Market America Raises Shopping Experience Level for Consumer Needs and Its Exposure

When the global company Market America chose to enter the online retail industry, the consumer became the recipient of the greatest network of quality products available. With an abundance of choices and plenty of innovative programs to meet their needs, the Market America customer has the benefit of being able to purchase exclusive and selective products.

Market America has more than three million customers with an exclusive agreement with 180,000 worldwide distributors. The company has created a one-stop destination for customers through and has made the experience one that keeps them coming back year after year. Online sales for the mega company have increased to $7.3 billion and continue to grow with new products being introduced each year. It seems customers cannot get enough of the shopping that is available in numerous categories such as groceries, home and garden, health, fitness, nutrition, pet care and even financial services.

Since the company purchased from billionaire Bill Gates, the website has been dedicated to the consumer and has benefited the lives of those who choose online shopping as their preferred method. Customers are also provided an opportunity to participate in the cash back program offered through, which can be used with a countless quantity of the products available. was also featured on “The View” in 2015 celebrating the show’s 4000th episode, which introduced many demographics to a new level of innovative shopping. Two years later, the website is the consumer’s number one choice to purchase everyday needs and it continues to grow above and beyond all expectations by Market America founder J.R Ridinger. Mr. Ridinger’s vision was to re-invent the way consumers shopped and change people’s lives.

The extraordinary success of Market America is so impressive that it has caught the eye of many celebrities such as singer and songwriter Alicia Keys, NBA star Scottie Pippen, and mega-rapper Fat Joe, all of whom attended this year’s stunning celebration of the 25 year history of Market America in Miami, Florida; the celebrity corner of the globe. Also attending was actor, singer and comedian Jamie Foxx who also was a speaker and presenter at the event.

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