Rocketship Education: The key to success for youths living in poverty

In California, 33% of Latino and African-American students fail to graduate from high school. Rocketship Education is a system of elementary charter classrooms serving, first and foremost, poverty stricken students in neighborhoods where access to quality schools are limited. They believe that for real success in our elementary schools, we must do more than educate students; they provide teachers with more tools and plans, engage parents and inspire their community. The focus of Rocketship Education is for us to realize that children learn in different ways. The typical school system does not always cater to the individual needs of that child. One of the main effective ways this issue is being resolved is through a method used in the program, and key in the classrooms, is called “blended learning”. Blended learning combines classroom learning with some online learning, in which students can control the time, tempo, and place in their learning process. With online learning, students have time to practice different concepts on the computer. In the age of technology, online computer skills our essential for a child’s future in the world. Rocketship Education also implements other factors that help the success of students in the classroom, such as small group instruction, targeted intervention, and enrichment. Small group instruction is where teachers and teachers aides engage in smaller groups of peers on their current level. Targeted intervention is where teachers schedule sessions with students who are struggling with certain subjects. Team learning is when the students get together to share knowledge and build social skills by this interaction with in the small group. Enrichment focuses on health and physical education as well as creative arts, languages and dance. All very important things that this program teaches kids as continue to grow into a more diverse America. With a 90 percent student return rate and stats that show most “Rocketeers” are ahead of their class, its no wonder that the program is growing. Since opening in a church in San Jose, California in 2006, there are now 13 schools across 3 regions in the US. The Rocketship program simply works and will be a beacon of hope for children of low income areas, regardless of ethnic backgrounds, eventually in every US state and the world abroad.


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