The Need For School and How Whitney Wolfe Used Her Schooling

Some people say that an education is necessary to get anywhere in life. Then there are those that say that getting a degree is not necessary. One thing they point out is that a lot of successful people have dropped out of school. The truth is that it does not hurt to get a degree. However, one thing that is important to know is that a degree is good for landing a position within a company. However, it is not necessary to start a business with a degree. Whitney Wolfe, the successful owner of Bumble has gotten her degrees.

One thing that makes the degree worth it for Whitney Wolfe is the education that she has gotten to get that degree. Whitney Wolfe has studied business and marketing at Southern Methodist University. With her studies, she has gained the necessary to build a business that works well for her. While she was in college, she has practice running different businesses. However, more than her business skills, the schools she has gone to helped her cultivate feelings of compassion. This has influenced Whitney Wolfe a lot when it comes to her business decisions. She has focused on the causes that are meaningful to her when she deals with her businesses.

She has worked to help people that are at a disadvantage. One of her latest causes that she has gotten involved with is feminism. One reason she has done this is that she has experienced the aggressive efforts used to keep her down. She is aware of the oppressive intentions of some of the people she has dealt with. Therefore, she has developed Bumble as the platform she and others can use to stand up against the oppression of women. So far, it has been an effective platform for dating as well as other activities.

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