Puppies Like Beneful Too

I saw the cutest commercial about Beneful dog food. It had a puppy that was training his human in some game. It was adorable for the cuteness factor and offered the tips on how Beneful is for growing puppies. It alluded that the ingredients make a puppy grow up to be a champion. It mentioned the meat as the primary ingredient, along with brown rice and veggies.

That one reminded me of another one. It had a dog playing with his mom. He was talking about how tasty the Beneful Walmart healthy weight dog food is. He mentioned that it is even full of things that a human would eat. The dog was one of those small “yappy” dogs that are just adorable. He was kissing his mom to say thank you as the food was put into his bowl. You could tell that the dog was enjoying the taste and was definitely energetic. To know more click here.

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