US Health Advisors Insurance Company and Opportunity

US Health Advisors is a company that offers a wide range of health insurance products. With the health insurance products, both individuals and companies can get comprehensive coverage for all of their medical expenses. As well as getting comprehensive medical coverage, US Health Advisors also offers people the opportunity to become an independent agent. This will allow them to make a good income as well as enjoy a flexible schedule. With US Health Advisors, anyone will be able to take advantage of a great career opportunity as well as receive some of the best insurance coverage available.

With US Health Advisors, individuals and businesses can get quality healthcare coverage. They will be able to get a number of different types of compensation such as funding for visits to doctors offices and hospital stays. Consumers will be able to get coverage for prescription drugs as well as funding for surgery, x rays and cancer treatment. The coverage is available for individuals and families that are looking to get affordable coverage that will allow them to ensure them with access to quality healthcare. The policies available are also beneficial to businesses that are looking to get coverage for their employees. Therefore, US Health Advisors provides a quality insurance policy that offers consumers a dependable option to take advantage of when looking for healthcare coverage.

When looking to get involved with US Health Advisors, you can also become an independent agent. This will allow you to sell the company insurance policies on a regular basis. As an agent, you will be in position to meet with individuals and businesses to discuss the benefits of the insurance policies. As a result, you will be able to promote the health insurance polices face to face and also develop a solid income. As well as a good income, you can also work your own hours and enjoy more autonomy over your lifestyle. Therefore, this is an ideal career for many people who are looking for flexibility.

The opportunity with US Health Advisors offers agents to make a good salary. When first starting out, agents will likely make a salary between $24,000 and $48,000 per year. However, they will be able to make a higher salary each year due to more commissions and residuals. As a result, anyone who works as an independent agent at this company can make well over $100,000 per year within a few years. Therefore this opportunity provides great income potential for anyone who is willing to become an independent agent.

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Sahm Adrangi Helps The Global Market Remain Safe

Sahm Adrangi offers people information about investments. His publications are based on years of research done by watching the financial markets and other developments in the investment world.

He is the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Founded in 2009, the firm has was launched to create the information that is used by the financial world of investors, it handles $150 million of investments. All of this information is clearly shared on the company website. It is helpful to anyone looking to be better informed about how money is flowing throughout the local and global economy, and learn more about Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi began his career exposing fraudulent companies overseas. The information led to the enforcement of better control over overseas trading companies. This is beneficial to all investors worldwide because it allows the community to be safer. He is working with many companies the world over to create a whole network of people that help investors make sound investments and stay safe, and his Facebook.

Beyond this, the biometric is a new development for Sahm Adrangi’s research. The expansion of this sector has had an amazing impact on the global economy. Here are some of the companies that partner with him on this research.

– Sage Therapeutics

– Bavarian Nordic

Pulse Biosciences

– Unilife

– Zafen

Sahm Adrangi’s involvement in the telecommunication sector shares views on the companies that exist and they impact all aspects of investments and the global economy at large. His efforts have garnered the attention of the FCC because it has been so helpful to those people that seek to watch for fraud.

Today he manages $500 million in these areas and publishes the results every time. All of this is available on his website through the publication for those that are interested in learning more about how to better manage their own financial investments. He continues to act as the activist in this area of the global economy.

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How Paul Mampilly Sees The Bitcoin Bubble Bursting

As most people are aware, the value of Bitcoin is currently in a bubble of historical precedence. The bubble is going to burst, it’s just a matter of when and how far the value will plummet. One person talking about this has been a former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly. He was the winner of the Templeton Foundation investment competition where his returns were much greater than the competition, so he knows that Bitcoin crash will occur just not precisely when.

Just back in 1999 way too many people believed the stock market rally would continue forever. Some technology stock shares were up by over 1000% with no end seemingly in sight. Soon, though, the bubble burst and many of these tech companies disappeared virtually overnight, leaving people who owned their stock nothing.

Even companies with solid reputations in 1999 had their stock values fall by large margins, as fear took over amongst investors. One such company was Qualcomm Inc. Its stock had gone up an amazing 2619%. Such gains showed that the markets had gone completely insane when it came to valuations of companies. The gains brought in tons of new investors who threw their money at any company in the tech industry no matter what they did or what their annual profits (or lack thereof) were.

When this was going on Paul Mampilly sold off every stock he owned, seeing the danger ahead. The markets continued to climb and climb with no end in sight until suddenly the bubble burst. People lost everything they owned when that occurred. The writing is on the wall that Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, are sooner or later going to meet the same fate, it’s just a matter of when.

