Malcolm CasSelle: Pioneering New Platforms

The business world is often a rat race. An entrepreneur looking to succeed in a given industry has to have a great deal of foresight as well as log. It is also paramount to a business minded individual success that they develop intercultural knowledge of their given industry. This knowledge helps push the development of new technologies. Further, it aids to inform choices of which direction would be best in times of uncertainty. This may seem obvious but is not a methodology that most business-minded people employ. It is, however, the chosen method of Malcolm CasSelle. Malcolm began his career with an extremely solid base in education. He received an undergraduate degree in computer science from MIT before pursuing his Master’s degree also in computer science at Stanford. He also took the time to learn Mandarin as well Japanese. Knowledge of these languages has served him well in his business dealings located in Asia.

Arguably his most successful dealing in Asia what is the foundation of PCCW. He was a key cofounder in this company founded in Hong Kong. It is reported that his work there has helped the company grow to be worth more than $35 billion. Malcolm also acts as the CIO of OPSkins and the president of worldwide asset exchange. His recent work with WAX is generating a lot of buzz, especially among the gaming community.

OPSkins recognized the need for a platform that services as a marketplace for digital goods. Currently, this market suffers from fragmentation. This fragmentation is likely due to the lack of any central community where people can sell or purchase these goods. Another major problem facing this type of platform is the problem of fraud. They believe however they have found a way to combat these issues. In their arsenal, they have a new type of blockchain. This blockchain will be able to secure transactions between users of WAX. Ultimately, providing a secure place to trade that doesn’t require leaving your game. With this convenience, this new platform is almost assured to be a hit among the gaming community.


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