Jeff Herman Speaks About His Practice and Life

Jeff Herman is an experienced attorney who specializes in representing clients who have been the victims of some type of sexual abuse. Mr. Herman is a graduate of Case Western Reserve Law School and the University of Arizona. Mr. Herman’s law firm is located in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to his work inside the courtroom, Mr. Herman’s expert opinions on the law are sought by media organizations including CNN, the New York Times and USA Today.

Jeff Herman was recently asked why he became involved in the area of sexual abuse law. Mr. Herman recalls that he was asked to represent a client whose young son was assaulted while at a childcare center. The center had employed a known offender. Mr. Herman says that he knew from that point that he wanted to devote his career to helping the victims and the families who faced such terrible abuse often due to the negligence of others.

When taking on a new case and a new client, Jeff Herman employs a whole team to garner the information necessary to bring the case to a successful conclusion. He has his own team of investigators. Before the case even gets off the ground, Mr. Herman maps out the case that way that he envisions that it will unfold. This gives him a game plane to see a case to the end.

Jeff Herman is encouraged about what he has seen recently regarding the MeToo movement. He is encouraged that people are speaking out against those who have abused them. When people feel empowered by others, they are more willing to stand up for themselves.

There are some key things that Jeff Herman states that he has learned at this point in his life and in his career. He believes that one should strive for success. However, one should take time to enjoy life and living. Making and keeping friends is a key to a successful life. Finding the one area that you can specialize in and help others have a better life will lead to professional success and happiness.

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