Achievements of Securus Technologies

Advancements in technology have enabled Securus Technologies to be a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solution services. The company has a capacity of serving over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities in North America that are home to over 1.2 million inmates. The company provides vital services such as incident management, biometric analysis, communication gateways, emergency response solutions, information management, in-mate self-service, and product monitoring so as to make the world safer.



The company’s doors are always wide open for stakeholders in the security department, potential customers, and the general public to visit the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas for a presentation on what it has achieved or/and what it’s working on to curb crimes in the community. Under the keen leadership of the CEO Rick Smith, Securus has achieved a lot in providing unmatchable services.



Selected comments from facility customers who are using Securus Technology



A customer at one of the facilities that has embraced the use of Securus Technology was grateful when they are capable of using data collected from phone calls in getting a search warrant that helped the facility nap a corrupt staff member who was introducing contraband products into the facility’s operations.



Another customer thanked the technology for enabling the facility to monitor calls that gave them vital intelligence regarding inmate alcohol use and suspicious conversation about money laundering and drug trafficking vices that were going on in the facility.



A comment from a correctional facility approved Securus Technology praising it for being part and parcel of revolutionizing the incarceration environment and helping to improve public safety in its jurisdiction.

How Sawyer Howitt Is Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, a tradition he plans on continuing. His father founded the company that he and Sawyer work at, Meriwether Group, which is located in Portland, Oregon, Additionally his father, David Howitt, and Sawyer’s mother founded Oregon Chai which is a very successful brand of tea that is sold throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

Coming from such a family of entrepreneurs, Sawyer Howitt is getting his start early as he began working at Meriwether Group while just a junior in high school when he started working at the company. Between school, his free time, and working at Meriwether Group Sawyer Howitt has learned vital skills such as developing highly complex spreadsheets. He has also developed into someone that can effectively hold a presentation that is backed up by his convincing arguments and business acumen.

While building a business is in Sawyer Howitt’s DNA, he also knows that he needs additional education in order to prepare for the future. He is now a senior at Lincoln High School and is preparing to enter a university next fall. His objective is to get his degree at Columbia University which has a very well regarded Entrepreneurial Finance degree program that he is very interested in. Given his background and excellent grades, it seems very likely that he will be accepted into this program.


The Meaning of the Name, “Beneful” and A Bit About the Brand’s History

Traditionally, the word, “beneful” means “full of goodness”. However, according to the Urban Dictonary, “beneful” has also been used as a slurred version of the word, “beneficial”.

However, today, the word “beneful” is mostly associated with the Nestle Purina dog food. In 2012, it became one of the most popular, grossing about $1.5 billion in annual revenues. It was introduced to the public market in 2001. Back then, it was considered to be the basis of dog nutrition. It contained beef pieces and resembled stew. By 2006, the brand was grossing over $300 million in annual revenue. That same year, the brand invested $36 million to make its facilities friendlier for producing wet dog food. The company now produces both dry and wet canned food as well as dog treats.

Starting in about 2010, Beneful attempting a number of unusual conditioning by association avenues. In Germany, they distributed posters containing the scent of the food meant to attract dogs. In 2011, in Austria, they released a television advertisement which included a high-pitched noise that only dogs can hear. In 2012, videogame-like billboards were released in New York, which allowed people to play mock fetch in the subway station. The dogs are designed to encourage passersby to interact with them. These same billboards have since been installed in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Beneful also holds an annual Dream Dog Park Contest. So far, this has helped to install the parks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Alabaster Alabama, and Johns Creek, Georgia.

What Investment Opportunities Mean for Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist. He has worked with businesses as well as individuals by pointing them in the right direction. He helps them to plan as well as develop a number of cutting edge advancements related to technology.

Jason Hope is well aware that starting a new business is not easy. In the same way, creating a new product or service, or launching of a new idea can never be a simple process.

He feels that everything starts with a great idea. He also knows that this is just the beginning. Next step is to find the means that will get your idea on its way to implementation. Now, this is the hardest part. He knows that he has business acumen. This is why he wants others to profit from it. He likes to work with individuals as well as young business owners to bring these ideas to life and what Jason knows.

Jason Hope is supporting as well as cultivating the new generation of upcoming entrepreneurs. He watches them as they are all diving into the world of technology. He knows that young entrepreneurs may have great ideas. He also knows that they may lack the insight as well as finances to make these ideas real.

