The Best Nutritive Water Brand , Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is the leading volcanic water brand in the world. Ryan Emmons founded it in the year 2012. Its source is melted snow of a mountain and an aquifer. The water is natural because it is filtered through porous volcanic rocks, filling it with rich minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, necessary for hydration of the body. The rich natural environment surrounding the source is what makes it the best water.
The water is supplied not only in Hawaii, but also in the whole world to those willing to purchase it. Furthermore, the company has been known to help in water supply in African countries. Since it is full of nutritive minerals, it is suitable for consumption by all ages and genders. In addition, it is suitable for consumption by extreme sports people such as athletes, mountain climbers, motorists and yoga exercises.
Hawaiians have been known to call themselves children of the land; therefore, they respect their land through sustaining its nature, by engaging in environmental conserving methods and ensuring that the ecosystem stays balanced. The Waiakea Company being in Hawaii ensures that they respect the nature too by providing water using possible natural means. First, their bottles are one hundred percent high quality recycled polyethylene terephtalate, which use less water and energy to produce and they have little carbon production during manufacture. Moreover, they are working on producing biodegradable bottles that will not be hazardous to the environment.
In addition, the company uses renewable energy to harvest water one of which is geothermal in order to maintain sustainability of the environment. Waiakea harvests only one percent of the mountain water although, the melted water and aquifer produces water consumed in a year globally in just a month. Waiakea was the first ever company to be awarded,with carbon neutral certification. The company engages in reforestation and environmental reforms in partnership with Ecometrica and Carbon Neutral Company to attain net zero carbon dioxide emissions in its production.

Why Oncotarget Is The Medical Journal Go To

The Oncotarget is an online journal that aims at providing insightful knowledge about the oncological area. The journal came to existence in 2010, and since then it has helped students, educators, and health specialist by being a source of knowledge. This journal ensures that scientific discoveries are distributed globally at a fast rate. It is peer reviewed by members of the scientific society. Over the years it has received positive reviews from readers.According to a member of the Oncotarget journal the journal has been helpful in helping authors increase the results of their research by providing in depth, punctual and constructive. It is also readily available to all since the site used also does not require paying of any subscription fees. The platform also contains pdf documents that one can download for future reference. The Oncotarget is a weekly journal; this simply proves that it offers recent updated on new therapies that have come into existence.

This journal has been helpful to researchers regarding science advancement. It is under the management of competent scientists who lead various medical research teams. It is through this research that medical specialists can come up with clinical studies to counter the diseases. This journal also has an impressive editorial board that conduct through editing of the work before publication. This board ensures that the articles are academically legit. Through the Oncotarget drugs have been discovered that could treat various infections. Through the information published treatments have been developed.

Some of these treatment are cancer-related treatments that have aided cancer patients improve their quality of life through better management of the disease. It has also enlightened them on other aspects related to their disease without constant attention from their care givers. It has geared the development of anti-cancer agents which have proved to be quite effective in fighting cancerous cells. Some of these include the anti-malaria drugs. The publications also include articles with reviews from patients from the treatments they have received and how it has changed their life experiences. It also contains supporting evidence to back up all the information it publishes.

How Does Nexbank Serve The Dallas Area?

Nexbank is the banking brand that was started by Highland Capital Management, and it is now a local bank brand that serve many people every day. The city of Dallas has quite a lot to thank Nexbank for, and this article explains how someone who wishes to make a change may do so at this bank. There are many services offered through Nexbank, and they provide the average Dallas citizen with all that they need.

#1: Standard Accounts

There are many standard accounts available at Nexbank, and the company has done quite a lot of work to ensure that everyone who needs help receives it. They offer traditional services in the branch that are useful to all, and they have tellers who know how to service customer accounts.

#2: Loans

The company offers a number of loans that are helpful to customers, and they are willing to finance anything from a boat to a house. They have given loans to many customers who need them, and they have shown their clients that there is a way to pay for anything that they need in life.

#3: Investment Services

There are many investment services offered through the company that are quite helpful, and they will ensure that the customer has a steady stream of income that may be created by the bank. This is a simple way to invest, and it is done behind the strength of the Highland Capital Management name.

Someone who wishes to find better banking services in Dallas will notice that this company has all that they need. There are many local branches to visit, and each of them offers what the customer needs. Customers who are searching for a better place to keep their money will have precisely what they need when they work with Nexbank and their staff.

The Kabbalah Centre and Their Spiritual Teachings

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where people may come to learn about the spiritual side of scriptures, and they are taught a style of study that was used by the Jewish mystics. This article explains how someone may come to the Kabbalah Centre to learn, and they will find that it is quite easy to make a change to their thinking and beliefs. Anyone who wishes to come to the Kabbalah Centre for help will find that they have many options to improve their life and spiritual side.


#1: The Studies

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where people may come for help that will improve their learning about many scriptures from long ago. Someone who has questions about the scriptures may learn in this place, and there are libraries that have been dedicated to these teachings. Someone may study all day, and they do not have to ascribe to a particular belief system when they do so.


