Vinod Gupta-Facilitating Women Education to High Levels of Global Scale

Educating a woman is prospering the whole community, and Vinod Gupta exceptionally understands this philosophy and embraces it to the core. Vinod is a highly noted business executive with vast years of exceptional success and experiences dealing with wide range of both national and international companies. He embraces humble beginning from the smallest town of India and attributes his success to the lesson he learned in his home village.

Vinod Gupta is self-made million who went to the village school and later enrolled at Indian Institutes’ of Technology and focused on agricultural engineering. Then he moved to Nebraska University for his Masters in business and farm engineering and currently the president-owner and managing partner of the Everest Groups of Company. The company specializes in private equities, provision of business venture capital, servicing of the failing business and consultation matters of database technology.

Vinod Gupta has utilized his success and flourishing life in offering life-changing chances and benefits of education to women of his village. He has positively enriched lives of individuals by building of schools in various impoverished parts of his country and also establishing a stronger funding venue for multiple courses at the Alma Mater. Vinod Gupta life force is embracing numerous charitable efforts and ensuring they continue growing and helping others by providing them with substantial opportunities.

Vinod Gupta donated over 1million dollar directed at building a women polytechnic at his Rampur Maniharan hometown, and the school has enabled thousands of women to get their post-graduate degree within 24 months. The Polytechnic began in 2000 and focuses on different study fields like information technology, computer application, textile designing and web designing. Additionally, Vinod Gupta has devoted to funding a girls school providing all its educational needs and ensuring the girls from his hometown village are well educated. Gupta appreciates his father as the force behind his great success, education and philanthropic activities.

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