Cameron Clokie Striving to Make Toronto a Hub for Dental Regeneration Surgery

Every day new life-threatening diseases continue to emerge in many parts of the world. If appropriate treatment measures are not found, these diseases pose significant health effects to humanity. This is the reason scientists are on the race to find effective methods to tackle the diseases. According to Crunchbase, Dr. Cameron Clokie is one of the scientists who have shown relentless effort in the fight against various ailments.

He has immensely contributed to the field of regenerative medicine, specifically regeneration of jaw and teeth bones. Cameron, who is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has also used his knowledge to establish very successful ventures that focus on providing better ways of treating various diseases.

Regenerative medicine is a treatment method that has been touted for being effective in healing damaged tissues and organs. It involves the use of stem cells to repair and heal tissues. However, when scientists discovered this method, the world was hesitant in accepting regenerative treatment as a solution for treating damaged tissues.

However, through the concerted efforts of Dr. Cameron Clokie and other scientists, regenerative medicine has gained prominence as an affordable health care solution for healing body tissues.

Besides his deep involvement in scientific research, and oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Cameron has also exhibited impressive leadership capabilities. Today, he is at the helm of Induce Biologics Inc., a provider of musculoskeletal reconstruction solutions, as Chief Executive Officer.

In the past, Clokie has served as the head and professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at University of Toronto. After doubling as a dental clinician and academician for many years, he decided to quit his role in academics to pursue his interest in regenerative medicine fulltime. In addition, Cameron Clokie has played an instrumental role in providing scientific advisory services to many companies.

Most of Cameron’s patients, both in Toronto and beyond, have shown great satisfaction in his services. Dr. Cameron Clokie particularly offers reconstructive jaw surgery.

Bloomberg revealed that he uses tissues or bones from other parts of the body to repair damaged jaw. This technique, which was discovered by Cameron Clokie, is a source of relief to many patients who have disfigured faces or lost jawlines.

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