Ricardo Tosto Brazilian Litigation Expert

A case recently published by the Superior Court of Justice regarding a judicial decision in the division of assets in marriage or a stable union.

The point of this decision is that a man who was in a relationship with a woman while still married to another woman. The lawyer of this case was none other than Ricardo Tosto himself.

Under this precedent, it is contended that the plaintiff was not assisted in the acquisition of their assets by the ex-wife that were seized in the stable union. There was a claim to adultery that would jeopardize the division of assets that Ricardo Tosto was aiming to negotiate.

According to Ricardo Tosto, this is of interest to the ex-wife because if it is proven that a conjugal coexistence had been maintained the possibility of recognition of the union would no longer be permissible in the court of law.

Ricardo Tosto has been a lawyer for many years with the majority of his experience being dedicated to the processing of litigation. He has received a great deal of recognition in his office for his attention to detail in high-level litigation cases.

Due to the strong presence in the area of litigation their office is also well known for criminal litigation. One of the most prominent cases the office has handled was related to an international case of money laundering which is currently underway in the Brazilian Supreme Courts.

At his office, Ricardo Tosto has over 30 lawyers which are capable of providing pro bono services. The office has decided to provide these services because it feels that pro bono service is of the utmost importance when it comes to promoting new members.

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