Oncotarget Contributes in Sharing Insightful Peer-Reviewed Articles

Oncotarget is an open access journal that was founded in 2010 and published by Impact Journals. Upon its establishment, it devoted itself to providing reliable information about the examination and treatment of cancer. It remains committed to issuing information related to the medical field.Finding the latest news of different medical fields can sometimes be located in expensive magazines and newsletters that are owned by unconventional sources. It is challenging to find such information in a university or college that has not subscribed to any of these news articles. Oncotarget is an international, peer-reviewed online news channel that touches on the recent news related to oncology. A reader can quickly access it and read more about different oncology topics.

Although its name has a prefix suggesting a subject primarily focused on oncology, it also publishes other medical topics such as microbiology, endocrinology, cell biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, the aging process, cardiology, immunology, metabolism, among others. The journal also delves into the effects of management programs as well as therapeutic agents in the life of a patient. It also compares new and previous therapy methodologies using existing evidence to determine their efficacy, usability, and acceptance.This free access journal is released on a weekly basis on an online platform. Sometimes the journal is printed on special demand. The journal’s mission is to share information quickly and widely.

In doing so, it participates in medical discoveries and improving human health all over the world.Oncotarget won the Lasker Award back in 2016 for discovering the pathway for sensing oxygen. It boasts an impact factor of 5.008 between the year 2015 and 2016. Additionally, it has a five-year impact factor of 5.415. It also ranked top on the total number of published documents among oncology journals between 2015 and 2016. It has been previously listed as the number one oncology journal, beating many other paid subscription newsletters.This traditional journal has passionate editors who not only ensure the journal provides trustworthy information but also that which is up to date. Its popularity is giving specialists a platform to publish their peer reviews and subsequently make significant contributions in their various fields.

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