Securus Technologies Keeping Dangerous Criminals in Jail

When my fugitive task force is called in to find a dangerous suspect, we have to be ready in a moment to spring into action. This call, we were told two inmates were on the loose and had already stolen a vehicle and had access to a weapon. This meant that every person in the community was in serious danger of they came in contact with our suspects. To make matters worse, they were low on funds and looking for a fix, so we had to collect leads quickly.


Not knowing where or when the inmates would strike, we exhausted all our hopes of getting family or friends to talk because the suspects dropped off the radar. My team headed back to the prison in the hopes of getting one person to give us a lead that could allow us to lock these two up for good. None of the inmates were willing to come forward, but that did not mean they were not going to help us put the pieces together we needed.


Securus Technologies is the company that installed the inmate call monitoring system in our jail, and it has been the key to officers keeping the jail safer. We decided we could use the call monitoring system to try and detect conversations pertaining to our suspects. What we did not know at the time was one suspect had a baby, and his mother was in contact with her new boyfriend, who was in the jail. When they mentioned they were afraid of the inmates being loose because he may come for the baby, we took action.


When we met with the girlfriend, we discovered the suspect was e-mailing her to meet, so we set up a meet and we were there to take these two back to jail. Securus Technologies was the key to making the arrest happen.

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