between business and personal. He is a family man that spends dinner with his loved ones every night after a hard day’s work. His day begins very early with a workout. This is to boost his energy for the day. Then, he makes his daily goals, and he carries them out.

It looks like Jim Hunt VTA Publications is increasing in popularity, as his subscriber list continues to grow. There is always someone that wants to benefit from an expert in the stock market, and that expert would be Jim. He knows a lot about what he puts in VTA, and people are reading it, and they are now making money to have a better life. That is what Jim always wanted, and he will continue to be successful at what he does best.

David Osio Spearheads the Release of Real Estate Software.

David Osio is a knowledgeable finance expert and businessperson who owns several businesses in the Venezuela and Latin America. He got his degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello and later enrolled to the Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) where he studied international banking law. David’s career started in 1981, and he first served the OPED Enterprise as the president and CEO. He also worked as part of the administration of the LETCO Commercial Companies and joined the MGO law firm in 1984. Another firm that he has served is the Miami-based Banco Latino International (BLI), and he was the vice president of banking commercial.


Mr. Osio is the proprietor and head of the Davos Real Estate Group. The company has been known for the excellent guidance that it offers on properties. It recently enhanced the quality of services that it offers by developing a software that is called the as Davos Cap Calculator. The launch of the mobile phone applications was headed by David Osio and Gerard Gomez González, who is a Davos REG director. The program will assist in determining various expenses that an investor can incur when acquiring a real estate property. Businesspeople can, therefore, know the returns that they are likely to get before they start venturing into the industry. Davos REG is owned by the Davos Financial Group, which in an international firm that offers monetary guidance to the clients. The company has been functional for approximately two decades and is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the customers.


The development of the mobile phone application was headed by Gerard Gomez González. He supervised the process to ensure that the program functions efficiently. Clients of the firm have been able to approximate possible profits by using the Davos Cap Calculator. The app can be used on iOS and Android smartphones and the users can access it from the iTunes store and Google Play.


Davos REG has been devoted to offering excellent advisory services to the clients in the real estate sector. The application will assist in accomplishing the goal of the firm of providing property guidance to the clients. Individuals who will be using the applications will be able to maneuver the United States real estate sector without facing risks since they will be able to determine various logistics. The company is planning to release more apps to compliment the Davos Cap Calculator, and an example is the Mortgage Calculator.

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Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

Capital Group Board of Directors, the American Funds home and one of the leading investment companies in the world, today has made an announcement that they have unanimously elected Tim Armour as their new chairman of the company through its dedicated elections day. The current president of Capital Group is Tim Armour. He is also the chairman of the management committee of the company. Moreover, he is serving Management Company and capital research as the board president of the two companies.

Tim Armour was accompanied by the other company management members of the firm including President Rob Lovelace serving Management Company and Capital Research, and Capital Group President Phil de Toledo. The accompanied principals were determined to help Tim work towards the setting of guidelines which will help them operate in the land as operatives in the capacity of dominance. They will, therefore, continue to extend their work to the fellow members to have them implement whatever is communicated in the company to improve the overall business management.

According to their plan, they are meant to develop a successive management leadership plan which will reflect their capacity to extend the particular investment strategies in the management portfolios. For more than seven years, this leadership plan has worked to develop a notion best known by the few people residing in the statement. For this reason, the passing of Jim Rothenberg as the current chairman of the company formalized everything the management needs to know to continue conducting business

According to Timothy Armour, he deeply mourns the death of their colleague and friend in the business. For this reason, Jim was regarded as one of the best individuals working towards the betterment of the future generations. Jim was one of the most influential people in business. Because he had a purpose in life, his business was not determined to fail in strategic management positions at the dispensation of his friendship with other colleagues. He was also incredibly talented in the making of decisive decisions as one of the best people to work in the management positions of such a company in the United States.

Keep Reading: Capital Group Considers Armour As Successor of Chairman

For the sake of long-term interests, Jim used to make the best use of the people around him. For this reason, he will go down as one of the greatest workers in the history of the town. Before he embarked on any investment plan or procedure, he worked with his fellow members of the crew to determine the best opportunity to work as an independent company.

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The Lung Institute Is Helping People With Lung Disease Breathe Easier

Medical advancements have allowed various pulmonary issues such as emphysema, COPD, interstitial lung disease, and chronic bronchitis to be treated with stem cells. Stems cells are collected from the patient that is seeking treatment and they are then used to treat the illness or disease. The stems cells are then injected into the patient through an IV. When the stem cells are injected into the veins they are then carried to the right side of the heart and from there they are directly pumped into the lungs. They become trapped in the lungs which are a good thing because once they are in the lungs they can produce new cells and fight diseased cells. One of the most prominent clinics that successfully use this technique is the Lung Institute.

