Richard Dwayne Blair Helps Clients Plan for the Future

Wealth Solutions recently published a blog titled “My Process: A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning” that discusses Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach to reaching financial goals. He works with Wealth Solutions to help people plan for retirement and manage their wealth. He works specifically in the Austin area, helping his community create a roadmap to success to help them through the variety of different financial requirements at every age.

Richard Dwayne Blair created the three pillar plan to help his customers feel secure in their retirement and financial plans. It helps him do a deep dive into their current situation to better understand their financial situation and needs to retire according to the lifestyle they wish to live. It is a holistic approach to creating a retirement and life his customers will love.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s first pillar towards financial freedom is to create a roadmap of the client’s financial goals. Together, they will look at the opportunities, risk factors and tolerance, strengths, and goals of the client to design a financial plan according to their needs. This precise planning is designed to help the clients feel understood by Richard Dwayne Blair and to build a strong relationship. This allows him to develop deeper understandings of his clients’ needs and goals while also allowing him to recognize their concerns.

The second pillar is designed to create a long-term strategy towards investing. It is tailored individually to each client and their needs. He wants to focus specifically on their long-term goals and liquidity needs. Richard will help the clients manage their assets to help them improve their portfolio’s performance in strong markets while protecting them from the downward markets.

The third pillar is developed after Richard and the clients create and outline the financial goals and strategies. The final pillar is related to implementation and monitoring. By watching over the stocks, Richard will help clients track their progress and compare it to the expectations they created in the previous pillars.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional, and Investment Adviser Representative. He created Wealth Solutions in 1994.

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