Whitney Wolfe Welcome Change

When it comes to marrying well there are some entrepreneurs that know how to do it better than others. In this day and time people may say that Whitney Wolfe is one person that definitely knows how to capture the right mate.

She has managed to connect with a business tycoon that is just as successful as she is. Fans of the Bumble app entreprenuer knew that she was engaged to Michael Herd, but they still may not have expected her to have a wedding as early as she did on the Amalfi Coast in recent days.

Whitney Wolfe has become this incredible young entrepreneur that is now married. People are somewhat interested on how this will affect her perspective because her bread and butter in dating app world has been to focus on singles.

One might say that it was easier for her to connect with singles when she was a single woman herself. This definitely would make it easier for her to launch Bumble in the beginning stages. It would also give her a keen perspective on what singles wanted to see because she was actually looking and developing her app from the perspective of a single person.

Just as Whitney Wolfe could not stay single the core of her company could not stay the same as well. This is why she has been able to expand and always grow her consumer base. She is able to think outside of the box, and she has a desire to really change the way that people look at the company that she initially started.

Some people think of Bumble they would think of a dating app, but now Whitney Wolfe is expanding into other social media areas that would resemble LinkedIn and Facebook. She is planning to make her mark as a person that is interested in doing more than just dating apps.

Now that she is married she may have a better perspective on what it actually takes to branch out into other areas of social media. She has a greater focus, and this is actually going to be incredibly beneficial for all the fans that are connected with her through Bumble. These singles that have joined over a year ago will not stay single forever. Just like Whitney Wolfe they will move on, get married and explore other aspects of Bumble like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

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