The Academy of Art University, the future of fashion

Fashion, when this word is spoken, many think of the rich and famous. The catwalks and runways with celebrities standing out in their reserved seats in the front row. Designers that are a household name, showcasing their collections.

The top designers all had to began somewhere, to have the desire and be inspired to work hard at their craft. To create a collection that will be noticed, talked about and sought after. If this sounds like your dream career, then there is no better place to get started then the Academy of Art University in San Francisco California. The Academy is a privately owned, not for profit university. The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, focusing on design, arts and communication. They also offer an online education program. The University has 17 housing units in San Francisco along with NCAA intercollegiate athletic teams as well. They offer degree’s ranging from Associates to Masters focusing on over 40 different areas of study.

The University has a very diverse student base, students from over 112 countries from around the world. The diverse student base creates opportunities to work with all cultures and learn about different styles and traditions. Working with such a diverse group can only enhance the learning experience and open up new ideas inspired by collaboration.

The NY fashion week is a prestigious event that the seniors of the Academy have been a part of for over 12 years. The seniors are honored to present their work to the fashion world. Creativity and uniqueness are very important when displaying a line that will be talked about and remembered. This is often the first time seniors have the opportunity to receive public praise and feedback.

If you are interested in fashion, diversity, sports, the arts and entertainment then the Academy of Arts University would be a great stepping stone to help reach and exceed all your expectations.


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