#2: The Centre

The Centre is a place where people come to learn about things that they could not have found on their own. They will meet new people who think as they do, and they will come across many ideas that they may not have considered before. They will make new friends who are there to help them learn, and they will come across a number of different ideals that will change the way they approach their lives and work and learn more about Kabbalah.


#3: A Safe Place

The Kabbalah Centre was designed as a place that could be safe for all to come, and it is a place that someone may come to ensure that they could learn from people who will respect their beliefs. This is a large part of what makes the Kabbalah Centre such a lovely place to come and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.


Anyone who wants to learn more about the scriptures should ensure that they have many things to study. They will work with people who believe things that are different from them, and they will feel much better about the way that they have been able to learn inside the Kabbalah Centre walls and more information click here.

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Scott Rocklage Uses Experience to Invest in Pharmaceutical Possibilities

Scott Rocklage, PhD, has been a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. 5AM Ventures is an investment fund focusing on healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Rocklage brought his nearly three decades of experience in the industry with him when he joined the venture in 2003. He has been involved in three U.S. New Drug Applications and has started many drugs into clinical trials.

Scott’s 30 years of work experience includes serving as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was Chairman of the Board at Relvpsa. He acted as President and CEO of Nvcomed Salutar.

He has also worked in Research and Development at several pharmaceutical companies. Rocklage currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. He is on the boards of several other pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Rocklage has in-depth experience in the field of pharmaceuticals which makes him a major asset to SAM Ventures. His experience is one of the most extensive in the industry. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of California and his Doctorate from MIT. While there he worked on research projects with Richard Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.

Rocklage currently holds patents on or co-patents on over 30 products in the U.S. He is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. When asked about 5AM Ventures, he said that his company is focused on businesses in the early stages of formation.

He works with entrepreneurs who are business people, physicians or scientists, and helps them get their ideas into medicines that can treat illnesses that are currently untreated.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Dangerous Criminals in Jail

When my fugitive task force is called in to find a dangerous suspect, we have to be ready in a moment to spring into action. This call, we were told two inmates were on the loose and had already stolen a vehicle and had access to a weapon. This meant that every person in the community was in serious danger of they came in contact with our suspects. To make matters worse, they were low on funds and looking for a fix, so we had to collect leads quickly.


Not knowing where or when the inmates would strike, we exhausted all our hopes of getting family or friends to talk because the suspects dropped off the radar. My team headed back to the prison in the hopes of getting one person to give us a lead that could allow us to lock these two up for good. None of the inmates were willing to come forward, but that did not mean they were not going to help us put the pieces together we needed.


Securus Technologies is the company that installed the inmate call monitoring system in our jail, and it has been the key to officers keeping the jail safer. We decided we could use the call monitoring system to try and detect conversations pertaining to our suspects. What we did not know at the time was one suspect had a baby, and his mother was in contact with her new boyfriend, who was in the jail. When they mentioned they were afraid of the inmates being loose because he may come for the baby, we took action.


When we met with the girlfriend, we discovered the suspect was e-mailing her to meet, so we set up a meet and we were there to take these two back to jail. Securus Technologies was the key to making the arrest happen.

Rocketship Education: The key to success for youths living in poverty

In California, 33% of Latino and African-American students fail to graduate from high school. Rocketship Education is a system of elementary charter classrooms serving, first and foremost, poverty stricken students in neighborhoods where access to quality schools are limited. They believe that for real success in our elementary schools, we must do more than educate students; they provide teachers with more tools and plans, engage parents and inspire their community. The focus of Rocketship Education is for us to realize that children learn in different ways. The typical school system does not always cater to the individual needs of that child. One of the main effective ways this issue is being resolved is through a method used in the program, and key in the classrooms, is called “blended learning”. Blended learning combines classroom learning with some online learning, in which students can control the time, tempo, and place in their learning process. With online learning, students have time to practice different concepts on the computer. In the age of technology, online computer skills our essential for a child’s future in the world. Rocketship Education also implements other factors that help the success of students in the classroom, such as small group instruction, targeted intervention, and enrichment. Small group instruction is where teachers and teachers aides engage in smaller groups of peers on their current level. Targeted intervention is where teachers schedule sessions with students who are struggling with certain subjects. Team learning is when the students get together to share knowledge and build social skills by this interaction with in the small group. Enrichment focuses on health and physical education as well as creative arts, languages and dance. All very important things that this program teaches kids as continue to grow into a more diverse America. With a 90 percent student return rate and stats that show most “Rocketeers” are ahead of their class, its no wonder that the program is growing. Since opening in a church in San Jose, California in 2006, there are now 13 schools across 3 regions in the US. The Rocketship program simply works and will be a beacon of hope for children of low income areas, regardless of ethnic backgrounds, eventually in every US state and the world abroad.


