Organo Gold Stakes Its Claim In The Coffee Industry

Organo Gold is a Canadian-based company that serves the coffee lovers of the world via a worldwide network of distributors working independently to distribute the company’s premium coffee and other products. One fact that shows the power of the company’s business model is that Organo Gold is well on its way to becoming responsible for the distribution of one percent of the world’s consumed coffee. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Individuals wishing to become a distributor of Organo Gold products must first be referred by a present distributor. The company pride itself on offering a dual benefit to its distributors who are allowed to enjoy the company’s premium products at a discounted price and build a successful business for themselves by distributing coffee, teas, and other products produced by Organo Gold.

Dedication, loyalty, and edification are listed on the Organo Gold website as the core values of the company. A strong sense of family is also a central theme to the company and all employees and distributors treat each other like family. The company also seeks to share with the world the nutritional wealth that is provided by products of the earth through its products.

Bernardo Chua is both the founder and chief executive officer of Organo Gold. Chua already possessed years of business and network marketing experience when he decided to found the company in 2008. Though his Organo Gold products he earned the distinction of becoming one of the first executives in the business world to market the herb Ganoderma to consumers outside of Asian markets.


The leadership ability and commitment to excellence possessed by Bernardo Chua has fueled the company on its rise to be counted amongst the fastest growing network marketing companies seen on the planet.

Organo Gold is also a company that believes in giving back to the global community that has provided the support needed to cause the company to thrive. The OG Cares Foundation was begun by the company to facilitate their support of various philanthropical efforts. The Foundation has been at the forefront of efforts to give support to underprivileged children in various countries throughout the world. Follow Organo Gold on

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