Kamil Idris Expresses Concern About Intellectual Property Violations

Kamil Idris holds an LLB with honors from the University of Khartoum and a Ph.D. In International Law from Geneva University in Switzerland. The Sudanese native holds honorary doctorate degrees in law from other Universities around the world. Kamil is widely known for his period in office as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization from 1997- 2008. He has served in international positions including the Secretary-General of the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties and as a member of The Permanent Court of Arbitration. Due to his experience in international affairs and law, he is regularly the chair for essential arbitration panels of the court.

Professor Kamil Idris is a respected writer of books and journals on Intellectual Property, Development and International law. He has written his biography in a book titled “My Nile Odyssey” which captures the details of his work experience in labor factories in Egypt, the time he was intimidated by fishermen on River Nile who said he possessed evil and his travels across Europe as a teenager. He has earned global achievements and respect due to his works.

The diplomat has been in the forefront of advocating for Intellectual Property Rights and Laws that safeguard them. In one of his messages when he was the Director General of WIPO, he urges everyone especially governments to protect Intellectual Property. In his view, this promotes creativity in businesses and innovating technologies which in turn leads to economic development. It is essential for everyone to join WIPO on 26th April in recognizing the endless creativity of the human mind that has enhanced the quality of society and why it is vital to protect Intellectual Property.

Intellectual property has become a dominant player in international state relations, especially in this globalized world. It is the main reason for ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China. The European Union has recently been putting in place measures to minimize and prevent disputes arising from Intellectual Property violation disputes among its states.

In 2016, the European Parliament and Council suggested a directive to protect trade secrets called the European Union Trade Secrets Directive. Its mandate is to harmonize Intellectual Property laws across the European Union. The Unified Patent Court was formed to resolve differences arising from patent theft. The European Patent Office receives, reviews and grants patent applications to help individuals and countries in the European Union to protect their work and benefit from it.


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