He is able to see how the Internet of Things is going to make a huge change in the way in which business is being done today. A lot of redundancy will disappear as things start getting connected with each other and lead to an enhancement of productivity.

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The Flamingos of Orbetello, Italy

On one chilly morning in early January, I decided to look at a map, point to a random town, and take a train there. My mystery destination: Orbetello, Italy. A couple of hours later, the train pulled up into an old pink building that looked like it used to be a house for a family with five or six kids. This definitely wasn’t one of the big city adventures I was used to.


Having nothing better to do, I just headed out and started walking. About ten minutes into my wandering, I noticed a large body of water with hundreds of pale pink birds lounging around. I was too far away to tell what type of bird they were, so I took out my camera and zoomed in as far as it would go. The pale pink birds slowly got clearer and clearer, revealing their tall, thin legs and long, curved necks – there were hundreds and hundreds of flamingos!


It turns out these flamingos were living in a nature reserve known as Laguna di Orbetello. Like the rest of the animal kingdom, these flamingos’ habitats have been destroyed by humans. Flamingos tend to live in environments rich in nitrates, potassium, lithium, and boron; therefore, these environments are also very attractive to mining companies. Without qualms, these companies come in, collect these natural resources, and replace them with harmful pollutants, forcing these flamingos to attempt to find new places to live.


Wild Ark aims to protect the areas of the world rich in biodiversity, in order to take care of the earth’s wildlife. Their goal is to make sure that animals around the world, including the flamingos of Orbetello, have safe, healthy habitats for them to live in. They seek to educate people through experience by showing them the beauty of the earth’s creatures in their natural environments. Through their efforts, they hope that the animals of the world will be able to live out their lives without the interference of humans, just as they were meant to.

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Finding A Good Niche As An Entrepreneur

One of the most important things for an entrepreneur is to find a place where he could easily enter. For one thing, there a ton of markets that are very important. The one thing to consider is that markets can come in various sizes and forms. For instance, Marc Sparks has written in his blog that China is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. It is just important for people to make sure that they do their homework. Then again, the same could be said for any type of market. Therefore, Marc Sparks has laid out his tips in his blog.


One thing that Marc Sparks has told people to watch out for are copies of their business. There are some markets that will make a copy of something that the entrepreneur brings forth to the market. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to know how to keep on top of the game so that they will be able to keep the profits going. Fortunately, the wonders of marketing is that people will know the legit companies from the copies. One thing is certain, the world is full of people that are looking to ride on the success of others.


Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the devastation that copies could have to the company. Among the things that people could do is set up an affiliate program. This could allow people to spread the business around while the originator of the business gets a lot of the profits. Also, the affiliate is also able to take advantage of his marketing skills and earn some good amounts of money as well. Marc Sparks is willing to advise people on what they can do to make their business even more successful than before. Given Marc’s experience and knowledge of business, people will learn a lot of valuable lessons from him.


Sam Boraie: A Talented Real Estate Developer

Sam Boraie, working through Boraie development, is transforming the appearance of the New Brunswick. The company offers a range of services engrossed on all sectors of urban Real Estate Market. He has been a part of the industry for over five years, and the company has strived to renew the city. The firm inspired a boom in the industry, and the effort has paid off as they have a multipurpose facility in the city that has attracted both the residents and the small businesses. In return, there has been a growing demand for homes and office space, and thus, the company continues to construct new buildings in the city so that it can keep up with the demands.

In an article by PR Newswire, the finalized developments are just but a beginning of the plan that the firm has for the renewing of the city. The long-term plan is to ensure that the town continues to thrive. Other than the real estate business, Boraie is also involved in some charities. He believes in giving back to the community.

Boraie being a member of Board of Trustees for the Historic State Theater in New Brunswick has given the theater a new look. The company has ensured that the area has gone through a renovation thus, restoring it to the former state. For the summer, Boraie developments will sponsor free screening for the children on weekday morning and evening. The development has made entertainment industry in the city to grow.

The firm feels that it is committed to the community and thus has involved in civic activities. He is a member of the Adversary Board of Elijah Promise that is used to feed those who are hungry. The organization does more than offer food as it trains the hungry in culinary arts, cooking classes and bakery thus, enabling them to find jobs. He does more than just provide food but also showing the poor how they can be able to get jobs and make money.

The company is not only focused on one city but is known to work with real estate developers that have experienced so that they can develop, manage; and sell quality projects of communities nationwide.

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