Jason Hope supports Biotechnologies Research

Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur, a futurist and a philanthropist who has a passion for giving back to his community. Jason also has a great love for biotechnology research where he believes in living longer and healthier lives. He studied at Arizona State University and achieved his degree in finance. Jason also pursued his MBA at W.P Carey School of Business. He has also shown interest in national politics related to business. As part of giving back to his community, Jason is always mentoring high school students and young entrepreneurs around Scottsdale.

The renowned entrepreneur has shown a great deal in philanthropy. He has supported various organizations including SENS Foundation; an organization conducting anti-aging research that helps create a longer, better and quality life. The organization is also inventing cures that break down the body resulting in aging faster. He is much interested in SENS as it is looking to prevent diseases other than treatments. Jason donated half a million dollar to the organization hence playing a major role in biotechnologies.

Jason Hope is also an Author, and recently he released a new eBook titled Understanding the Internet of Things. The eBook is supposed to be a quick guide that helps individuals to prosper in the internet era. The guide explains what the society should expect from the internet in the future. Jason has a credible reputation as a skilled futurist; he also has a clear understanding of technology hence he uses the knowledge to predict the future of technology. He believes the power of the Internet of Things will play a significant role in the future of the modern society. The IoT will make a huge difference in the community, and soon every home will be connected to their Internet of Things.

Jason hope also offers grants to students and upcoming entrepreneurs hoping to assist them to start up in the business world since they have great ideas but the state of the economy cannot allow them to get started. During an interview, Jason says that the future of technology industry relies on the ideas that the upcoming entrepreneurs have hence he help mold them to create a future. Jason gives $500 to grantees who have most exciting business ideas, and he says that with that support, most of them have gone a long way. Jason hope is known to be an expert in various types of business, and his advice is accepted across the globe.

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