During his time managing a hedge fund Paul Mampilly himself had some of his investments in bubbles that eventually burst. He learned his lesson that when everyone is diving into something that’s likely the time you need to get out. People with very little knowledge of investing will drive the stock values up and once it stops climbing people will then panic and start selling everything they can.

Over the course of his career, Paul Mampilly has appeared pretty often on financial shows and networks. He has made appearances on such networks as CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He now writes and publishes a financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited. The newsletter is aimed at people who want to know when to buy a company’s stocks and when they should sell. Additionally, he works at Banyan Hill Publishing where he serves as a senior editor. This company publishes a number of financial newsletters about different markets and ways to earn money by investing.

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How Has OSI Group Revolitionized Food Services

To simply get straight to the point, OSI Group is the top contender in concept-to-table food solutions. The company has a century’s worth of experience, and it has withstood the test of time. Even after cryogenics came into fruition, OSI Group has remained a consistent food supplier of fresh meat. After starting out as just a tiny meat market, this company has exploded with growth. As of today, the company handles a wide range of food products. These food products are being used in restaurants, in schools and in any other retailer’s business. What more could you ask from a high-quality food provider?

Acquisitions are a normal part of the actual business world. Expanding is the name of the game. OSI Group has certainly done its fair share of expanding by acquiring some of the world’s leading food companies. This list of accomplishments is rather staggering, especially when being viewed on paper. OSI Group has acquired BAHO Foods, Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe. These are three of the world’s most prominent food giants. With each acquisition, the company has been able to broaden its horizon as well as strengthen its infrastructure. Many more people who live off-the-grid, will now be able to receive quality foods. OSI Group is leading by example, and it’s laying the blueprint to success. Marinades, sauces, dressings and other forms of cooking styles are present here. The company deals with a tremendous amount of foods on a daily basis. Everything is being handled, which drastically makes the entire process more efficient.

OSI Group was actually founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. This man was hardworking, determined and ethical. His essence lives on through every transaction of business. When you think of food service providers, think of OSI Group. Did you know that the company has an estimated 20,000 employees? Did you know that the company has 65 technologically-advanced facilities? This only scratches the superficial-surface of what this extraordinary company can do. OSI Group has plenty of open job positions that are waiting to be filled. All you need is ambition and maybe an entrepreneurial spirit. Individuals can succeed here, whether they’re working for the company, or they’re doing business with the company.

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Eli Gershkovitch: The Man Who Put Canada On The Map For Its Beer

Eli Gershkovitch is regarded as an unconventional businessman. The CEO of Steamworks, he is regarded as a mild-mannered, humble person. Eli Gershkovitch conducts business in a leisurely style and enjoys the control that being an entrepreneur gives him.

Eli Gershkovitch uses a business model which focuses on improvement and innovation. Eli Gershkovitch is an accomplished businessman who firmly believes that stagnant businesses will lose market share to newer robust ones unless they continue to be innovative to remain competitive in the industry.

Eli Gershkovitch combines traditional business methods with innovative ones. He provides his customers with excellent craft beer at a low price, allowing the company to maximize its output, and consequently guarantee its revenue stream in the short-run. Since long-term success is dependent on meeting customer demands in the long-term, he competes via culture rather than by uncertain consumer preferences. Canada first became famous for its beer, from the work of Eli Gershkovitch.

Two companies dominate the Canadian beer market. They are either owned by or a division of giant global conglomerates. They are Labatt Brewing Company Ltd., an Anheuser-Busch company, and Molson Coors Brewing Company (WingsJournal). The majority of microbreweries are located in or close to major metropolitan areas, such as in the densely populated provinces of B.C., Ontario, and Quebec.

The following is a description of the ten best Canadian craft beers. Propeller IPA, from Nova Scotia, has a bold caramel flavor. Pump House Blueberry Ale is a fruity Canadian beer that tastes lightly of hops, and distinctly of blueberries. St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout is a favorite sweet dark beer, best enjoyed in the wintertime (

Another of the ten favorite Canadian craft beers is Unibroue, an obvious attempt to simulate the brews of medieval Trappist monks. This tasty beer is fruity and spicy. The sweet Party Animal beer is mostly fruity, with a distinctive hop taste. The Lug Tread is a golden ale brewed from certified hops and organic malts before it is cold-aged.

Another favorite is the citrus flavored Mad Tom, noticeably bitter, with a grapefruit flavor. The Rye Pale Ale has won several national brewing awards. The piney Red Racer IPA has also won multiple beer awards since 2008 and is bitter and crisp, reflective of Pacific Northwest flavors. Electric Unicorn White IPA is spicy and fruity tasting, with a strong hop taste but a light sweetness.

