Madison Street Capital shines again at the M&A Turnaround Awards

The 13th edition of the Annual Turnaround Awards by M&A Advisor was held on New Year’s Eve. This award’s ceremony organized by M&A Advisor is meant to recognize and celebrate the biggest achievements by firms in the larger mergers and acquisition sector. In this edition of the award’s ceremony, the Chicago based international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital emerged the winner of the M&A Deal of the Year Award. This particular award is meant to recognize the firm that closed the best deal in the entire year. For the international investment banking firm, winning this award was quite a big deal.


Closing the deal of the year


The one particular deal that helped Madison Street Capital take this award home was the taking private of RMG Networks by Sachs Capital Group. The Chicago based investment banking firm was instrumental in the success of this deal. This firm was the exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group in this take-private deal. There were also other notable firms involved in this deal which made this investment banking firm’s advisory role very vital to its success. These other firms are Merion Investment Partners whose main role in this deal was debt financing and Virgo Capital who were investment partners of Sachs Capital Group.


The Turnaround Awards


The Turnaround Awards have been running for 13 years straight, and each year they keep getting better. In this edition of the awards, there were a record-breaking total of 275 participating companies drawn from all over the world. These companies competed for the top spot in different categories. These categories include Deal of the Year which Madison Street Capital won, Product/Service of the Year, Professional of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, and Transaction of the Year. The Founder of M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo said that he is looking forward for this award getting bigger and better.


Madison Street Capital reputation


This international investment banking firm offers an array of services to its private and publicly held corporate clients. Among these services are financial opinions, corporate financial advisory, and mergers and acquisitions expertise. Madison Street Capital has prospered largely as a result of offering quality services to its clients who come from all over the world. Recently, the company has been focusing on expanding its services to emerging markets around the globe.


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