Sam Boraie from Boraie Development, LLC Keen on Developing New Brunswick

Boraie Development, LLC is a New Jersey-based real estate development firm headed by Omar Boraie. To date, the company has spearheaded the development of numerous properties within New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. Over the last couple of years, Boraie Development has been instrumental in revitalizing New Brunswick by stirring a boom in real estate development.

Boraie Development offers top-notch services within the New Brunswick real estate market. According to, this includes real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. The firm has grown through the provision of unparalleled services to its ever-growing customer base. It commits its capital, reliability, and vision to every project it undertakes.

Thanks to the company’s multi-purpose facilities, the city has started attracting small and middle-sized businesses. The growing housing demand has led to increased occupancy of retail space, apartments, and office space. This new found popularity has boosted the area’s economy and increased job opportunities.

Boraie Development’s Plan for New Brunswick

According to Vice President, Sam Boraie, the real estate developer has already completed projects that mark the beginning of its business plan formulated to transform the city of New Brunswick. This shows that the company has long-term plans that will be implemented over the next several years.

Sam asserts that these projects will turn the city into a major economic hub in the state. However, the process involves massive projects that require substantial financing. Therefore, the company has partnered with several individual and institutional investors to accelerate the implementation of the program. So far, Boraie development has engaged in a massive marketing campaign to attract investors. According to Rutgers Magazine, the campaign saw the company partner with former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal.

Sam and his siblings help their father, Omar Boraie, to run the business that he started more than 40 years ago. After emigrating to the U.S. from Egypt, he established and grew Boraie Development from the ground focusing on the New Brunswick real estate market. Sam is one of the firm’s three vice presidents and is tasked with acquiring new growth strategies.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Apart from working in his family’s business, Sam has dedicated his life to helping charitable initiatives in New Jersey. The State Theatre is one of his biggest beneficiaries. He has also worked with Elijah’s Promise; a nonprofit organization focused on breaking poverty cycles in the city. Elijah’s Promise is keen to end unemployment and hunger in the community. Sam serves as a board member of the organization.



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