Tammy Mazzocco Leads Ohio Real Estate Forward

Tammy Mazzocco, the expert realtor, is giving insight on Ohio’s real estate market. The value of homes in Ohio continue to increase and analysts do not predict there will be a drop in the market anytime soon. While other areas in the US have also seen rising real estate markets, none stand out as much as Ohio. Part of the reason that so many people are moving to Ohio is due to the high number of technology related jobs in that area. Tech is such a popular industry that people are flocking to Ohio to get involved.

A popular homebuilder also has plans to move into the area and build hundreds of homes in New Albany. This will be hugely beneficial to the community New Albany because that increase in people will lead to growth within their commercial market. That leads to more job growth and higher home values. Tammy Mazzocco believes there is no better time to sell your home if you are living in Ohio.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy Mazzocco is a valued member of the team at Judy Gang and Associates. She specializes in working as a listing and buyer’s agent. She also has extensive experience managing properties. Tammy Mazzocco works in the Ohio area and is able to find the best deals for her clients in Ohio’s rocketing real estate market.

The majority of the homes that Tammy Mazzocco sells are single-family homes that are valued at over $100,000. She develops close relationships with her clients and receives overwhelmingly positive reviews to her service. She predominantly focuses on helping her clients purchase new homes, but she also sells homes and seeks to achieve the highest market value for them. She has worked in the real estate industry for the majority of her career and she has become a well-known contributor to the market in Ohio.

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Eric Lefkofsky envisions custom treatments at the molecular level

Much progress has been made in the last 50 years of cancer treatment. While the medical establishment is still a long way from a cure, one of the most productive areas of cancer treatment innovation has been in the area of what are known as targeted therapies. These drugs are able to specifically target malignant cells, using fiendishly clever bio-engineering technology, and, thus, avoid the release of toxins into the patient’s bloodstream. This class of drugs has dramatically increased the effectiveness of treatment for some types of cancers, such as non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma, and promises to all but eliminate the horrible side effects of chemotherapies used in many other types of cancer.

But now, there is another revolution in cancer treatment brewing. The marriage of Big Data with molecular biology promises to dramatically increase the effectiveness of many types of cancer treatment. This is the custom treatment revolution. Just like the targeted therapy revolution tailors drugs to attack a very narrow, specific type of cell, the custom treatment revolution promises to target a very narrow, specific type of patient. The idea is to reduce the huge amounts of collateral damage that inevitably follow from administering highly toxic treatments to large groups of undifferentiated patients.

One man, Eric Lefkofsky, is at the forefront of this new frontier in cancer research. In 2016, the serial entrepreneur founded Tempus, a company dedicated to the real-time analysis of large amounts of data for oncologists to use in custom tailoring patient treatments. Part of Tempus’ treatment model relies on the vast stores of data provided by the cheap sequencing of human genomes. This, combined with electronic medical records, study data, and other sources of medical data, will be combined with a sophisticated analytic engine, allowing for oncologists to create patient-specific treatments in real time. Eric Lefksofsky predicts that, within ten years, practically no two patients with the same cancer diagnosis will receive the same treatment. Compare that with today, where practically all patients with the same diagnosis get the same drugs in the same regimen.

This new, infinite granularity in how oncologists understand patient and treatment profiles may lead the way to a virtual cure.

About Eric Lefkofsky :

The Success Story Of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is at present the CEO and the chairman of OSI Group. Lavin has an impressive record in food processing sector. Besides OSI Group, Lavin is also heading OSI International Food Ltd. He is a hands-on leader and prefers to be active in all areas the company. Sheldon Lavin is involved in all the operations, quality and efficiency of the company.

Otto & Sons was started in 1970, which later became OSI Group after Sheldon Lavin financed it. Since inception, the company has thrived and grew in the food industry. The success of this company has given Sheldon Lavin expertise and popularity in this sector. Other companies have learned business approaches and strategies of growing and success.

In 2016, Sheldon Lavin was rewarded with the Global Visionary Award in India. It was an award to appreciate and recognize his work. Lavin has impacted the global scene through the success of OSI Group. In 2015, he also received an award for Lifetime Achievement. This award honored his commitment to serving the Chicago Business Community. His achievements inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their ventures with determination.

Sheldon Lavin is a humble person. He does not give all credit to himself on all he has achieved. Lavin is grateful to the employees who have contributed to his success. He is mindful of employee welfare and ensures that they are remunerated appropriately. All people who have worked for Lavin have a positive review. They consider him an approachable boss and a pleasurable person to serve.

In college, Sheldon Lavin pursued Accounting and Finance. His profession inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship. By financing Otto & Sons, he gradually reached the success he enjoys now. At the present age of 81 years, he is still actively leading his company. He is satisfied with the global circulation of OSI Group culture. He does not intend to retire in the near future. Players in the food processing industry can continue learning from him meanwhile.

People may recognize his accomplishments at OSI Group but Sheldon Lavin recognizes the greatest success is raising his family. He has one wife and three children. They are all grownups and married. He also respects his wife’s contribution to community service.

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