Lincolnshire Management Success in Business through Sustainable Investment

Lincolnshire Management Incorporation announced the sale of Holley Performance Products to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. Holley has been merged with Driven Performance Brands. Holey began in 1903 and is the biggest designer and marketer of branded products in the automotive market. The company has over a century in product know-how and performance prowess. Holley is synonymous with American car performance culture. The company has built an additional stable of top industry brands such as MSD, Hooker, ACCEL, and Earls. Holley market is characterized by people who are lifestyle oriented. The mission of the company is to increase the value and joy of car lovers. This is meant to help them grow their automotive functions.

Lincolnshire Management has demonstrated knowledge of the market segment and products from when Holley began. Lincolnshire management was founded in 1986. It is a private equity firm concentrating on the investments and acquisition of thriving middle market companies in various industries. Lincolnshire Management head offices are in New York City. It operates in recapitalizations, buyouts, and acquisitions. The company is in charge of over $1.7 billion of private equity capital.

Lincolnshire has been listed in the top quartile of private equity funds. The company boasts of eighty-five acquisitions under its belt in the last two years. Lincolnshire Management has tripled its fund with the sale of Holley. Lincolnshire Management is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and environmental, social and governance ethics. Since the company’s first fund the company has dedicated itself to responsible investing. They invest in companies that stand for environmental sustainability. Lincolnshire Management believes that when executed pragmatically and strategically, responsible investing is a win-win situation. Their results have confirmed that to be true.

Lincolnshire has adopted the United Nations Principles for responsible investing. Sustainable investment is a key factor in every stage of investing. It is vital in diligence, investment, holding and exiting. Responsible investing has helped Lincolnshire Management grow its investment portfolio. This great financial impact makes them sell an improved company to the next owner. Lincolnshire management continues to shine through responsible and sustainable business practices.

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Talkspace CEO and Co-Founder: Oren Frank

Oren Frank is the CEO of the new Online Therapy known as the Talkspace. He Co-founded Talkspace in the year 2012 with his wife, Roni. Talkspace is a convenient, private and confidential app where one can easily seek the services of a therapist. The company has grown and millions of people use it and love it. Oren has had two jobs in the past. He was a global Creative Director at McCann Erickson-Istanbul from November 2001 to 2003. He was also the founder and marketing lead at Apparent.

Talkspace, which is a startup company is scaling up and expanding. The company which is an online therapy is generating tens of millions in revenue with over a million users. The company is hiring a medical officer from the UnitedHealth, Neil Leibowitz. The doctors at Talkspace can now be able to prescribe medication to the patients online.

Neil is joining the corporate side of the business which should help raise the revenues of the company. Oren Frank hopes that the raised revenue would account for the half the years’ revenue. One investor in Talkspace, says that the future is bright for the firm as the consumers are willing to pay for the services monthly and they are actually using the service.

Oren Frank’s Twitter handle is @orenfrank. He uses the media to promote Talkspace and mostly retweets about health and various other topics. Either way whichever the topic he must mention Talkspace. Whenever there is a new product on Talkspace, Oren must make it known through his twitter. For example, he informs people that they are there to help teens as well through Talkspace and he shares a link about teens and anxiety.

Oren Frank retweeted Talkspace tweet about their interview with Jason Saltzman the CEO of Alley about the mental health stigma. He also retweeted a tweet from @talkspace where they gave thumps up to LadyGaga for raising awareness about mental health at GRAMMYs night. His tweets are mainly educational and promotional.



Sandy Chin: Mentors as Key to Career Growth for Young Professionals

Sandy Chin is a portfolio management expert for over twenty years in New York City. She is currently a portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. She also adds up the company’s Chief Investment Officer. Tidal Bore Capital is a hedge fund capital that Sandy Chin founded in 2016 to cover consumer staples. She started the company by the help of William Leach, he mentor, with whom she had worked with for 10 years in three companies. Sandy Chin also serves as a mentor in a Non-Governmental organization called StreetSquash that works towards empowering schools and families in Newark and Harlem. Sandy Chin also seeks into empowering young people starting up into the finance career field.

Sandy Chin talking to young professionals on career advice is as simple as Sheryl Sandberg’s, lean in. The young people get a hard time finding a competitive advantage in a new workplace where they lack connections. Sandy Chin recommends that they should be courageous enough to ask for a seat at the table, promotions and a better pay. The other key thing in succeeding in the workplace as a newbie, Sandy Chin recommends mentorship. Mentorship is important is so many reasons.

One, mentors give beneficial teachings. While working with William Leach, Sandy Chin learnt the importance of never turning down a meeting and to always ask questions. Having mentors and dealing with experienced people especially in fields such as finance, will help young professionals to navigate through their career.

The other importance of mentorship is the ability to gather information to advance career in the specific field. Sandy Chin attended various meetings with her mentor enabled her gain the necessary skills, experience and expertise in her field. She mastered the art of picking stocks that has impacted her performance in the investment field.

Mentorship also helps young professionals to start business ventures. This by introducing them to important professional contacts in the industry. Knowing professional people in the career field will help in making strategic decisions and money moves. They also act as a good support system during transition.

Lastly, mentors guide professionals into avoiding the mistakes they made. Mentors are experienced people in a particular field and are well versed with failures and successes. The insights they have gained from their years of practice are new to young professionals and they impact wisdom and experience. Sandy Chin is a beneficially in 1999 where William guided her into buying stocks not being targeted by the company.

Mentors play an important role in positioning the short-term goals of entry level professionals to long term goals. Mentees also grow into mentors in the future maintaining the future of the art and contributing in impacting future generations.

Madison Street Capital shines again at the M&A Turnaround Awards

The 13th edition of the Annual Turnaround Awards by M&A Advisor was held on New Year’s Eve. This award’s ceremony organized by M&A Advisor is meant to recognize and celebrate the biggest achievements by firms in the larger mergers and acquisition sector. In this edition of the award’s ceremony, the Chicago based international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital emerged the winner of the M&A Deal of the Year Award. This particular award is meant to recognize the firm that closed the best deal in the entire year. For the international investment banking firm, winning this award was quite a big deal.


Closing the deal of the year


The one particular deal that helped Madison Street Capital take this award home was the taking private of RMG Networks by Sachs Capital Group. The Chicago based investment banking firm was instrumental in the success of this deal. This firm was the exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group in this take-private deal. There were also other notable firms involved in this deal which made this investment banking firm’s advisory role very vital to its success. These other firms are Merion Investment Partners whose main role in this deal was debt financing and Virgo Capital who were investment partners of Sachs Capital Group.


The Turnaround Awards


The Turnaround Awards have been running for 13 years straight, and each year they keep getting better. In this edition of the awards, there were a record-breaking total of 275 participating companies drawn from all over the world. These companies competed for the top spot in different categories. These categories include Deal of the Year which Madison Street Capital won, Product/Service of the Year, Professional of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, and Transaction of the Year. The Founder of M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo said that he is looking forward for this award getting bigger and better.


Madison Street Capital reputation


This international investment banking firm offers an array of services to its private and publicly held corporate clients. Among these services are financial opinions, corporate financial advisory, and mergers and acquisitions expertise. Madison Street Capital has prospered largely as a result of offering quality services to its clients who come from all over the world. Recently, the company has been focusing on expanding its services to emerging markets around the globe.


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