Roberto Santiago: The Beautiful Malls in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is one of the largest entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has done so much for his country that they consider him a legend. Roberto Santiago may be one of the only men who has built something so magnificent in Brazil. He owns a premier modern retail center dubbed Manaira situated in Joao Pessoa. Santiago purchased the property on which the Manaira retail complex is currently in 1987 and acquired it before mall had been ready to start in 1989. The Manaira retail center consists of a theatre, roof top concert hall, gambling space, food court, several shopping stores, a faculty, finance institutions, and also a gymnasium. The retail center is a favorite place to travel amongst Brazilians.


In the mall, the Domus Hall is located on the mall roof top. It was started in the year 2009. The Domus Hall has adequate distance and space to sponsor musical festivals, conventions, cultural displays and weddings, graduation festivals, and sidewalks. The Domus Hall is sound proof and air conditioned. Moreover, it’s designed with the very best sound equipment. It’s a two-story structure that’s sub divided into separate cottages for men and women that require privacy and also the ground floor is large enough to get bigger general affairs. The Domus Hall has drawn performances out of native musicians and international performers who will otherwise not need seen Brazil. The musical presence in the mall is strong. It speaks to the heartbeat of Brazil and the people love to relax and celebrate beneath the stars.


There are plenty of entertainment choices at Manaira Retail Complex including a picture theatre which has the latest pictures. In addition, it includes a gambling room using a bowling alley. Because of this, the restaurants include take out to luxury dining establishments including Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital steak house. The upper echelon patrons enjoy gambling, drinks, dinner, and movies all under one roof. This is a very popular draw into the mall and has caused a great influx of tourism.


The purchasing experience in Santiago’s mall favors people from all walks of life. The mall also houses the faculty from higher-education of Paraiba; ergo, you can find various faculty and student members round the mall. They enjoy relaxing and dining between class.


Roberto Santiago possesses the following contemporary retail center: Mangeira. Aside from Manaira, this is the most popular mall around the country. The Mangeira was created in 2013. Both stores, Manaira along with Mangeira, have improved the economical and societal facets of the town of Joao Pessoa. Consequently, many businesses have jumped their companies into the town consequently giving the citizens unlimited alternatives. The economic incentives are varied and cause the country to improve their experience and lifestyle.


Equities First Holdings UK

Look for Equities First Holdings to meet the needs of clients everywhere. The lender is renowned for the work ethic they have put in to effect. Equities First Holdings, LLC has earned a successful reputation for lending services too. Borrowers look to them for advice and financial assets on the whole. That makes them a staple feature of the London economic community too. London is a great place for any lender to improve their business profile overall.

Borrowers can schedule an appointment and get to know the people on board. Equities First Holdings is a great lender and has earned their reputation for success. These transactions have helped their business model expand to an international scale as well. They now have offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. People look up to that model and want to see the team succeed. Hong Kong and Singapore are popular new expansion sites, and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Life Line Screening Essential Part Of A Long Life

Our bodies are simply amazing. Everyday they warn us of impending danger. A slight headache that makes it hard to focus. A tingling in your arm. Maybe a pain that doesn’t seem to go away. All signs that something isn’t quite right. Unfortunately, not every condition comes with warning signs. Some are present just waiting to strike with no fair warning.

This is where Life Line Screening comes into play. Since their inception in 1993, they have screened nearly eight million people. They currently screen nearly one million people each year at over 16,000 screening events nationwide. Life Line Screening is the first defense against underlying conditions that may turn into disaster later. Just some of the many screenings include:

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
Carotid artery disease screening
Ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease)
Bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk)
Complete lipid panel screening — Measures total cholesterol, HDL (“good” cholesterol), LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and triglycerides.
Glucose screening — Measures blood sugar levels to assess diabetes risk.


Preparations for a screening couldn’t be easier. Some simply require you to wear baggy clothes to the exam. Others involve fasting for varying lengths of time, with water and medication still allowed. All of their ultrasound and EKG screenings are safe, non-invasive, quick, and painless. Even their blood screenings require only a finger prick and a few drops of blood.

After your appointment, a board-certified physician will review your screening. You’ll receive a detailed report of your results within twenty-one days of your appointment via our online e-Results program or in the mail. Please share these results with your primary care physician. If Life Line Screening finds anything requiring urgent attention they will contact you immediately.

The benefits of Life Line Screening’s services aren’t hard to put into words. Many testimonials from grateful patients have done just that. People just like you who took the time to make that appointment and in doing so were able to avoid some life treating conditions. Assuring them many more years that they might not otherwise have had. So visit and make an appointment today

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Ask Freedom Life Insurance About Policy Options

Purchasing a life insurance policy can get confusing for many people. They are unsure whether to buy permanent or term life insurance policies. A term life insurance policy, like a Freedom Life Insurance option, is likely a good fit if an individual only desires this insurance coverage for say 10 or 20 years. Many parents opt for this insurance type when their children are still of school age. If anything were to happen to the insured, then the children will still be able to attend college. This insurance type does not build any equity. So individuals will not have the option to borrow or use that equity down the road. Equity does build up with most permanent life insurance plans, and it is able to be borrowed against in many such cases.