The creation of the Lung Institute was a way to provide effective treatment to those individuals that are suffering from debilitating diseases of the pulmonary system. The physician at the Lung Institute use the latest methods and techniques to provide the very best care and services available. The Lung Institute has several locations across the country including Tamp, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. More information on stem cell tretament available at

The Lung Institute offers a comfortable atmosphere for treatment and staff that are trained to provide you with the best experience possible. Their world class facility is equipped to handle their special types of procedures quickly and efficiently. If you have a lung disease then the Lung Institute is the place to find the best treatment so you can breathe a little easier. Contact us, visit our website @ or our official Facebook page.



Fabletics makes an excellent impression with customers

Fabletics is a retailer that deals in selling clothing items for women. The brand was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson. For a long time, she searched for something that would make her feel comfortable when going out for workouts and exercises. She decided to create a brand of clothing that would sell activewear clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. Kate Hudson is known to be a style icon. She has grown Fabletics through her tactful advertising techniques. She frequently takes videos through her smartphone and uploads them to different social media pages. The business model has attracted many users to Fabletics. People that buy from Fabletics have remained faithful customers through its subscriber business model.


Women that have little time for shopping can make use of the subscription business model. The clothing subscription is based on a membership business approach. When signing up, one has to fill in a survey about their style and measurements. Women that prefer measurement on the site can go to Fabletics’ offline stores. The company then makes use of these data to recommend activewear that fit women’s needs. Fabletics is an incredible company that provides ladies with clothes that give them comfort. A woman that enjoys the surprise of comfort and style should enjoy the subscription service. Women will find something special in every package they receive.


Customers that walk through Fabletics stores are usually subscribers. Those that do not subscribe learn about the subscription and its offers and quickly join. Fabletics has opened brick and mortar stores in the United States. Through these stores, the company has gained information about what truly inspires its customers. The company has run several campaigns that enable customers to stay fashionable and fit. Through the advertising methods, the company has won the hearts of shoppers that look for activewear. Many people are always flocking the company’s stores to find something new.


Fabletics has become a successful business because it focuses on reverse showrooming. Showrooming involves customers window shopping in a certain business location and purchasing in a cheaper store. However, reverse showrooming focuses on purchasing items from the internet at great discounts. Fabletics created an online business model that focused on reverse showrooming. Customers can check items and compare them through their smartphones and purchase them in brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has made maximum use of customers that shop online by offering them a membership feature. Membership comes with great discounts access to VIP products.


Kate Hudson has frequently mentioned that Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand. She means that the convenience with the line of clothing allows one to work out and run errands with the activewear. The brand thus caters for people that want to work out and later hang out with the same clothing. The company has created a big value with at leisure clothing. It has saved people a lot of money as they do not have to change clothing after exercising. Fabletics has increased its popularity immensely. The company started online and continues to open stores in offline shopping destinations.

Making The Best Choice For Hair With Shea Butter


Shea butter is an all natural butter that comes from the nut of the African Shea Tree. Shea butter has been used since the times of ancient Egypt as a skin protector and hair balm. It’s a truly miraculous natural emollient that is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that make an amazing hair conditioner. There are several different ways to apply shea butter to reap the benefits as a hair moisturizer. It can be applied directly to ends as a way to prevent split ends. It can be applied from root to tip as a detangling agent and can then be left on for minutes, hours, or overnight as a deep conditioner and masque. It can even be massaged into the scalp at the root of the hair to condition the follicles, hydrate the scalp, combat dryness, and encourage blood circulation to the scalp promoting hair growth.


One of the best shea butter products on the market is Eu’Genia Shea. Because shea in it’s pure and unrefined form is the best for skin and hair, Eu’Genia packages it’s shea in the raw form. Eu’Genia as a product is also the best value per dollar because the product is 95% shea. It is not packaged with other ingredients besides Moringa and Baobab Oil composing the other 5%. The product be mixed from there with other oils like olive, sweet almond, or coconut to make a unique mixture particular to the application.


Eu’Genia harvest’s it’s shea nuts from Ghana, and the women who are employed to harvest the nuts are paid above average wages. The sales from Eu’Genia products also donate 15% back to the women in the form of an educational fund. Eu’Genia is a mother daughter owned company providing better lives for women in Ghana, so consumers can feel good about spending their money on this product that gives so much back, as opposed to any other random shea butter product on the market made with refined shea in a low percentage quantity.