Neurocore and the Portland Trail Blazers put their Minds to better Work

You read the title correctly. The same Neurocore that helps patients alleviate stress and drop bad habits also assists many athletes the world over. This might be why we are all the time hearing news out of Florida or Michigan involving one of the company’s eight clinics. Neurocore assisted some very important Portland ball players by combining two very effective biofeedback solutions; improving their deep sleep patterns and also their in-game level of concentration. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Let’s begin with that one having to do with deep sleep patterns. Before being sent to a nap, players are equipped with a headset device that is roughly the size of a pair of MP3 headphones. These devices are not Beats by Dre, they are Neurocore Pro Headphones. What they do is send low-frequency waves into the player’s brain as he sleeps, improving his length (and quality) of deep sleep. It seems like something on the Science Fiction channel, but it has real science backing it up! Longer deep sleep sessions result in better-performing players, it’s as simple as that. We all remember the coaches from our youths preaching this at us. Just imagine if he had a pair of magic headphones that could help do the work for us!


The players are also equipped with headphones as they watch a fictional narrative program of sorts that only plays (without stopping) while the player’s brain is correctly concentrating on it! If the player breaks said concentration, the show doesn’t play. Players with uninterrupted program viewing experiences can rest assured that they have better-managed meditation capabilities than the average yoga mom. This sounds like a science fiction movie too, but it proves that a company like Neurocore can use various types of headphone technology to interact with an athlete’s brain in ways that can improve that athlete’s, on the court, performance!

For the past fourteen years, Neurocore has been creating scenes that appear to have come from science fiction films by helping regular people (and celebrities) unlock parts of their own minds that they never thought possible before. Such brain feedback models are important for a variety of important improvement areas. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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