Another drawback of most term life insurance plans is that if an insured individual wants to keep coverage after that designated time frame is up, the insured usually can’t renew. If able to renew, most individuals must submit to an exam by a doctor which could limit the policy coverage amount. There is convertible term life policies that guarantee acceptance for a no exam renewal if desired. Consult a reputable company, such as Freedom Life Insurance, for full details. Make sure that you understand the entire policy before finalizing the deal.

Sitting down with a qualified life insurance agent is a good idea. Make sure to have a list of questions, and shop around for the best policy that meets your budget and coverage amount needs. Freedom Life Insurance is one company that offers consultations. Having a trustworthy insurance agent makes a lot of difference. A reliable agent will be fully transparent regarding their life insurance plans, payment requirements and other pertinent details. If not satisfied with the answers, find another life insurance agent.

There are many ways to set up an appropriate life insurance policy that meets a family’s specific insurance needs. Ethical life insurance agencies, like Freedom Life Insurance, will gladly explain each life insurance choice that they offer. Avoid agents that won’t reveal necessary information. Read more:


How Whitney Wolfe Have Simplified Dating

Whitney Wolfe is undoubtedly a great woman worth many praises and recognition in this world. She has been honored because of working hard towards making the lives of many people better than they were before. She has been on the frontline ensuring that dating is taken to another level and is recognized perse. The great lady has overcome all odds and has been able to step her foot in the male-dominated tech industry. Despite many challenges she has encountered on her way to success, she seems more motivated and ready to do great. She is always driven by passion, motivation, hard work, innovation and also not forgetting her amazing skills. She is also definitely doing pretty well in the field of marketing Wolfe’s brands.

Whitney Wolve is known because of her ability to create dating apps, and she happens to have been a co-founder of Tinder. The company is the leading dating app in the world. She developed the app when she was working at Hatch Labs. This was after a project they were working on was abandoned, and he decided to venture into a completely new world. The journey has been better and impressive. She also happened to have been the marketing manager of the same company and was able to mobilize so many students in colleges and campuses, and they agreed to sign up. Currently, the app is rated as the leading in technology of dating, and they keep on expanding. She is also the founder of the famous and number four dating app in the world.

The great tech guru has been able to open a company worth millions of follows at a very youthful age. She keeps on increasing networks and has been able to launch Bumble BFF in collaboration with Badoo Chief executive officer Andrey. Both have been on the frontline working for the success of the company with maximum commitment and dedication and have been on the frontline ensuring they deliver they’re laid out objectives.

Whitney was born and raised by her caring parents who supported her all through. Her father was a developer and thus has what it takes to help the family grow to greater heights. She has grown tremendously and has been working for her progress since she was young. She joined the famous Southern Methodist university whereby she majored with International Studies. At only 19 years, she has started business and had collaborated with even celebs to create a non-governmental organization. Her journey has been great and successful.

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OSI Group The Leading Custom Food Suppliers

OSI Group is a large food custom private company found in America whose headquarters is at Illinois State. Since its foundation, the company has been able to open its doors to some countries hence being branded a premier global food provider. It has been able to continuously provide its customers with their desired choice of custom made food through its reliable infrastructure and their stable financial resources. This text aims to highlight OSI group as a world largest retail food supplier, its dedicated employees, its expansion and awards won for its continued services to the people and the environment. OSI group traces history to the early 20th century where it started as meat outlet by a family in Chicago.

The company has expanded from a meat market to leading retail business because of their dedication to their customers who are the number one stakeholders. Since food is very delicate to handle, the company has to ensure that it hires qualified culinary staff that will provide that what is delivered at your table is customized to your taste buds and that the food is healthy for consumption. What secret has enabled the company to be a leading chain for over a century? The secret is the number of core values and aims that the staff has to adhere. The aims demand that the staff be innovative and that they should work together as a team. Amongst other core values the company has been able to steer to profitability and at the same time taking into consideration the welfare of their staff.

A happy staff translates to a successful company and the company cannot accredit themselves success without acknowledging its dedicated team. OSI group has a large number of employees who have dedicated their service and knowledge to the company. The employees have helped the company to outwit other leading chains in service provision. As a result of their dedication, the staffs at OSI have their welfare catered for through some benefits that ensure that their lives and those of their family members have improved.

The company has also been able to expand its services further with the acquisition of Baho and Tyson food plant. The addition of the two international food plants will enable OSI group to extend its relationship with minimal competition. The activities of the company to the public and the environment were appreciated when they won the globe of honor award of the year in the UK. The award was to commemorate environment management by the company.OSI Company remains to be a leading private company that has the welfare of the people and the environment at heart.

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