IC Systems: A Cut Above Other Agencies

When it comes to the Collections industry, the landscape is strewn with collections agencies with a wide variety of

differing backgrounds and relations with their clients and patients. Many of these collections agencies are known for being dedicated to

their work and roles as ethical agents for their clients revenue protection. One of the leaders in the Collections space is IC Systems. This company

is well-known and reputed for its eight decades long history of providing quality service to the client companies it has relationships with. We’ll touch on what makes IC Systems a clear stand out in the market place.


IC Systems has been around since 1938 when Jack and Ruth Erickson filed its articles of incorporation. A Minnesota institution by choice, IC Systems has called St. Paul home since its inception.

Founded on solid guiding principles like dedication to ethical business practices, great customer service, and efficient production; the company has remained a family business. Three generations of Ericksons have taken the helm

and have navigated the company successfully through a World War, and on beyond the Great Recession all while maintaining a reputation for integrity which has been recognized time and time again by third party organizations.

As the proverb says, innovation is what makes a leader and IC Systems is certainly a leader on the cutting edge of thought being the first collections agency to use computers instead of typewriters as well as winning the Better Business Bureau’s

Torch Award three years in a row.


While accounts receivable and collections are seemingly not arenas which would bear philanthropy, IC Systems has quite the showcase of philanthropic victories under its belt.

Company culture nurtures an internal dedication to face outward and embrace the community, sime current and past charitable campaigns include Toys For Tots, The Red Cross, and The Special Olympics.

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