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Glen Wakeman: A Global Force Throughout the Business World and Community

Business mogul and mentor, Glen Wakeman, has blazed a path of success for anyone seeking to grow their business. As founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, Glen’s hard work and business acumen has put him in position to not only achieve success at the highest levels but to also show others how to achieve their business goals as well.


Graduating from the University of Scranton(PA) and the University of Chicago with a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s of Science degree, Glen Wakeman would channel his passion and love for business and finances into a life-changing career at General Electric (GE). At GE, Glen gained the much-needed experience, excelling in the business areas of operations, technology, business development, general, regional and country management. Working at GE Capital for twenty years, Glen Wakeman would live in 6 countries and work in 32 countries across Europe, Asia, and South America. Now with the leadership and business expertise, Glen was ready to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, investing and starting numerous small businesses of his own; something that Glen would find great success in. Under Glen’s leadership, he would transform numerous businesses with more than 17,000 employees and over $15 billion in assets, developing various facets of each company through mergers, acquisitions, integrations, downsizing, new market entries, divestitures, and start-ups.

With a global business approach as a foundation for developing successful businesses, Glen created LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a SAAS company founded in 2015, that specifies and targets the needs and strategies for other businesses, in order for them to successfully develop. Glen Wakeman concisely explains the embodiment of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC in an interview where he states how, “People don’t always understand, an idea is not a plan itself. So we decided to make plan building easier and more intuitive by designing a simpler software platform. That was the beginning of LaunchPad Holdings.” LaunchPad Holdings, LLC consist of 5 elements: Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance.


Although the multi-talented mogul remains heavily active throughout the business community through his mentoring, writing and business ventures, Glen Wakeman still understands the importance of charitable efforts. In the wake of Puerto Rico’s hurricane devastations, Glen took it upon himself to step up and make a generous contribution, donating $1000 to The American Red Cross. For Glen, it is just as important for one to come to the aid of your community in their time of need, as any successful business methodology, proving that he truly appreciates the value of helping others while making this world a better place.

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The Amazing the Work of Dr. Mark Holterman

This article will focus on the amazing work of Dr. Mark Holterman. The doctor has a lot to do in his work life. He is a researcher, surgeon, and educator. But, the most important part of the work is in the philanthropic arena. He makes contributions to the IPSAC-VN, this stands for the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. That partnership is a way that he is saving lives.


Holterman went to Yale University and took a major in Biology. He went to a medical school at the University of Virginia. He wanted to shoot for becoming a pediatrician. In order to become a medical student, he had taken part in a National Institutes of Health program to be a medical student.


The dream of Dr. Holterman has changed from being a pediatrician to being a surgeon at the same time. This was after meeting a medical resident at the UVA named Ai-Xuan Le. She was a graduate of Texas Christian University. Ai-Xuan would become a pediatric surgeon as well as Dr. Holterman.


After his graduation from UVA, Dr. Mark Holterman became a resident of surgery at the Virginia Health Sciences Center. Ai-Xuan and he decided to relocate to Seattle, where the doctor became a pediatric surgery fellow at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. They then decided to move to Quebec, Canada. Dr. Holterman then worked for two years as a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.


Now, some general information about Dr. Holterman. Currently, the doctor is located primarily in Maywood, Illinois, he also has another office located in Peoria, Illinois ( He has specialized in General Surgery and General Surgery as well. He has had twenty-nine years of experience.


The Doctor has affiliations with Loyola University Medical Center and the St Alexius Medical Center. Also, he has one with the University of Illinois Hospital. His main language is English and so far, he has received four awards. He now belongs to the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics (ReporterExpert).


Perry Mandera: the Entrepreneur, the Philanthropist, the Legend.

Perry Mandera is an exceptional businessman, war veteran, and role model. He has over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry and is a strong believer in doing the right thing. Founded on this principle in 1986, Perry Mandera founded the Custom Companies, Inc., which has its headquarters in Northlake, Il. Perry’s company caters to several Fortune 100 companies and has over $200 million in annual sales. Custom Companies, Inc. offers a range of services including logistics, custom bonded warehousing and distribution centers. It is also heavily involved in many charitable organizations and causes.


