NGP VAN is Keeping Abreast Current Trends

NGP VAN is the campaign software of choice for any campaigner that wants to win. Technology has changed the face of how officials fight and win campaigns and to be a player one needs to know how to utilizes new technology. NGP VAN was the campaign of choice for the Obama 2008 election and the 2012 reelection. It was the first time that a technology campaign software played such a big role in an election campaign, and in such an important election.

NGP VAN is at the forefront of this new technology campaign software. In order to remain viable anyone who wants to win has to stay abreast of the new changes in technology. NGP VAN helps any candidate to do this. They just recently announced that they have their newest update coming out, it is the 8th addition. This new update has been lauded by its users as being the best yet.

The NGP VAN update is going to help with streamlining some of the campaign aspects that many candidates don’t like dealing with. An example of this is Dialing for Dollars. Having an updated way to ask for campaign contributions is essential and viable for campaigners. Another Improvement will be the ability to create call sheets that are custom to what the campaigner needs.



The NGP VAN update is going to have a lot of helpful Innovations that should make the candidates campaign a lot easier and efficient to run. It will make data easier to access so that it will be easier to plan the best way to run the most successful campaign for that candidate. For example, when is a candidates performance better? Is it the morning or the afternoon? They can then take this information and make plans to build a more successful campaign.

Keeping true to its original form of being a very successful technology for campaign runners, NGP VAN is keeping abreast of new and current trends. Another example of an improvement is its LGBTQ engagement option. This will allow users of the software to assign gender pronouns that are non-binary in their records for certain donors or supporters if they want that option. This is something that is very important in the current political climate. NGP VAN definitely researches what the current trends and needs are of its users and does its best to then present the best product that will help them be successful.

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