The Prominent Foresite Capital CEO Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the new CEO of the Forest Capital, an equity firm specializing in healthcare. He ranks position 52 among the top 100 Tech Investors. He has been in the top leadership for over 25 years with intensive expertise in healthcare entrepreneurial. He is the principal architect of Foresite Capital Company’s investment structure and has played a key role in various Foresite Capital Companies.

Previously, he was the co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a company that managed to raise about $1.6 billion from two drugs. Its prominent drug, Renagel (Renzela) could bring annual revenue of $200 million. Currently, this drug produces approximately $1billion after being on the market for 22 years. He was also the co-founder and CEO of Theravance, Inc. Jim of Facebook, The company used a joint venture between Theravance Biopharma (NASDAQ: TBPH), Inc. and Innoviva (NASDAQ: INVA). These two companies have had a combined market capital of approximately $3.2 billion. His success in the financing of healthcare sector has been significant and more learn about Jim.

Jim Tananbaum went to Yale University where he graduated with BS/BSEE and later joined Harvard University where he earned M.B.A and M.D. He was a member of both the advisory board and visiting committees in Harvard-MIT HST program as well as on the Yale’s President Advisory Council. Jim Tanabaum also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got an M.S. The Foresite Capital offers funds for expansion to the future healthcare managers. They provide their products and services to all private and public markets. The Foresite Capital is in San Francisco with its central office in New York. Earlier on, Jim Tananbaum founded the Prospect Venture Partners II and III which boosted his expertise in investment. He has been a key leader in several investments like the Amira Pharmaceuticals which was later acquired by NYSE: BMS, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Healtheon. He purposely founded the Foresite Capital aiming to hitch the elements of various aspects of his career to create a new investment platform. Jim Tananbaum has had a remarkable impact on financing the healthcare sector. His professional achievement has been critical to the success of Foresite Capital and read full article.

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Too Many Mediocre Funds Are Shortchanging Investors

Tim Armour, CEO and investment specialist at Capital Group, has been one of the leading financial specialists in the U.S. for a number of years and recently spoke of the impressive work completed by Warren Buffett in inspiring U.S. citizens to save for retirement. Armour went on to explain he agreed with the investment options completed by Buffett in finding the best possible options for making investments that include analyzing as much about each company as possible before making an investment.

The recent wager made by Warren Buffett was also discussed by Tim Armour, who believes it is at this point the billionaire has the wrong idea about the markets. Buffett looks sedt to win $1 million for charity after stating he could create a larger profit than a team of hedge fund managers based on a single S&P Index Fund passive investment, a bet he looks set to win but Armour feels the decision between passive or active investments is not the correct one to make; instead he feels long term investment success is the key to achieving a strong retirement fund.

For more than three decades, Tim Armour has been working with the Capital group, which he joined on its associates program; Armour is now President and CEO, as well as being the manager of the American Capital Income Builder fund that is worth more than $100 billion.

After taking over as the head of the Capital Group in 2015, Tim Armour has overseen a period of growth that now sees the group worth an estimated $1.4 trillion.

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The Stem Cell Therapy, the Product of Lung Institute

The quality of life of the patients suffering from the chronic diseases can be compromised. A small undertaking such as getting the mail from the mailbox can be a daunting task. Therefore, the quality of life of the people suffering from the chronic diseases faces some limitations. The quality of life can be adversely impaired both physically and mentally. However, there is hope. The Lung Institute has a solution for the chronic lung diseases.

Lung Institute has a new revolutionary technique of tackling the chronic lung illnesses. The institute has developed a stem cell therapy mechanism for the treatment of chronic lung disease with the aim of affecting more than just its symptoms. This treatment option is a game changer; previously the available options mostly focused on alleviating the symptoms rather than treating the disease.

Treatment option offered revolves around the stem cell. What is a stem cell? The stem cell consists of parts that make up life; it is essential to every organism. The stem cells have the capability to renew and duplicate; they can also form any tissue in the body. One characteristic of the adult stem cells is that they are undifferentiated. This means that the cells from one part of the body can transform their function to other types of tissue, an attribute recognized as plasticity. In the regenerative medicine, the most important quality is plasticity.

Through the use of the stem cell treatment,, Lung Institute treats a broad range of the pulmonary conditions; these include emphysema, interstitial lung disease, chronic bronchitis amongst others. The treatment starts by retrieving the cell from the patient’s body; a cell is known autologous stem cells. These are flexible cells extracted from patient’s blood and bone marrow.

The stem cells are separated and returned to the patient intravenously. The stem cells start to promote healing immediately they are returned to the patient’s body. According to Lifestylesafter50 researchers, the once the stem cell is introduced into the body through an IV, they go directly right inside of the heart. Within a heartbeat or two, they are pushed straight to the patient’s lungs where they are trapped. This is called pulmonary trap, a fortunate occurrence to those suffering from chronic lung disease and would like to slow down the progression of the lung illness.

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Securus Technologies Bags Gold in the Popular Stevie ® Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Securus Technologies is a company providing cutting edge criminal and civil technology that helps to improve and modernize public safety and incarceration process. Many law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies are relying on Securus for powerful and secure but simple and easily accessible solutions.


Securus was founded in 1986 and has its regional headquarters in Dallas while the regional offices are in Atlanta, Allen and in Carrollton. The company has been operational for about 30years and serves about 48 states, 1.2 million convicts and approximately 3400 facilities.


Some of the aspects that make the company stand out include:



  • Superior, modern and revolutionary technology that continuously evolves to remain relevant throughout time.


  • Dedication to innovation having over 140 patents and top R&D investment.


  • Over $19 million in reinvestment into the company.



  • Field service teams operating in locations close to facilities they serve.


  • Connecting prisoners to technology and to their loved ones.


  • The company is deeply committed to offering practical and affordable yet high quality tech solutions while maintaining exemplary customer service.




As a result of this outstanding service to its customers, Securus bagged the coveted Gold Stevie Award. The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service are deemed to be global topmost honours for call centre, sales and business development personnel and customer service.




Securus was picked as the top winner from over 2300 nominees from practically every industry. Some of the comments from the judges included:


  • “Compelling improvement story in a tough environment.”


  • “Problem recognition and committed training team which helps associates increase their outcome.”


  • “Providing excellent services to people when needed which is very important to the society.”


  • “Continues being amongst the top most economical and fastest in growth in awards programs.”