ClassDojo Is Effectively Changing The Environment In The Classroom To A More Positive Atmosphere

Although teachers are surrounded by people, the profession can be lonely. There is not much time to have discussions or collaborations with peers. Technology is helping to bridge this loneliness while benefitting the educators and the students. An excellent example is a teacher who decided to start using the ClassDojo communications app for the students. The environment in the classroom became much more positive.

The teacher used messages, videos and photos to enable sharing with the families of the students regarding what was happening in the school. ClassDojo effectively strengthened the classroom community by sparking conversations about teamwork, empathy and skills. The classroom was suddenly an encouraging and positive space. ClassDojo has an online community of teachers reaching into the tens of thousands worldwide. This teacher started receiving helpful feedback by brainstorming on Instagram and Facebook about technology in the classroom.

When a student entered the classroom a few years later and did not speak English, the teacher turned to ClassDojo for help. Suggestions about how technology could be used to provide assistance started pouring in. This enables helpful and exciting resources to be created by the teachers. Teachers have become friends and spend time sharing practices and ideas due to this community. Many of these teachers are in small schools in remote areas. ClassDojo provides opportunities they did not have in the past.

Smart educators from all over the globe communicate through conferences so they can share their love of teaching and demonstrate ways to use technology to make teaching even better. One teacher began by attending the state meetings that were fairly small. After the knowledge gained from the ClassDojo community, this teacher realized how much they could contribute to the conversation due to all the new ideas that had been discovered and learned. Eventually this educator was making presentations at much bigger events. The expertise of the teacher was established and led to quotes and statements being published in prominent publications such as USA Today. Without ClassDojo this teacher admits none of this would have been possible. There is no doubt ClassDojo is making a positive difference in the classroom.


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