Perry Mandera may be an exceptional leader and businessman, but he is also an even more exceptional role model and philanthropist. Perry works with many charitable organizations such as the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers. Perry is known for his support of the local community as he was awarded the Citizen of the Year award in 2011 by the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). The ISCC is a nonprofit organization that promotes and establishes peaceful, friendly and positive relationships between members of the public and Chicago’s local law enforcement agencies. The organization provides training, seminars, security and managerial services to local authorities and communities in Chicago. These include no-fee seminars for the general public and law enforcement officials. The seminars are used to educate and create an understanding of the importance of a symbiotic relationship between law enforcement and those they serve to protect. Perry Mandera has always focused his charitable efforts on organizations that help the youth and veterans. The ISCC helps both, as many veterans turn to law enforcement after their service in the military. And it is the youth that needs the most help and education when it comes to a relationship with police officers.


Custom Companies and Perry Mandera’s charitable donations and efforts don’t stop there in 2005; Perry provided 40 trucks for the transportation of food and donations to Louisiana and Mississippi for relief to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Perry also offered transportation of food and supplies to the victims of the Washington tornado in 2013 (Charities).


In Perry’s immaculate career he has helped companies reach milestones, donated his time, effort and finances to countless charitable organizations and has even coached youth teams and Olympic level boxers.

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How Has Stream Energy Achieved Amazing Rapid Success?

Environmental concerns like droughts, heat waves, floods, sea levels, clean energy and other related areas have the attention of Stream (Stream Energy), an energy and connected life services direct selling company based in Dallas, Texas.

Uniquely, Stream has expanded from a natural gas and electric utility in 2005, into avenues of connected life services–heretofore unheard of in the utility services industry.

To begin with, Stream Energy uses a multi-level marketing approach to grow their business (TechNewsSpy). Marketers, who Stream calls, Sales associates earn commissions from both recruiting and selling.

As associates within a geographic location present the opportunity and a level of success is achieved, the area becomes a desirable target for expansion.

Following the establishment of a potential customer base, Stream launches their business in that given area–just as they recently did in Delaware–making it the second such expansion in 2017, after Illinois which launched in September.

Remarkably, Stream Energy has expanded to eight, energy states in its short, twelve-year history ( Their connected life services are now reaching into previously unrelated areas in the utility business, and they are bundling accommodations to consumers that currently include energy, wireless, security, and protection home services.

Moreover, the company has an attractive menu of choices for customers making switches to their program. They pay up to $150 for early termination fees when a customer is making the switch to Stream, and they offer a “My Stream Account,” to help customers manage their services from wherever they happen to be.

To be exact, the growth of Stream is and has always been, aimed at the twenty-first-century and beyond. Their level of service is constantly on the move to meet consumer demand before the consumer even realizes they need it.

As a result, this approach has generated Stream more than $8 billion in their lifetime revenue and has morphed the company into a prototype with the potential to spread across the country in a relatively short time.


Jorge Moll, A Successful Neuroscientist and Neurologist

Jorge Moll is a very accomplished neuroscientist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the president, member of the board and senior researcher for the D’Or Institute of Research and Education, a nonprofit organization that promotes scientific and technological advancement in healthcare. In addition to his practice, he is also president of the Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino, a medical research institute. He has maintained a General Partnership with VHM Ventures in San Jose, California since March of this year.


Jorge Moll was educated at the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and yet he was also a visiting research scholar at Stanford University from 2015 to 2016 and a research fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke from 2004 to 2007.

Moll has been a forerunner in the study of how the human brain influences moral behavior and social judgments. He found when researching with other doctors that a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) could detect that there was a neural basis for human social values. Jorge Moll is a pioneer in Moral cognitive neuroscience, an emerging field of research that focusing on the neural connection to human forms of social understanding and behavior.


Combining fMRI and clinical evidence indicates a consistent network of brain regions are involved in moral cognition. Because of these revealing findings, there are new interpretations of behavioral impairments in patients with brain dysfunction. This revelation requires new approaches to unveil understanding of the complicated link between the single individual, the family, and society at large. It is proposed that a cognitive neuroscience view of how cultural and context-dependent knowledge develop. Complex moral cognition can be explained by logical social knowledge being integrated into our mores and normal expectations.


Jorge Moll’s latest fMRI studies in healthy participants have revealed that moral feelings like guilt generate elements of social meaning in the right superior anterior temporal lobe. These groundbreaking studies are unveiling the brain’s contribution to creating the unhealthy mental environment that leads to depression, psychosis, and sociopathic behavior. With the use of the fMRI to test control individuals compared to participants with the major depressive disorder, the results showed that guilt-selective SCSR-ATL were decoupling and this served as a marker of deficient functional integration. Thus, the brain can reveal why our society is plagued by violent crime. It may simply be the result mental dysfunction or illness.

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